Out of competition: a comparison of the mazda cx-5 or


Такие разные и такие похожие. Так смело можно говорить о двух популярных японских SUVах Mazda CX-5 и Mitsubishi Outlander. Это тот редкий случай, когда две машины кардинально отличаются внешне и по характеру, но при этом являются прямыми конкурентами. В один сегмент рынка их привели схожая ценовая политика, сопоставимые технические характеристики и японские корни. Так кто же из этих кроссоверов лучше — Аутлендер или Мазда СХ-5?

Famous Japanese crossovers - Mazda CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander

Famous Japanese crossovers - Mazda CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander

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Relax and have fun

When the Mazda designers were engaged in the development of the CX-5, they faced a very difficult task. It was necessary not only to create a new generation crossover. The goal was to combine the incompatible in this car: to reduce fuel consumption and not to lose in speed capabilities, because the Mazda philosophy is that the driver should enjoy driving. And as the manufacturer says, the idea turned into life.The appearance of the car Mazda CX-5

In 2011, Mazda was presented to Russian consumers. Economical and smart compact SUV immediately attracted the attention of avtogurmanov. The price of such a machine originates from 930 thousand rubles.

Во всех комплектациях CX-5 идут двухлитровые gasolineовые моторы, которые выдают по 150 «лошадей». The most expensive version of the Mazda is a front-wheel drive (with plug-in rear) car, 6 manual transmissions. The car drives almost under 200 km / h. And it accelerates briskly: it will easily take a hundred in nine seconds. "Eats" such joy a little less than eight liters in the city and 5.3 on the highway.

His stranger

Незнакомец или чужестранец. Так переводится название одного из самых стильных автомобилей в прайсе Мицубиси — Аутлендера. Машина дебютировала в 2003 году, но в России появилась только в 2012. Сразу стало понятно, что производитель сумел создать скоростной SUV, который полюбился тем, кто ведёт активный образ жизни. Это автомобиль «хамелеон»: в городе он демонстрирует лучшие качества маневровой легковушки, а при выезде на трассу меняет облик, становясь весьма агрессивным ездоком. Машина также многих сразила наповал за счёт своего дизайна, в котором синтезированы элегантность и спортивный дух. Стоимость такой модели стартует от 970 тысяч рублей.The appearance of the car Mitsubishi Outlander

In various versions you will find a four-wheel drive Outlander with a two, three and 2.4 liter engine. The most powerful - 223 "horse". At the same time, Mitsubishi accelerates to 184 km / h. In the car, automatic on six steps.

Who is in charge?

Judging by the reviews of car owners, both cars really have a lot of advantages over other crossovers. But what happens when we compare these particular models and find out who is in charge of the house: Mitsubishi Outlander or Mazda CX-5?

Tricky design

Если поставить эти два SUVа рядом, «щека к щеке», то кажется, что Аутлендер массивнее, больше. На самом же деле он обгоняет СХ-5 только в длину, а ощущение громоздкости и силы достигается за счёт хитростей в дизайне. Как бы там ни было, Мицубиси действительно смотрится более внушительно и грозно. Mazda, on the contrary, looks subtle against his background.

Inside the stranger's cabin ...

How do you feel in the cabin? "Stranger" pleases with good visibility and the presence of the camera, which transmits the driver information about the situation behind the "overboard". Here, comfortable passenger seats (including the rear sofa), however, in the driver's seat is clearly not enough adjustment options in the lumbar region.Inside the car Mitsubishi Outlander

The center console boasts a good display, which displays data on the status of the car, the status of command execution, etc. It is not very convenient that the onboard computer control buttons Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru located on the left. But the keys to turn on the audio system, speakerphone and cruise control are displayed directly on the steering wheel.

In turn, happy in Mitsubishi roomy trunk with an underground and organizer for small things. By the way, you can increase the luggage compartment by folding the back sofa. The stock in this car is mounted on the "belly".

... and driving the "five"

What will Mazda answer? The interior of the CX-5 is intricate and in many respects similar to the interior in BMW. But the ergonomics of the "five" echoes the ergonomics of Outlander. A lot of similar options. True, the onboard computer control system is directly on the steering wheel.In the cabin of the car Mazda CX-5

Ahead, visibility is inferior to that of Mitsubishi, but also does not cause discomfort and does not force “to beat his forehead on the glass” in order to make out the road. But the glass behind is really much smaller and in the rear-view mirror the picture is not as wide as in Outlander.

The cabin is also ample space. Provided in the CX-5 and a good luggage compartment, although it is inferior in capacity to Mitsubishi. But there is an automated mechanism for assembling a back sofa. And you can fold it not completely, but in parts, depending on the need. There is no underground in Mazda - there is a place in the cabin for the fifth tire.

Travel character

And who will enjoy more directly when driving - Mitsubishi Outlander or Mazda CX-5? On the track, cars are not inferior to each other in ease of travel.

Who is more dynamic?

But in terms of dynamism, Mitsubishi loses and accelerates for a couple of seconds longer than its competitor. Despite the fact that the Mazda is more powerful, it is more accurate and goes, unlike a foreigner, almost without noise. Interestingly, even a princess on a pea would probably be comfortable in both of these cars - passengers do not feel bumps and bumps.

Off-road testing

And how do these models behave on the roads? Here everything will depend on the degree of the very off-road.

As test drives show, you can be sure that both Mazda and Mitsubishi will not let you down. But in the woods after the rain or on the wet sand can wait for unpleasant surprises. Due to technical features, both cars move quite well even along such roads, but if they stop in an inappropriate place, they are at great risk to sit here for a long time. Then the stuck "Japanese" pull out without help is almost impossible.

Car model:Mazda CX-5Mitsubishi Outlander
Producing country:JapanJapan
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:55/7
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:24882998
Power, l. c./about min .:192/5700230/6250
Maximum speed, km / h:194250
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:7,98,7
Type of drive:front with plug rearfull
CAT:6 automatic transmission6 automatic transmission
Fuel type:gasolineAI-95
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​9.3; track 6.1city ​​12.2; track 7
Length, mm:45554655
Width, mm:18401800
Height, mm:16701680
Clearance, mm:210215
Tire size:225/60R18, 225/55R19225/55 R18
Curb weight, kg:14951570
Full weight, kg:20752270
Fuel tank capacity:5660

A good choice is yours.

When choosing the Outlander or CX-5, keep in mind the brief avtodse of these models.

Profile of СХ-5

Remember that Mazda can really deliver a lot of fun. But only on a good road. Fashionable salon where there will not be closely a large company - an undeniable plus model. High-quality finish and modern electronics only add Mazda ticks.

Test drive car Mazda CX-5:

Bribes and the fact that the manufacturer cares about the safety of its customers. Already in the basic configuration of the CX-5 you will find six airbags, built-in ESP and ABS. With all this mazdovtsy not pulled up the price and keep it in a competitive "rein."

Досье Авлендера

As for the Outlander, he is also quite good on the track, but “limping” on the roads. Salon is not inferior in terms of comfort and roominess. Although there are questions to adjust the driver's seat and with a certain driving rhythm still inside Mitsubishi is noisy. As for the airbags, there are two in the starting version of the Outlander. Built in this configuration and ABS-ka. Cost, taking into account all the capabilities, characteristics and reputation of Mitsubishi is also very acceptable.

Test drive a car Mitsubishi Outlander:

My own adviser

Choose, CX-5 or Outlander, and in fact not easy. After all, cars intersect according to several criteria, including the key ones - in terms of cost and equipment.

Поэтому принимая решение, в первую очередь спросите именно себя, чего ожидаете от SUVа. В этой ситуации только вы сами лучший советчик.

remember, that Mitsubishi - the choice of those who are captivated in the car solid appearance and impressive dimensions. But Mazda is already going to meet those who love the power and speed in cars.

Let your choice be right and good luck on the road!