Power, strength and durability - a list of non-killed cars


Based on the peculiarities of the Russian roads, more and more of our citizens are in active search for really unkillable cars for daily movement about their business or entertainment. Each of motorists wants to spend as little time as possible at car-care centers and enjoy safe driving in a reliable car as much as possible.

best cars not killed

Unkillable cars rating

Тем временем, производители всё больше «набивают» свои детища различной электроникой, делая авто максимально комфортабельным, и всё меньше заботятся о качестве используемых материалов. Такие машины, как правило, требуют особого ухода и немалых финансовых затрат для обслуживания. Как показывает статистика, те автомобили, которые были собраны благодаря инновационным конструктивным решениям, не всегда отличаются особым уровнем надёжности. По словам экспертов, худшими являются машины люкс-класса – они наименее надёжные.Читать далее о самых неубиваемых автомобилях-->

We did a good job to find the most unkillable cars. Rating - meet the best of the best.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry unkillable car

This car most closely matches the word "unkillable"

Maybe for someone it seems strange that this particular car entered the top of the most unkillable cars, nevertheless, it is. This car most closely matches the word "unkillable." Durable horse, which is characterized by the minimum number of statements of its owners about the breakdown. Camrys that have already been in use guarantee excellent performance and minimal risk of malfunctions. In addition, these vehicles differ in a pleasant price. Only the lubricant and the lamps in the headlights are to be replaced regularly in this Toyota.


porsche boxster not killed

The best in indestructibility in the Porsche - Boxster lineup

In this case, it is rather difficult to isolate a certain brand of the Porsche concern. All the cars produced by this brand are distinguished by a particularly high level of reliability. German quality speaks for itself over more than one decade.

As the statistics show, the failure rate for 100 new cars is reduced to almost zero. Porsche cars with mileage of 50-100 thousand kilometers are not inferior to the new in terms of reliability. The best are: 911, Boxter and Cayenne. Exquisite design and interior, prestige, durability, high level of reliability and indestructibility are worth the money. These are machines that can show high results.


not killed cars Lexus

Businessmen are obsessed with Lexus

Well-known Japanese corporation, which is famous for the quality of the machines produced. First of all, it is aimed at producing representative cars. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, characterized by high rates of speed, quality, and design. At certain times, the stars of show business and bezsmeny were literally obsessed with Lexus. Such popularity was not caused by smoke without fire. For its long activity, the Lexus brand has done everything possible to be in the leading positions. Today, it is able to compete with other powerful brands in quality, reliability and prestige of their offspring.


неубиваемые автомобили ауди

Audi has earned the title of not killed a car

In particular, the A4 model has been steadily on the market for quite a long time, showing its indestructibility. Naturally, the car does not have a low cost, however, experts noted in it a reinforced concrete suspension, as well as a brake system. What are rumpled discs, in this case, you can forget. On this car, you can dissect on not quite flat road surface, knowing that you will not expect car service in the near future.

Mercedes-Benz and Volvo

Volvo and Mercedes

These cars are expensive to maintain

Great cars that show themselves in the "best light". They have cons, which lie in quite expensive maintenance and "consumables". Nevertheless, according to experts, having spent once, you will forget about the repair of your vehicle for a long time. Among these brands, it is impossible to single out certain models, they are all equally good.


ford c max

Ford C-Max has a particularly high level of reliability.

The following two models stand out: Focus and C-Max. They are very popular among compatriots, who every morning go on business around the city. It is also a great option for those who want to spend time with friends or family in nature and away from home as often as possible. Differ in especially high level of reliability, and also quality of spare parts. If such machines allow you to go to the service station, it is solely for the purpose of regular maintenance. They rarely require repair.


Volkswagen car reliability

The quality of the cars of this brand speaks for itself

German quality speaks for itself. Everybody appreciates him, they trust him, they are sure of him. The brand does not differ in special luxury, nevertheless produces cars of high reliability at a more than pleasant price. Electronics, manageability, comparative cheapness of spare parts and rare cases of failure of various models of the concern deserve attention. "Kill" the interior, engine and chassis of these machines is quite difficult. To do this, you will have more than good to try.

Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris unkillable car

Solaris - a favorite of the inhabitants of our country

This vehicle is very popular in our country. Received many awards, among which: "Brand of the Year", "Best Runet Auto". The champion, which has a nice value.

Kia Rio

Kia Rio unkillable car

Rio rarely needs repairs.

A brother, but not a twin of Solaris. It has a good reputation and a pleasant value. Rarely in need of repair work. With regular maintenance, this car will serve for a long time and without fail.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster - unkillable car

Renault Duster entered the top not killed machines

Also entered the top not killed machines. It is very popular among domestic motorists. A great option, which is famous for its pleasant value, made specifically for jumping on uncharted plains, hunting and fishing trips, as well as viewing down on the pits of our road surface. The rest of the benefits should include the spaciousness of the cabin, nice design and affordable price.


Do not forget when choosing a car of a certain corporation that its main purpose is selling. Accordingly, do not be guided by advertising, but proceed from personal convictions and experience. We have provided you with a list of the most unkillable cars, we hope that it will help you when choosing a vehicle.