Hyundai solaris clearance (16 cm) is too small for russian

Many people ask what kind of clearance Hyundai Solaris has, and in this article we will discuss this in detail, because this question is not entirely straightforward, especially on the territory of a great and multinational Russia, in which Russians and Bashkirs live, Tatars and Ukrainians, Buryats and Chuvash - and they are all Russians. More than one hundred nationalities inhabit Russia, and their representatives also call themselves Russians with full right to that ...

Hyundai Solaris clearance

And if you think about cars? For example, about the Koreans. Here we have a Korean car Hyundai Solaris. The manufacturer positioned it as a Russian Korean even before the car entered the Russian market.

It is assumed that such a machine should feel excellent on domestic roads, that is, the ground clearance of the Hyundai Solaris will allow the car to drive on country roads. It is interesting to find out if this is true.

At first glance, everything is true: the Hyundai company has been operating on the Russian market for many years and has a developed dealer network, the cost of the car is adequate to the financial condition of the Russian citizens, knows what the Hyundai Solaris clearance should be, and in general, previous consumer complaints have always been taken subsequent deliveries of cars ...

Hyundai Solaris technical specifications clearance

These considerations, as well as the fact of the participation of Russians in the choice of the name of the car, led to the fact that the statements of Hyundai company representatives about the new people's car, which has Asian roots, were trustfully received by Russian motorists.

Did the Russians' expectations come true? We were assured that the car was developed, considering the condition of our roads. And one could say that the representatives of the Hyundai company did not lie if it were not for one small detail.

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Front twin-tube shock absorbers and elongated rigid springs increased the Hyundai Solaris ground clearance to sixteen centimeters. It is quite acceptable value, only the rear shock absorbers were too soft ...

When gaining sufficient speed, or when a car hit a bump, there was a strong vertical buildup, giving the driver the impression that the car went skidding.

Hyundai Solaris ground clearance

And if the problem of shock absorbers was quickly resolved, changing them to tougher ones, then with the ground clearance, the Hyundai Solaris was not so simple. And the main trump card of Korean marketers in this model was the clearance of Hyundai Solaris.

If you do not really find fault, then the Hyundai Solaris ground clearance (the distance between the bottom of the car and the road) of 16 centimeters is quite acceptable. And in general, the technical characteristics of Hyundai Solaris at the level.

However, the realities of Russian roads forced the manufacturer to use additional engine protection against damage. This absolutely necessary detail takes about 2.5 cm from the Hyundai Solaris ground clearance. And the real clearance of the Hyundai Solaris will have only 13.5 cm, instead of the declared sixteen.

hyundai solaris clearance

In addition, there are still parts such as the bumper and towing eyes located below the bottom of the Solaris. And if we remember the air pressure when driving at high speed, then we can say that the bottom of the car is very close to the road surface.

As a result, any unevenness of the road will significantly affect the condition of the car body, and the driver himself will not experience the promised comfort.

It turns out that the main trump card of the automobile giant Huyndai is to blame for the discrepancy between the state of the model and the assurances of the developers. Hyundai Solaris therefore cannot claim the title of the Russian “people's car”, although it is possible that in the future Korean developers will increase the ground clearance that is so necessary for Russian drivers.

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And finally, the video Hyundai Solaris vs Lada Priora: