Compare kia rio and chevrolet cruze


Более трёх миллионов водителей в мире сделали свой выбор в пользу этого автомобиля. Сегодня они путешествуют и покоряют городские магистрали за рулём Chevrolet Cruze. Отличный выбор. Надёжная, с безупречной репутацией эта машина позволяет владельцу легко преодолеть любые сложности в дороге. Что может быть лучше? Европейским автолюбителям в качестве альтернативы этого sedanа предлагают попробовать себя «за штурвалом» KIA Rio. Интересно, в чём её преимущества? Why are these cars compared with each other, and what to choose? Kia Rio or Chevrolet Cruze - discuss the pros and cons of these cars in our material.

Kia Rio and Chevrolet Cruze - какой же sedan лучше?

Kia Rio and Chevrolet Cruze — какой же sedan лучше?

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Passengers separately, trunk - separately

Называя машину sedanом, автолюбители автоматически описывают её внешние характеристики. В первую очередь, речь идёт об определённых особенностях кузова. Так, A sedan is a car in which the trunk (according to the classical scheme) is separated from the passenger compartment. As a rule, these cars are four-door.

By the way, among passenger cars such a variant of the body is found most often. And therefore it is not surprising that drivers are looking for a steel “partner” on the road among sedans. So why is Cruz or Rio so popular in this category today?

Cruise five stars

Let's start with Chevrolet. This car brand is produced by the South Korean "branch" of the American General Motors Corporation. Despite American roots, the car today is collected in various countries.

Chevrolet Cruze car immediately after leaving the conveyor took a leading position in the market

Chevrolet Cruze car immediately after leaving the conveyor took a leading position in the market

Cruise in the series Chevrolet - newbie. The car entered the market just a few years ago. However, it was she who became the best-selling Chevrolet model.

Pure urban

The car successfully fit into the niche of urban cars. Chevrolet Cruze is famous for its comfortable interior, ease of operation and reliability in operation. Note that Cruise - five stars in the safety rating of the European program for the evaluation of new cars (Euro NCAP).

Chevrolet Cruze car interior is famous for its comfort and reliability

Chevrolet Cruze car interior is famous for its comfort and reliability

Для этого автомобиля выполнены две модификации двигателя. На 1,6 литра, который по мощности достигает 113 лошадиных сил. И движок на 1,8 литра — в нём 141 «лошадка». Топливо — gasoline. Предусмотрены механическая пятиступенчатая коробка передач, а также шестиступенчатая автоматика.

Price start

What else is interesting? Of course, the cost. In the domestic market, prices for Chevrolet Cruze start from 600,000 rubles.

Чтобы не ошибиться, быть объективными и сделать правильный выбор — Chevrolet Cruze и KIA Rio — есть смысл оценить второй sedan по тем же параметрам.

Door to rio

Open the door, sit behind the wheel. We will meet, it is - Kia Rio comes from Korea. The latest model of this series was presented in 2011 during the auto show in Shanghai. This is a car with sports ambitions. This is emphasized, for example, by the specific grille on the radiator and the framing of the headlights.

Kia Rio - Korean car with racing ambitions

Kia Rio - Korean car with racing ambitions

And the motor revet!

Что с двигателем? Есть так же как и в случае с Шевроле, две возможные модификации. На 1,4 литра — мощностью 107 «лошадей». А также мотор на 1,6 литра, обладающий силой в 123 балла. Топливо — gasoline Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The choice - the mechanics and automatic.

The car Kia Rio is equipped in the best Korean traditions

The car Kia Rio is equipped in the best Korean traditions

Car model:KIA RioChevrolet Cruze
Producing country:South KoreaСША, South Korea
Body Type:sedansedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:12481598
Power, l. c./about min .:87/6000124/6200
Maximum speed, km / h:172190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:13,512,8
Type of drive:frontfront
CAT:mechanics 6 tbsp., automatic 6 tbsp.mechanics 6 tbsp., automatic 6 tbsp.
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​6.3; highway 4.4city ​​9.0; highway 5.3
Length, mm:43664603
Width, mm:17201797
Height, mm:14551477
Clearance, mm:155150
Tire size:175/70 RAF 14205/60 R16
Curb weight, kg:11431375
Full weight, kg:15651834
Fuel tank capacity:4360

In terms of security, the outcome of the KIA Rio vs KIA Rio competition is rather a draw. After all, KIA has also successfully passed a series of special tests and tests. By the way, the car is equipped with ESS, ABS and ESC systems, which focuses on the international approach of the manufacturer to ensure the safety of the car. Plus, there are also airbags and brake discs of the new generation.

Test drive the car Chevrolet Cruze:

What a surprise…

In contrast to the Chevrolet, where the cost of Cruise only starts from 600,000 rubles, the Kia Rio can be taken from 540,000 rubles. And already for 660,000 - get an option and does with a decent "minced meat."

Chefrolet Breakfast

So, on the comparison scales, the price clearly adds “grams” in favor of the KIA Rio. What else there are trumps in the confrontation of Cruise and Kia Rio? Fuel consumption. That is what can not be silent. One and a half times more “eating” Cruz—

Answer for KIA

So what happens? "Korean" KIA bypassed his fellow and opponent? But do not rush to conclusions! As the test drives proved, Chevrolet has more engine power. Cruise also accelerates faster, its maximum speed of 23 km / h higher than that of Rio. The Chevrolet trunk is 42% more spacious, and the fuel tank in some models can hold up to 17 liters compared to the KIA.

Test drive car Kia Rio:

These are the conflicting results in this competition of sedans. Car draw, which provides that the winner will determine the motorist. Focusing on your taste and wallet.