The biggest cars in the world

Technological capabilities of modern auto enterprises allow to produce various models of cars. However, large-sized vehicles are particularly popular among drivers. It has its advantages over small car, because the largest car in the world, the photo of which will be presented below, has many advantages. These include both a spacious interior and luggage compartment, and high traffic in most cases.

It must be borne in mind that the largest machines in the world are not without flaws. They need a large space on the road to perform maneuvers, require special driving skills, and they need to build a non-standard garage.

Such cars in any class have many of their fans. The largest car in the world can not but cause admiration.


  • 1 Large representative cars
    • 1.1 Bugatti Type 41 The Royal
    • 1.2 Bentley Turbo R
    • 1.3 Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase
    • 1.4 Maybach 57
  • 2 Big cars of different classes
    • 2.1 Commercial Extreme Truck
    • 2.2 Alton F650
    • 2.3 Dunkel Industries Luxury 4×4
    • 2.4 Chevrolet Kodiak
    • 2.5 Ford Excursion
    • 2.6 Chevrolet Tahoe 6.2 AT
    • 2.7 Toyota Tundra
    • 2.8 Ford F-250 SuperChief
  • 3 TOP of the largest trucks
    • 3.1 Terex MT 6300AC
    • 3.2 Liebherr T282C
    • 3.3 Caterpillar 797F
    • 3.4 BelAZ 75710
  • 4 Large exotic vehicles
    • 4.1 The American Dream
    • 4.2 Superbus
    • 4.3 Quoter
    • 4.4 Greg Dunham

Large representative cars

Consider a few bright representatives, developed in different countries and on different continents. The presented models were released at different times, but even rare specimens survived in the world.

Bugatti Type 41 The Royal

The French company Bugatti released in the twenties of the last century, the royal luxury model. The series consisted of six cars, although it was planned to release 24 pieces, and they all survived to our days. This largest passenger car has a body of 6.7 m. Under a rather long hood of a four-door sedan, there is a 12.7-liter engine with 8 cylinders, capable of developing for those times an incredible 300 liters. with.

the biggest car in the world and her photo

The wheels have a diameter of about one meter, and the length of the bonnet is 1.65 m. With such dimensions, the voracity of the vehicle was about 50 l / 100 km. The maximum speed of the power plant provided at 196 km / h.

Bentley Turbo R

The model was produced from 1985 to 1997. The largest passenger cars in the world (photo below) must have English representatives on their list. One of these is this luxury executive sedan. It is equipped with a turbocharged engine of 6.75 liters with an electronic injection system.

the biggest car in the world in the photo

The capacity of the model is estimated by experts 298 liters. with. Transmission - a three-stage automatic. The length of the machine reaches 5.39 m. In total, more than 7 thousand pieces were produced.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase

The luxury luxury sedan with the year of release 2011 has a length of 5.56 m. In the company's history, it is the most powerful sedan with 563 liters. with. This power allows you to develop a 6.6-liter V-shaped engine with 12 pistons. Up to hundreds of engine accelerates in 5 seconds. The model is aggregated by an eight-speed automatic.

photo of the biggest car in the world

The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h, but at the same time it is almost imperceptible from the inside due to high noise insulation. Drive back. Sedan is designed for 5 seats. The interior used manual trim.

Maybach 57

The car with a length of 5.73 m was produced in the period 2002-2013. The executive class sedan was equipped with a 6.9-liter engine and a five-speed automatic. The power plant developed 612 l. with. The maximum allowable speed - 275 km / h. The average urban consumption was 25 liters of gasoline.

photos from the biggest car in the world

Standard equipment included almost everything to ensure the most comfortable ride. Auto weight –2.7 t. A hundred units gained in 5 seconds.

Big cars of different classes

With the size of cars automakers experimenting constantly. As a result, on the roads there are massive SUVs or pickups.

Commercial Extreme Truck

The machine is released on the North American continent. Its manufacturer has become the company International. Auto recognized as the largest serial pickup in the world. Exact measurements of the length showed that it is 6.55 m. The height of this handsome man exceeds the height of the ceilings in standard Khrushchev apartments and reaches 2.55 m.

photo where there is the biggest car in the world

The model has the original chassis from snow removal vehicles. Four passengers are easily located inside the cabin, and the fifth is the driver. The power of the car is 220 liters. with.

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Alton F650

The creator of the grand car is the company Alton Manufacturing. She has collected her child on the basis of the popular American pickup Ford F-650. As a result, the vehicle has a mass of about 12 tons.

the biggest car in the world

The length of the car reaches almost 7.7 m with a width of 2.43 m. The height is 2.2 m, which makes it necessary to prepare the garage and garage doors in a certain way. It was assumed that Alton will travel in extreme conditions of complete off-road, be used as a tug for other vehicles, carry heavy loads, etc. The motor has a volume of 7.2 liters with a capacity of 230 liters. with.

Dunkel Industries Luxury 4×4

The model is practically a house on huge wheels. Inside the impressive cabin there is almost everything you need for autonomous life, including a roomy bed and even a bar.

the biggest american car in the world

Dunkel's length is 9.7 m with a width of 2.5 m. The height of 3.6 m is impressive. The ground floor occupies not only the driver's cabin, but also a kitchen with built-in gas stove, a TV, a bathroom and a shower. At the top there is a bed with panoramic windows.

Seven-liter engine borrowed from the military. It feeds on diesel cars and released only in a single copy.

Chevrolet Kodiak

Against the background of increasing sales of electric vehicles in the world, the Chevrolet Kodiak looks like an overly voracious monster, having a length of 6.25 m and a width of 2.3 m. At a height of 2.4 m, it has a clearance of 236 mm. To buy such a model in America just will not succeed, since it is customary to choose large cars as a designer: a frame, a power plant, a cab, etc.

where are the biggest cars in the world

Equipped with a car or a gasoline installation of 325 liters. with., or diesel unit with 520 liters. with. Transmission they put a five-speed automatic. There is air suspension, rather than traditional springs. The device is not decorative, and has practical use, for example, as a tractor.

Ford Excursion

The length of the American SUV is 5.76 m, and the width is 2.3 m. The giant car belongs to the economical group of such specimens, since it consumes only 12.5 liters of gasoline per hundred km.

what are the most huge cars in the world

The pick-up truck served as the basis for the four-wheeled hero, but the designers deprived the car of the usual cargo compartment for the A class. As a result, users got a model that has a fairly quiet ride, thanks to a comfortable suspension, great power with a 7.3 liter engine and a perfectly trimmed interior. The clearance was 185 cm, and the weight of 4.32 tons.

Chevrolet Tahoe 6.2 AT

The SUV weighs 2.7 tons with dimensions of 5.18 x 2.04 x 1.89 m. The model is designed for seven people, has four-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic.

the biggest passenger car

The car looks great on the road and in urban environments. A V-shaped “eight” with a volume of 6.16 liters is installed under the hood, developing 409 liters. with. The maximum allowable speed is 180 km / h.

Toyota Tundra

The giant model is a full-size four-door pickup. The length of the Tundra is 6.29 m with a width of 2.02 m. The height of all modifications does not exceed 1.94 m. The ground clearance of 264 mm makes it possible to drive in almost any conditions.

the biggest passenger car with a trunk

The power plant is quite powerful - 4.7 liters with a V8 layout give 271 liters. with. Auto is being aggregated in updated versions by six-speed mechanics or six-speed automatic. The consumption of such an all-terrain vehicle is 16.7 liters per hundred kilometers.

Ford F-250 SuperChief

The model is a concept length of 6.73 m, which is comparable with two such machines as the “seventy” Peugeot. The machine has the following parameters:

  • width - 2.32 m;
  • height - 2.0 m.

The outline of a huge pickup recognizes a monumental Ford image. The name is the same as that of the American continental high-speed trains that run in the middle of the last century. The clearance of the machine is 460 mm. The engine is installed unique - three-fuel, therefore it is capable to consume besides pure gasoline its mixture ethanol mixture or hydrogen. The maximum power on gasoline is 310 liters. with.

the largest and most stylish passenger car

TOP of the largest trucks

The real size of the huge cars can be felt next to mining trucks. These vehicles are designed to work in specific conditions, so you cannot meet them on city or intercity routes. Yes, and to manage them require a special driver's license. Often, to get into the cabin they have to overcome several flights of stairs.

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Terex MT 6300AC

The two-axle mining truck has a capacity of 2,796 kW or 3,750 liters. with. Its length is 14.9 m, height - 7.7 m, width - 9.5 m. The maximum carrying capacity of the giant is limited to 363 tons, which is comparable to six railway cars. Cost at retail for the buyer will be about $ 5 million.

the world's largest cars for transportation

The maximum speed is 64 km / h. The mass of the empty dump truck is 235 tons. The car has a power plant with two dozen cylinders and a fuel tank of almost 5 tons.

Liebherr T282C

German manufacturer Liebherr machinery is one of the leaders in its industry. It is capable of carrying 363 tons. An 18 or 20 piston engine can be installed in the car, providing 4,023 liters. with.

the largest trucks in the world

The length of the car is 15.7 m, width - 9.7 m, height - 8.3 m. The fuel tank is set at 5.35 tons. Its body is up to 49 hydraulics lifts in just 50 s. Even with such powerful dimensions, the machine needs 6.5 m radius for turning.

Caterpillar 797F

The model is in demand for transportation of copper, gold or iron ore. Manufacturers have taken care to improve safety and comfort during operation of the machine. Its length is 14.5 m, width is 9.8 m, height is 6.6 m.

the most huge cars and dump trucks in the world

Motor develops power 3793 liters. with. in the presence of a fuel tank of 4 tons. The volume of the installed engine reaches 106 liters. The consumption is 784 liters per hundred kilometers. The mass of one tire is slightly more than 5 tons. They are the deficit for such a vehicle.

BelAZ 75710

This dump truck is the largest in the world and has a carrying capacity of 450 tons. It was able to accommodate a maximum of 503 tons, which became the property of the Guinness book. The engine compartment is comparable in size with a small apartment.

the world's largest machines for quarries

The power plant is a pair of engines with 2330 liters. with. each. The car has four-wheel drive and develops empty speed up to 64 km / h. Its length is 20.6 m, width is 9.75 m, and height is 8.17 m. It is designed to work in conditions from +50C to -50S. 8 tubeless wheels make it easy to navigate within any career.

Large exotic vehicles

Many engineers are trying to create an unusual car. At the same time, their product does not always find real use in life, remaining an unusual large and expensive toy for its owners.

The American Dream

The thirty-meter limousine was designed by Jay Ohrberg, an American enthusiast of his craft. It is equipped with 13 axles and three dozen windows, including a couple of panoramic hatches. It can accommodate up to 75 people.

The biggest cars in the world in the photo

The machine has not only a pool, but also a working helipad on board. The basis for the exotic cars served as the Cadillac Eldorado.


The creators presented this giant miracle like a bus, although in reality it looks more like a 15 m long car with 8 pairs of doors opening upwards. The width of the exotic model is 2.55 m, which allows it to navigate on ordinary roads.

the biggest cars in the world and their photos

The car is designed for 23 passengers. Comfortable trip provided by the presence of TVs, wireless connection to the world wide web, climate control. The maximum speed is calculated at 250 km / h.


The American company SDM Industries has built the highest limousine. Quoter below easily misses small cars that can pass without hitting its bottom.

the biggest cars in the world quality photos

Greg Dunham

The author of the largest motorcycle Greg Dunham. The height of the product is 4.5 m with a length of 7.5 m, which is almost comparable to a two-story house.

the largest two-wheeled car in the world

Production took about three years and began with a simple dispute buddies. The mass is 3 tons. As a result, this giant vehicle got into the Guinness book. Those interested can buy it for 300 thousand dollars.