Toyota is experimenting with tricycles

Toyota экспериментирует с трехколесными автомобилями The Japanese are quick-witted people, despite their small average height, they are well aware that with the growth of population and cities, the problem of transportation needs to be radically changed. Large-sized cars, of course, add significantly to their owners, but they face a traffic collapse during peak hours, when everyone wants to get to work not by public transport, but by personal car. The second problem is the ecology, in large cities it is difficult to breathe primarily because of the high concentration of exhaust gases in the air. Therefore, a person sooner or later, but will have to sacrifice their own ambitions, reseeding on environmentally friendly and less dimensional type of transport.

In this context, interesting pilot project automaker Toyotawhich was launched the other day in Tokyo. Its developers are going to form the future urban transport system through a three-wheeled compact electric vehicle.

This miracle of design thought is called "Toyota i-Road“and for the first time a motorcycle car was shown to the public two years ago. The Japanese were then seriously convinced that this was not just some kind of conceptual toy, and approached its development and testing with all the scrupulousness and inventive pedantry.

What is Toyota i-Road? It looks like a small car. Two wheels, a small hood, headlight, doors, everything in the cabin, like in any car, is only much more compact. When i-Road moves in a straight line, there are no questions, but when cornering, the cabin leans so steeply to the side, as if the motorcyclist is turning at a very decent speed, although the car accelerates to only thirty km per hour.

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Indeed l2 Toyota i-Road It has two electric motors, which allow it not to be recharged for fifty kilometers. Only a couple of kilowatts of power, however, allows you to accelerate this 300 kilogram unit to sixty km per hour. Few, but the Japanese are sure that more for short trips exclusively in the city is not necessary. By the way, the width of this motorbike only 87 centimeters, two can fit on one lane at once.

Tokyo residents can use these avtomobilchiki while only for rent. But first you need to successfully complete the courses and pass the management exam. Toyota i-Road. By the way, the rental period is only from fifteen minutes to two and a half hours. He has so far only familiarization purposes.

Besides the big Tokyo, Toyota i-Road It is also being tested in the small town of Grenoble in France. As they say, in opposite conditions. One thing is clear, in the case of a favorable outcome motorbike experiment, concern Toyota will undertake its mass production. In this case, the automotive world is waiting for major changes.