How a keyless immobilizer tracker works

The number of cars equipped with all kinds of electronic protections on our streets is growing exponentially. Several alarm systems, including a satellite system with GPS, immobilizer, physical steering and pedal locking - this is not a complete list of security services.

However, in our climate, we also want to remotely start the engine, so that the car creates a comfortable atmosphere according to the season: it warms up in winter, and the cabin becomes cool in summer. It will help in this situation, for example, keyless crawler immobilizer. The driver will press the buttons on the key fob, and the required contacts will be connected with the device, the engine will start.


  • 1 Work crawler
  • 2 Hard workaround
  • 3 Keyless option
  • 4 Trends with the remote launch option

Crawler job

The first devices of this type differed significantly minus. The launch of the power plant was hampered by the lack of close with the receiver of the car key. A workaround turned out to be a spare key mounted under the casing. With a similar construction scheme, the car became more vulnerable in terms of safety. Additionally, some drivers broke out protruding plastic elements from the key.

how keyless immobilizer crawler works

The market situation changed after the new immobilizer bypass module was developed and installed into the new auto bypass module. He got rid of the need to look for workarounds with an additional key. Although electronic chips are mounted in the case of the latter, without which the machine should not be wound up, the presence of bypass electronics allows the engine to be started without breaking the security service.

You need to know that the chips are designed individually for a car model. Interchangeability between different brands of cars is missing.

This feature implies individual programming of each chip for each car. When trying to start the car, the signal from the ring antenna located near the ignition lock will go to the chip in the key. If there is a response from him, the signal will give "good" to start the motor. If there are problems with the chip, antenna, or distortion of the encrypted signal, the engine will not start.

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Hard workaround

The most popular method for deceiving an immobilizer is to extract the chip from the second key and fix it within the radius of the signal antenna. After that, the machine can be easily started either with an autorun system or with any duplicate key. The downside of this option is a decrease in security, because it remains only to hope for an alarm. And in a heated winter car, the driver who can start the engine remotely may not leave at all.

Keyless option

An expensive option is the keyless immobilizer crawler, which works without signaling the chips, but interferes with the electronic call from the antenna. It is rather difficult to decipher a complex coded signal, however, if it succeeds, then no software or physical intervention in the immobilizer’s work will be necessary.

how to make a circuit without key immobilizer

Modern automakers are tough on making additional keys with chips. Sometimes the cost of the third copy of them can be calculated in five-digit amounts in rubles. Often, even programmatically put blocking on additional reissued. In this situation, it remains only to bypass the keyless immobilizer, which can already be mounted on almost 1000 different car models.

A well-known manufacturer of this product is the Canadian company Fortin. The device operates on several standard frequency channels. The positive moment is that only the motor will be turned on. The described device does not produce any manipulations with the unlocking of the steering wheel or the “automatic” knob. Everything will be in a locked state.

how does the regular immobilizer bypass module look like

This quality is a major advantage over the ways in which the second key is involved. In this case, for the insurance company, the driver will always present a full set of keys, and the car will be guarded. The negative point is that this technology can not be mounted on all cars.

Trends with the remote launch option

If you are going to travel around Europe by car or transport it there for permanent registration, then you should know that remote start of cars in the European Union is prohibited. This is due to the struggle for ecology. In our country, insurers control the availability of a workable immobilizer. Often this option significantly affects the cost of car insurance.

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