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The ODB2 diagnostic terminal allows you to read information about the current state of the vehicle by collecting data from sensors installed on the car. Having connected the adapter (scanner) to the on-board computer (directly or through an adapter), you will need to connect to it. Connection is made via WiFi, bluetooth or USB cable with a smartphone or tablet.

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Error Reader Applications

Но такое соединение будет бессмысленным, если на гаджете отсутствует соответствующий софт. Специальная программа передаёт информацию от бортового компьютера через адаптер на телефон, что позволяет корректировать, сбрасывать настройки, удалять ошибки и выполнять ряд других операций, предусмотренных возможностями машины и диагностического оборудования.Читать далее о лучших андроид программах для работы с ОБД2-->


In many ways, the work on self-diagnostics of the machine depends on what software is used. Not every program is able to provide ample features and functionality. But not all machines have a large number of sensors to display a lot of data on the device screen.

If you have a gadget running Android, then for OBD 2 you can use a wide list of programs. Some install two or more programs at once, trying to find the best one specifically for their car.

But among all the software for OBD2 which one is better to use? This is an individual moment, because it depends on several factors, including the make, model and year of manufacture of the car.

There are the best recognized by the audience of the program. Therefore, it is recommended to consider these applications as software for working through HBS 2.


torquepro1 obd2 for android

Best Error Reading Software

It is considered the best program for the Android operating system. Accepts and displays diagnostic data using a bluetooth connection.

Users are offered a free and paid version. Paid software will allow you to study the basic errors of the onboard computer and remove them if necessary. But the Pro version, which you have to pay for, allows you to get useful diagnostic information via OBD2, including the characteristics of the engine, decoding error codes, removing errors from the computer, etc.

The best option, compatible with most diagnostic scanners. For a novice user, buying a paid version immediately makes no sense. Start with a free one.

Dash Command

dash сommand android

Dash Command adapted for work with different platforms

The second most popular program, adapted to work with different platforms, including Android. Allows you to self-diagnose cars using adapters to connect to OBD2.

It features quite wide functionality, since the program can display engine speed, speed, fuel consumption, damper position, gas pedals, brake pedals on the screen, calculate the distance that the car can overcome on the remaining amount of fuel, etc.

The software reads errors, provides car owners with self-diagnostic capabilities. Excellent and detailed program that deserves your attention.

Car Gauge

car gauge android

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Decent tool for self-diagnosis car. Just insert the scanner into the OBD2 diagnostic connector, and install the software on the Android device.

The program allows you to read errors and diagnose the current state of the machine. Available in paid and free versions. The free program will ensure compatibility with the car and understand the possibilities of the software. The paid version has much broader functionality.

BMW What

bmw what android

The best Android app for BMW car owners

One of the best, if not the best Android app for car owners from the German automaker BMW. This program works with almost all types of electronic control units that are installed on these machines.

With the adapter and the program at hand, you can fully diagnose the car and encode everything with your own hands. Before buying a paid version, be sure to install the free one. With some auto software may be incompatible. You just waste your money on the purchase of an application for Android.

Car Doctor

car doctor obd

The software reads in dynamics the dynamic data of the onboard computer of the car

A worthy software that allows you to read and save in the dynamics of the on-board computer of the car that supports OBD2. Plus it can work with cars, on which there are several on-board computers at the same time.

Reads the parameters of the power unit in real time, shows graphs of data changes, reads and resets engine errors, shows fuel consumption, saves information about detected errors, etc.


ezway for android

Android program with the whole automotive community

The program for Android has a whole automotive community in the network and its own website where you can create a personal page, follow the statistics of other car owners, display the statistics of your trips, breakdowns, etc.

The software makes it possible to independently reset the engine error (Check), control the fuel consumption, compare the actual parameters with the stated automaker, take into account the costs of gas stations, etc. You can even calculate how much it costs to drive 1 kilometer by your car.

The application has extremely wide functionality, because it is suitable for those car owners who want to actively monitor the condition of their own car and do without the services of diagnostic centers.

ECU Tracker

ecu tracker obd2 scanner

The program for receiving data in real time

A good program for obtaining data on the work of cars in real time. Indicates the fuel consumption in different modes (total, current, for a certain period of time), reads the data from the sensors, shows the flow per hour of the trip, etc.

Using the displayed information, the driver only indirectly assesses the condition of the car. This makes it possible to notice in time the overrun or unstable work, and send the car for THAT.

Scan Master

scanmaster for android

Informative application for reading errors

Rather informative application that supports OBD2 standards and allows you to work with gadgets running the Android operating system.

By installing the software, you will make a full-fledged diagnostic center from your tablet or smartphone. The Lite version offers a wide range of functions, unlike many other free programs. But the parameters and errors are displayed in a smaller number when compared with the paid version.

We recommend starting with the Lite version. If the software satisfies you in all respects, then you can safely take the paid version and expand the functionality of your own diagnostic equipment.

Choosing software for the Android operating system, do not forget to consider its compatibility with your adapter and vehicle. Not all the best programs will suit you. Some of them, created under certain brands of cars, may still be defective to work with some models. Therefore, be sure to start with the free versions.

If the program is compatible with the car and you need to expand the diagnostic functionality, then you will be able to take paid software and independently monitor errors and parameters of the machine.

Be sure to write what software you use to diagnose the machine, and what are your impressions about the work of a particular program. Do not forget to subscribe and leave comments!