Traffic police is going to refuse to issue state numbers

ГИБДД собирается отказаться от выдачи госномеров

A new way to save public money came up with the traffic police leadership. It is going, of course, after the adoption of the relevant document by the State Duma, to refuse to issue state numbers to car owners, as was done before and is being done now. They will simply assign such a number to a car owner, and he will have to make it himself, that is, for his own money. By the way, the bill regulating all the details of this approach to car numbers, already successfully passed the first Duma readings. Changes that will be made to the law on registration of the vehicle, suggest a complete replacement issuance of state signs on their assignment to each specific car owner who applied to the traffic police. New amendments will legally allow drivers to purchase "beautiful" and any numbers at specialized auctions, or from each other. After all, after assigning a state number, the car owner will order the special number for his money, which means he becomes the owner of a metal plate with these cherished numbers, and can dispose of it, as usual, the owner disposes of his things.

ГИБДД собирается отказаться от выдачи госномеров

So, the amendments survived the first reading. There is still a lot of work to be done - a lot of nuances and questions, and in this session Duma members are unlikely to consider this “number” initiative a second and third time. The main motivation is to save money on producing state numbers. After all, the cost of traffic police will now be limited to the production of paper certificates of registration of the car, which will be assigned to car owners license plates.

But before assigning a number, car owners are likely to get the right to buy a number at an auction. This way of acquiring numbers will be offered along with a random selection of available unoccupied numbers. Only official workshops will be engaged in the manufacture of number plates, in any left-wing offices they will not be able to order them, or rather, illegally. The basis for the manufacture of the number will be the certificate of registration of the vehicle presented in the workshop. ГИБДД собирается отказаться от выдачи госномеров Manual traffic police We are confident that the new scheme for the implementation of state numbers will allow the department to save a lot of money that can be spent on other urgent needs of the organization. Theme sales of "beautiful" numbers has risen lately more than once, including at the state level. MPs offered to admit sale of numbers legal enterprise, and earned on this send to the state treasury.

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