New volkswagen tiguan 2017

Впервые кроссовер был представлен в 2007 году. New Tiguan ждали с нетерпением и автолюбители, и эксперты. С момента первого выпуска количество продаж перевалило за 2,5 млн. штук. По плану концерна Volkswagen после дебютной модели предполагается выпустить авто в трех поколениях.

Новый Фольксваген Tiguan 2017

To date, already provided two - in 2015 and 2017. Given that the latest version has not been subjected to a facelift, but has become a completely new model, it is realistic that the third edition of the SUV will be translated into reality from the distant future. Especially since some trends are already visible. In the meantime, what is the new Volkswagen Tiguan 2017?

Appearance - still recognizable

According to the idea of ​​engineers, this model may be attributed to a separate class of car, but for now it is ranked as an SUV. In addition to it, a version of the new Tiguan 2017 has already been developed with increased overall dimensions assembled on an extended wheelbase.

New Volkswagen Tiguan

The size of the new Tiguan 2017 more than the previous:

  • body length - 60 mm;
  • wheelbase - 77 mm;
  • width - 30 mm.

Only the height of the car decreased by 33 mm, although this did not affect the interior volume of the cabin. The distance between the front and rear rows of seat mats (3 cm) has changed in a large direction, from which it became even more comfortable for passengers.

New Tiguan 2017

Having managed to preserve the common features, the German engineers in the novelty worked in more detail on the exterior, so the differences of the latest version are well marked. The front end has become more massive and advanced, aerodynamics have noticeably improved, as the figures confirm.

The counter-flow resistance indicator decreased by 0.06 and amounted to 0.31 units. But the rear bumper, on the contrary, has become more massive. An automatic system for closing the fifth door was applied to it, which is triggered after the driver leaves the car.

It is worth noting a special form of the body in the rear, allowing to increase the size of the trunk lid. When the rear row is unfolded, the luggage compartment volume is 614; it has increased by 40 liters. And with the folded back row, it becomes more spacious than twice and is equal to 1655 liters. Added 145 liters compared with its predecessor.

Фольксваген Tiguan 2017

The position of the rear seats can be changed, thereby adjusting the required amount of free space behind. However, with a minimum approximation ahead, there is enough space for comfortable accommodation.

The modified external lighting devices attract attention - they have become a regular rectangular shape. Also, instead of lamps, they are equipped with LED elements. Some have noticed the similarities with the Passat B8, and others with the BMW X3. Perhaps it is. The dashboard in some trim levels completely digitized. It is possible to customize it for a demonstration of any indicators.

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Panoramic roof ends almost at the rear window. Along the perimeter, it is decorated with LED lighting, which looks exceptionally in the dark.

The hood stands out with special ribs and a new engineering solution - the hood is automatically raised. In addition to the functional component of this innovation will improve the safety of a pedestrian in a collision with a car.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 test drive

Choose from what

The manufacturer presents three options: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. If the former is produced in the base configuration, then the latter is presented in the top segment. The intermediate position is reserved for the Comfortline.

Depending on the configuration, there are various additional options. The first thing that people pay attention to when opening doors is the spaciousness, ergonomics and high quality of interior decoration. The cheapest salon will look a bit ascetic, but very stylish.

In the Trendline there are 6 airbags, climate control for three zones, heated steering wheel and automatic braking system. Under the hood is a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 125 horsepower and a volume of 1.4 liters. Off-road is limited to front-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission.

New Tiguan

If you prefer to stay in the golden middle - Comfortline - this will require a certain surcharge. As a result, you get a DSG robot in six positions. In Tiguane II, it was manufactured using a “wet” technology, different from the previous model, therefore it is much more reliable than its predecessor. There is also an all-wheel drive, rain and light sensors, heating of the front translucent element, electric heating of the second row of seat mats, better interior trim. For a small fee, you can order a massager on the front row.

Top of the range assumes the presence of a screen for 8 inches in front of the console, high-quality multimedia with navigation and, of course, leather interior, and most importantly, a large number of electronic assistants. They should stay in more detail.

Electronic helpers

In the reviews, experts casually mention electronic assistants, limited to only the name, without going into details. Perhaps this is true for all brands, except for the fresh Tiguan 2017, the start of sales in Russia has already been announced and begins in February.

Engineers have provided the opportunity to rest while driving. The system of adaptive cruise control ACC allows you to manually set the speed and not worry about possible obstacles. The driver will not need to intervene in the braking process in case of unexpected interference on the road. Also, acceleration will be performed to the speed mark set by the driver in automatic mode.

New Volkswagen Tiguan салон

Considering the near new Tiguan 2017 and its technical characteristics you need to focus on the adaptive drive system. This was not available in the previous version. 4Motion is an invention of Volkswagen Corporation that has been used in cars since 1998. But the Tiguan was the first carrier to use the Haldex clutch. Riding has become intellectual, because the electronics, at the command of the driver, transmits the necessary torque to each wheel of the car regardless of the slip.

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The main thing that engineers took care of is that it is possible to adjust the work of all-wheel drive in seconds, quickly responding to the encountered traffic situations. In conjunction with the systems of motion control, stabilization, traction control (ASR), engine torque control (MSR) and electronic differential lock (EDS) provides high traffic and control.

Lane Assist Lane Assist. In the latest version of the Tiguan, the electronic assistant can warn the driver that the lane is crossing an audible signal, vibrating the steering wheel and turning it in the right direction. This bold decision allows you to significantly secure the ride and act more aggressively and for a longer time than, for example, Infiniti or Volvo. The system is turned on automatically when the SUV reaches a speed of 65 km / h or via an interactive display. The sound signal is not given if the driver behind the wheel has turned on the turn signal.

tiguan 2017

Skeptics will argue that this is not a new option and it was introduced in the first version, but it is in the second generation that management interferes.

The emergency braking function of City Emergency Braking, combined with the Front Assist distance monitoring system, allows you to minimize the likelihood of unexpected collisions, as well as smooth out their consequences, if any. Her performance on the Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 on the test drive was praised by experts. Also installed at least an effective emergency braking system Multiсollision Brake.

tiguan prices

And one of the main violins in this orchestra is the virtual dashboard - Active Info Display. It is impossible to describe the characteristics of the new Tiguan 2017 without introducing this interactive, understandable and convenient device. It is easily adjusted according to the situation and requirements, being the main assistant driver. High-quality and clear picture transmits 12-inch screen, which has a high resolution. It is perfectly visible, because the display is constantly in the field of view of the driver.

All the information you need while driving - a route, a map, a mileage meter will make driving much more comfortable and safer. It is possible to connect a smartphone with any operating system on board.

vw tiguan 2017

Tiguan 2017 review is impossible without an assessment of the new MQB database. Naturally, the total weight of the car dropped by 50 kg. The modular transverse matrix, this is how its name translates from German, allows you to expand the number of platforms and models for future cars.

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Also, thanks to a special approach in a short time, you can change the overall dimensions of the assembled cars, but this is important for designers, and for drivers the main thing is that it is much safer. Crash tests showed that the safety of an adult passenger rose from 87% to 96% rated by Euro NCAP, and the safety of children in the cabin also increased from 79% to 84%. Volkswagen Tiguan II has become safer for pedestrians.

Power units and not only

Immediately four new gasoline engine offers Volkswagen to choose from. The minimum format has 125 hp and the volume of 1.4 liters, more powerful - 150. Further, in the 2-liter version, 180 and 220 hp For fans of the diesel engine, a 2-liter turbo diesel with a capacity of 150 and 190 horses is presented. The updated transmission includes a 6-speed manual and automatic, with two clutches, also presents a 7-speed automatic transmission.

vw tiguan

Самый «младший» мотор позволит развить максимальную скорость в 190 км/ч, при этом потребляя от 5,4 до 8,3 литров на 100 км в зависимости от условий езды. New Tiguan тест драйв в городской черте и за городом показал именно такие результаты. Можно только порадоваться таким показателями. Также следует отдельно отметить, что прилагать все возможные усилия по увеличению расхода топлива бесполезно, все системы работают с немецким педантизмом.

How has the ability to overcome obstacles by 2017 (after all, the crossover is simply obliged to do this)? Tiguan 2017 review shows that engineering developments were implemented in the metal. Four-wheel drive functions perfectly. The car is moving along the icy road very confidently. The second “wet” clutch in the second generation works 100%, the same can be said about the stabilization system.

Not the last place is played by a competent distribution of traction, thanks to which the car enters the turn without additional electronic insurance. By reducing the overhangs of the front and rear bumper, it is possible to drive down a slope of up to 24 degrees. Although fans of active driving is still worth a look in the direction of a special off-road package - Off-Road.

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