Top 10 best car alarm systems 2016-2017

Any vehicle owner will be useful knowledge about which car alarm is better. They will help him choose the version of the security system that suits his personal criteria, is highly valued by experts and consumers.


  • What is better to put car alarm?
  • The best alarm systems on cars 2016: rating of manufacturers of systems with feedback and automatic engine start
  • Car alarms: rating 2016 - 2017
  • Rating of car alarms with satellite positioning

What is better to put car alarm?

A good system is a relative concept. For one user, the price is decisive. Another person needs the maximum number of service functions to facilitate operation. We list important technical features. They are taken into account when drawing up the rating of car alarms

  • Alarm ratings for the auto 2016 are headed by the Starline A94 model. It is equipped as standard with a unit for transmitting / receiving GPS signals. If necessary, you can connect the alarm to a specialized GSM service. Such a solution will allow you to forget about the range of a conventional radio signal. Information will be received at any point of coverage of the mobile operator’s network.
  • Magicar 7 (Scher-Khan) occupies the next position. She was awarded byMagicar 7 (Scher-Khan) complex of consumer characteristics and reasonable cost. This model is adapted to work as part of an automatic engine start system.
  • Deluxe Series 1870 from Pandora is characterized by increased resistance to cracking of electronic cipher. This alarm has a long range on a standard signal. Keychain with LCD screen consumes some energy. It displays data on the status of security systems, individual sensors in real time.
  • In the Elite MH-780 (Magnum) model, a GSM block is installed. With its help, the user transmits information from the sensors of the alarm system and the car, which simplifies operational remote monitoring.
  • The ZX-750 car alarm, introduced by the Sheriff brand, occupies the last position of our 2016 car alarm rating. Its price is low, but the functionality is consistent with some of the more expensive counterparts. Large keyfob screen is convenient for reading data. Choosing the right combination of electronic key complicates the dynamic code change.

Rating of car alarms with satellite positioning

The best system, as can be seen from the above list, is equipped with a unit for transmitting / receiving signals using global satellite communications systems. Such Magnumthe equipment functions anywhere in the world. This means that it keeps working regardless of its proximity to the towers of GSM operators. Only when placing the car in a reinforced concrete bunker, under a different screen of electromagnetic waves, the connection will be lost. But if the car leaves the shelter, it will quickly recover. The autonomy of such devices is calculated for months of permanent inclusion. Dispatch services work around the clock. They promptly inform the police and the owner of the exact coordinates of the equipment found.

We list below the best car alarms in 2016, in which the appropriate blocks are installed:

  • First place is taken by Starline series 94. Model D is the most advanced version from this manufacturer. It maintains performance in a wide range of temperatures. Stable operation in terms of interference due to a narrow bandwidth, which is used to generate signals. It is possible to work on one of 500 different channels, which also increases the level of security. Starline’s own dispatch service provides round-the-clock monitoring of movement. The user will receive a timely message about the deterioration of the signal parameters, and other evidence of potential danger.Pandect X-1700
  • On the second line of the rating - DXL 5000 Pandora version New. "Firm" software is suitable for transferring data to the screen of a smartphone, tablet, laptop. In a special application, you can not only learn control information, but also start the engine, give other commands in remote mode.
  • Third place will be awarded to the model Pandect X-1700 from Pandora. It is less functional than the previous alarm, but it is cheaper. Satellite unit is offered as an option.

To find out which is the best system for a particular user, you should examine the current market conditions. It is important to choose alarms not only for reliability, but also taking into account the factors considered in the article.