The choice of antifogger for car windows


Any car owner knows about what inconvenience can cause misted windows in the car. Especially when it comes to your own safety and the safety of passengers. As a result of fogging, the glass visibility deteriorates, which is unacceptable while driving. Fortunately, modern chemistry manufacturers have long developed anti-fogging agents that can easily help get rid of condensation on the windows of your car. Due to the fact that the range of products on the shelves of car supermarkets is quite wide, it is necessary to approach the choice of antifogger.

Clear glass

Defogger allows you to cope with condensation on the glasses

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Problem occurrence

Most often, motorists are faced with the problem of misted windows in the fall and winter, when the temperature in the cabin is different from the temperature on the street by a few degrees (near zero). Also important is the frequent temperature drop. For example, in the morning, afternoon and evening.

It is necessary to take into account that the fogging of car windows (including windshields) occurs as a result of the operation of the automotive heating system. Of course, it significantly reduces the appearance of condensate, but it cannot completely dry the car.

The stained glass

The stained glass

The essence of the problem of fogging of glass is that the drops formed on them refract the sun's rays penetrating into the car at an unusual angle. Therefore, visually the glass becomes cloudy. And this, in turn, prevents the normal review of objects, cars and people in front.

Defogger help

Many motorists are convinced that you can solve the problem with a car stove or an open window. This is not entirely true. When the humidity in the car rises, the stove will only aggravate the situation. Especially when there are a lot of people inside the car, the windows are sweating so much that visibility drops to almost zero.

Substance exposure

To choose the right anti-fogger, you first need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of various tools. Such substances prevent the accumulation of water droplets on the glass, allowing them to evenly spread over its surface. And with this arrangement, the refraction of the sun's rays also changes, but it does not interfere with the review.

There are also ordinary substances with a low alcohol content, which are used to wipe glasses. They have a similar effect, but for a long time much less. The use of an anti-fogger has a double effect - a special film from the preparation does not allow condensate to accumulate, and also degreases the surfaces.

Using the defogger for glass

Using the defogger for glass

It should also be emphasized that at the molecular level, the antifog molecules dissolve in the water molecules, which allows them to be evenly distributed over the glass surface.

Some manufacturers offer anti-foggers that completely repel water. You can choose the right one for a particular car only by trial and error. It is important to remember that none of these substances will cope with the problem of freezing.

Benefits of using

The use of an anti-fogger has several distinct advantages:

  • The glass becomes clean and completely transparent;
  • There is no unpleasant sharp chemical smell and stains on the viewing window;
  • Even without using a stove drops are not collected;
  • Does not affect the plastic and rubber elements of the car;
  • Can be used on tinted glass (and can be used both on film and on spraying).

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Experts particularly highlight the advantages of using antifogger in winter. Also, these drugs prevent the formation of static electricity. Antifogger car glass can also be used in everyday life - treated surfaces (especially in rooms with high humidity) remain clean and shiny for a long time, and are easy to clean.

How to choose antifogger

To get started, read the recommendations of manufacturers or reviews on products on the Internet, as well as on the composition. For example, a Chinese manufacturer provides test results for its product: at a temperature of 10 degrees below zero outside, the air inside the car is 94% and a temperature of 24 degrees condensation has not collected on glasses for several hours.

Liqui Moly aerosol

Liqui Moly aerosol

Some products that contain additional impurities, which, on the one hand, prolong the action of the substance and clean the glass, but on the other - leave turbid areas on the surface (for example, Liqui Moly aerosol).

Domestic-produced defoggers containing a copolymer, a propellant, and a flavoring agent can save the driver from condensation on the windshield for a rather short period (a couple of hours). And those products that contain a moisture-absorbing polymer, isopropanol, water and flavoring, quite well manifest themselves on the glass of the car in any weather.

Manufacturers that use isopropanol and anionic surfactants for manufacturing offer a fairly effective product that has all the necessary parameters and meets all the requirements (for example, Shell products).

Recommendations for use

Professionals point out that they often hear discontent of drivers about the effect of the drug. In this case, first of all, attention should be paid to the glass itself - it should be clean (the glass inside is especially quickly contaminated when the car is smoked inside).

Apply the product is necessary after each cleaning glass. If you use the drug on dirty glass, the result will be deplorable - in the dark time of day visibility decreases to almost zero, the glass becomes cloudy and dirty.

As you can see, it is quite difficult to find a suitable anti-fogging device for the windows of the car. It is necessary to carefully examine the offer on the market, customer reviews and recommendations of manufacturers, composition, and so on. And in most cases from the first time it is impossible to acquire the necessary one - only after several attempts it is possible to stop at a specific variant. If you already have a similar selection experience - share your comments under this article.