How to choose a rear view camera

If you ask the drivers which of the car accessories is the most useful, then many without hesitation will choose not even a DVR, but a rear-view camera. Nowadays, parking has become a real problem. Especially for inexperienced drivers, reversing is really challenging. Due to the increase on the roads of cars of different brands, the allowable areas for parking lots are reduced, often transport has to be put on the minimum stretch.


  • 1 Equipment Specifications
  • 2 The right choice
  • 3 Variety of species
    • 3.1 Stationary
    • 3.2 Universal
    • 3.3 Mortise
    • 3.4 Framed for license plate
  • 4 Connection methods
  • 5 Which rear view camera is better

Characteristics of the equipment

If there is not enough experience behind the wheel, it’s quite difficult to deal with the problem of parking. To help car owners appear on the shelves of various electronic devices, one of which is a rear-view camera. In the process of parking and driving back the driver observes everything that happens behind the car through the rear-view mirrors or on the monitor of the rear camera.

which rear view camera is better to put

When using a reversing camera, the driver has significantly expanded capabilities:

  • secure parking in the parking lot;
  • With the help of a modern mirror, you can see the situation both at a small and at a great distance, controlling the movement of the car through the built-in compact monitor inside the car;
  • without turning your head, you will be able to visually monitor the situation behind the car;
  • the driver has a feeling of confidence in the possibility of monitoring the situation from the back of the car, in order to avoid an emergency situation and not to cause damage to his own and unauthorized cars;
  • option with IF-backlit, helps with confidence to park in the evening and at night in the yard or in the parking lot;
  • The camera provides access to the understated area from the back of the car, which is not reflected in a regular rear-view mirror, and this is especially important if small children or animals can be present in the yard or on the road.

How to choose a rearview camera correctly among so many different options offered by a huge number of manufacturers? This is one of the main questions that interests advanced motorists who are interested in all kinds of avtogazhettsami.

Right choice

In this case, it is necessary to take into account at least five important points to which attention should be paid. But in order to facilitate the work, it is necessary to determine the priorities, which is the main advantage: price or quality. In the selection process, attention should be paid to the following factors:

  1. Coverage area. The larger the parameter, the more informative the driver gets on the monitor about the situation behind. Most models have an angle of 160-170 degrees. Preference should be given to the maximum value. However, this parameter significantly affects the price tag of the product. Almost always rear view cameras, which are above average among analogs, have a higher price tag than cameras with a smaller radius of visibility. The disadvantage of wide-ranging samples may be the appearance of a negative “panoramic effect”, which distorts the usual picture, undesirable blurring appears.
  2. Camera resolution. You should always be interested in the consultant, which matrix is ​​in a particular apparatus. The information content of the received frames depends on what type of it is used. There can be two such types, each of which has its own positive and negative characteristics. Speed ​​of operation is a significant difference between CMOS and CCD. CMOS-matrix is ​​the most advanced modern technology. A weighty argument in its direction adds the most affordable cost. In this case, CCD-matrix are more advantageous in terms of sensitivity in any period. Equipment with higher resolution is quite suitable for use in the form of DVRs.
  3. Resistance to external weather factors. The life of the camera is directly dependent on weather conditions, which can significantly reduce the operational period of the camera or even make it unusable. Specialists to identify the degree of protection against moisture and small debris in the form of dust has been implemented IEC standard. According to this standard, cameras are assigned an IP security indicator separately for each of the categories “moisture” and “dust”. For example, IP66 is different from IP67 in that the 66th is able to resist the pressure of water and sea waves, and in the 67th it can even be immersed in water to a depth of 1 m for a short period of time. And, of course, like the IP66, the IP67 has full protection against dust.
  4. The mass of the equipment in the collection. Определяясь, which rear view camera is better to put на авто, стоит учитывать, что эта характеристика относится уже к малосущественным показателям. Как правило, современная электроника очень компактна и устойчиво крепится в тыльной части автомобиля.
  5. Backlight option and range. Lighting provides great benefits when driving or when parking in the evening, at night or in adverse weather conditions. The farther the rays penetrate, the better the quality of visibility of objects at a distance. Each driver determines for himself the most comfortable range of illumination independently. If the camera with an infrared emitter has enough light, then it shows a color image on the monitor, respectively, in low light the image is converted to black and white. The average radius of illumination is estimated at 3-10 meters.
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Variety of species

Today, on the shelves in auto shops models of different types are offered. The choice of a rear-view camera for a car should be made on the basis of the traditional classification.


Copies are placed on the conveyors of the manufacturer in the process of assembling a car. The main advantages of this system are:

  • produced for specific vehicles, taking into account their features;
  • equipped with lighting;
  • In the process of installing the camera, the manufacturer independently sets the optimum viewing angle.

which rear view camera is better

A significant and obvious disadvantage is the increased cost of such an option. It depends on the selected configuration.


They can be mounted anywhere and choose to your taste. They have universal fasteners for placement even under license plate lighting or on the bumper. In addition, as a rule, they are not very expensive. Such devices are usually sealed and resistant to damage, scratches and moisture. On sale you can find models designed for installation in the bumper. Characteristic disadvantages of such devices:

  • installing the camera in the bumper requires drilling;
  • weak protection against external damage;
  • the device will not allow to adjust the viewing angle, which will not allow to see the full picture behind the car.

It is advisable to choose devices issued by well-known trademarks.


Models are fixed on the bumper in pre-drilled places. Also, they are hardly noticeable and do not attract robbers. The disadvantages include only the need to drill holes on the machine and possibly the appearance of corrosion on the paintwork.

Framed for license plate

This option is a great alternative to the previous varieties. It combines several positive parameters:

  • the possibility of choosing the optimal model;
  • ease of installation, since it can be performed by almost any car owner;
  • spotlight for robbers.

choosing a rear view camera for cars

The disadvantage is that if such a camera is stolen, then only with a numbered state name. Also, the disadvantages include a weaker image quality than the more advanced types of cameras.

Connection methods

All rear view cameras can be divided by connection methods:

  • wired type;
  • wireless models;
  • mounted in the rearview mirror;
  • with stand-alone monitors.

Wired cameras are connected via wire, which is pulled from the back of the car to the monitor, to obtain an image. The dignity of such cameras - reliability and good image quality. The price of the equipment is slightly lower compared to the wireless class. Minus: requires disassembly of the trim in the cabin of the machine to connect the device to the monitor.

Wireless counterparts are equipped with radio transmitters, which is located behind the vehicle and the screen receiver located directly in front of the receiver. Included is a monitor, built-in rearview mirror or a special separate monitor for installation on the dashboard. Wireless cameras are usually configured under the navigators.

It should be noted that the installation of such equipment does not require disassembly of interior trim.

A simple installation process saves your home budget and time. There are also modules for RCA monitors. For receivers and monitors with video input, wireless modules are not suitable.

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Transform a wireless camera into a wired is not difficult. Models mounted in the rearview mirror give an excellent overview of the entire rear end, which allows you to avoid such a situation as the “gray zone”. It is advisable to take into account the percentage of tinting your glass. If the glass is tinted, it will not be very convenient to handle the equipment, especially at night and in the evening, as you will have to look into the mirror.

In the process of choosing monitors, you need to pay attention to their diagonal length. Also affects and additional functionality, for example, a built-in Bluetooth module. The advantage is compactness, because you can not be afraid to damage them. Additionally, the devices can be equipped with protection against theft.

Which rear view camera is better

Choosing a parking camera is a responsible step. The quality of work depends on which camera you get. Preference should be given whenever possible to popular universal cameras. They differ from other species only in the way of fastening.

how to choose a rear view camera

The most popular and popular models on the market are the following devices:

  • Gazer CC100;
  • RS RVC-01_170;
  • Fighter FC-05;
  • Swat 003.

The cameras of these manufacturers outwardly very difficult to distinguish. Since they all have a similar shape and method of attachment. However, the Fighter FC-05 and Swat 003 have the ability to turn off the markup and rotate the image, i.e., both can be used not only for the rear view, but also as a front view camera. The blue and white wires are embedded in them, where by cutting the blue wire we turn off the marking, and by cutting the white wire we turn the mirror image into a straight line.

The Fighter FC-05 camera supports two ways of installation: the first one can be attached in any convenient place with the help of two self-tapping screws and the second one is mortise. To do this, using a special adapter, we remove the installation site and fasten another platform that is suitable for mortise installation. Also included in the kit is a special milling cutter in order to cut the required diameter in the car's casing. The stated resolution of this camera is 720x480 pixels and 500 TV lines.

The Gazer CC100 camera also has the ability to turn off markup and mirror images. At the same time, it has the largest dimensions and the highest resolution - 720x576 pixels and 540 TV-lines.

In Swat 003 is the matrix of 628x582 pixels 480 TV-lines. RS RVC-01_170 is equipped with a matrix of 656x462 pixels and 520 TV-lines.

At the same time for all the cameras declared one viewing angle, which is 170 degrees. Thus, if you believe the stated characteristics, then the best picture should be expected from Gazer CC100, and worse from Swat 003, since it has a small number of TV lines, low resolution, and there will be a fight between Fighter FC-05 and RS RVC-01_170 since the Fighter FC-05 has a higher resolution, while the RS RVC-01_170 has a higher number of TV lines.

Conducted testing in real conditions. Cameras were installed in the same place, at the same angle. As a result, it was found that the declared characteristics on the cameras are true. Choosing which rear view camera is better, this rating was ahead of Gazer CC100.

The worst was Swat 003, and between them - RS RVC-01_170 and Fighter FC-05. When buying it is recommended to give preference to brands that offer the largest period of warranty service.