Sealants used for cooling systems


Drivers often use a sealant for the cooling system to eliminate leaks. In engines, strong temperature drops occur, which is why the heat-tired processes in thin-walled pipes develop: parts wear out, microcracks form that allow coolant to pass.

Repair radiator cooling system

Thermal energy generated is absorbed by the cooling system by 30%. A substantial load is formed, leading to rapid wear and periodic failures. The radiator, connecting pipes are destroyed. Lamination accumulates on the internal surfaces: results of corrosion of metal parts, deposits of fats, oils, results of antifreeze chemical reactions.

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Of course, it is better to replace the damaged part, but it is cheaper to carry out prophylaxis, to apply liquid sealant. Especially good sealant for emergency care when you need at least to get to the garage.

Cracks in the cooling system pipes

For a long service life of the system, it is necessary to keep it clean, monitor the tightness, fill the amount of liquid required by the manufacturer. Special cleaners eliminate deposits, form a protective film that prevents the growth of cracks. Sealant, which is manufactured for engine cooling equipment, effectively combats fluid flow.

What remedy is recommended in case of equipment breakdown, which sealant is better for the cooling system, helps to repair the damage?

Overview of the best sealants

Fill inn

Sealant Russian production, commissioned by PRIDE USA, controlling the process. Acts immediately upon entry into the system. It copes well with small cracks, although not very quickly. The tool is relatively inexpensive - about 60 rubles.

Fill Inn sealant


  • poorly cope with cracks in 1 mm, therefore it is not recommended for serious injuries;
  • a lot of residual sediment.


Dispersed preparation, which isolates leaks with high quality, reliably seals the cooling system. Perfect for protecting radiator batteries made of aluminum alloys.

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sausage is recommended for cars that have been in use for more than 15 years, in the absence of a mesh filter. sausage is suitable for closed systems, is used to eliminate leaks in the gaskets of the cylinder block, sealant for the cooling system pipes, stops the flow at the pipe connections.

Wurth sealant for cooling system

Bar’s Leaks

Sealant for small cracks, holes, effectively stops the flow of fluid, protecting the cooling system from possible corrosion. Bar’s Leaks is also used to eliminate external defects. It can be applied with various materials. Very high quality tool.

Gunk Radiator Sealer Super

Means of American manufacturers, dense consistency, quickly hardening, will protect your radiator, the entire cooling system for a long time. Gunk is a reliable drug. The emulsion works effectively, rather quickly, closing the holes of different diameters. However, there is a drawback: a high proportion of deposits, it is not recommended to apply when worn radiators.

GUNK Super Radiator Sealer

Hi-Gear Stop Leak (Gold Formula)

Sealant manufactured in the USA. Hi-Gear is slow, but highly efficient, even forms a plug in the drain holes.

Hi-Gear Coolant Sealant


  • the holes close non-permanently, spasmodically: the flow stops, then resumes, is eliminated again; final closure takes place after the antifreeze tank has left;
  • antifreeze required after application of the sealant;
  • Gear levels are high.


American-made sealant, thick, called "long-playing." After it, according to the manufacturer, it is not required to replace parts, they will last for a long time. The composition includes copper powder, forming a reliable tube. Effectively patches cracks, although large holes are not healed quickly enough.


  • profitability due to high-quality sealing cracks;
  • small amount of sediment.

The disadvantage is the high cost, about 430 rubles.


The liquid drug quickly stops the flow of the radiator, preventing the appearance of new cracks. Felix is ​​neutral to different materials used in equipment: rubber, metals, alloys.

Felix sealant cooling system

Hardens only at the point of leakage without clogging radiator tubes. It is combined with ethylene glycol based fluids. Price - about 90 rubles.

Liqui Moly

Means of German production, contains the most effective metal. Liqui Moly leads in the rate of closing cracks, eliminating leaks that do not recur after. It has an average level of pollution, after draining the sediment glitters with metal particles. Price - about 200 rubles.

Liqui Moly sealant

The advantage is the greatest efficiency among sealants.


The leader among sealants is a Russian-made tool, according to motorists, an excellent drug. BBF fills in cracks consistently, quickly, and effectively eliminates leaks. After opening, neatly made polymer plugs are found in places of cracks. The cost is about 55 rubles, which is very inexpensive among analogs.

BBF sealant cooling system


  • small amount of sediment;
  • the best among the above drugs is the combination of price and quality.

Means for the prevention of the cooling system

Liqui Moly

Means Liqui Moly effectively removes dirt, scale, which improves heat transfer. It is universal, suitable for almost any cooling system. The manufacturer recommended the use of the drug for the prevention of each coolant replacement on the eve.

Liqui Moly cooling system prevention


Means, perfectly eliminates the scale, oil-type deposits. With regular prevention with the use of Lavr scale in the system is not formed.

Radiator sealant LAVR


The drug is recommended to use when necessary, an ideal cleaning. As a part of trust high-class additives that promote complete purification from scale, body fat, corrosion. It is applied with any coolants.

trust логотип компании

Of course, you choose whether to immediately change a part or use a sealant when a leak occurs. In any case, it is necessary to have a means of eliminating leaks in the trunk, because on the road there is not always the possibility of full repair. Of course, care should be taken to prevent leakage, the benefit of the modern car market provides for this purpose a large selection.