What is the tcp on the car

Каждый автовладелец должен знать, what is TCP on a car, ведь именно так принято сокращать название одного из важных документов на автомобиль. Благодаря паспорту транспортного средства удается фиксировать комплектацию авто, а также технические характеристики машины. Наличие правильно заполненного документа позволяет провести государственную регистрацию либо снять с учета ТС.


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Что такое ПТС на машину

In the overwhelming majority of cases, figuring out what the TCP is for, motorists indicate that they only use it twice: when buying or selling an iron horse. A modern document of strict accountability is a bilateral, multi-degree protected A4 sheet.

The right area of ​​the front can be filled with the side that issued the paper. Let's figure out who gives the TCP to the new car:

  • relevant traffic police authorities;
  • vehicle manufacturing company;
  • the customs authority through which the importation was effected.

The left side of the front side has two blocks, which are necessary for entering data from current and past owners. Four similar blocks for the same parameters are located on the back of the document. In fact, only one copy will be able to fit the parameters of six car owners.

what is TCP on a car

It is important to know when the free fields on the PTS for the introduction of new car owners end, then the owner, the data of which is entered as a last resort, is obliged to apply to law enforcement agencies so that he will be given a new document.

The passport of the vehicle for each car can be issued only in a single copy. It is not allowed to have two or more existing such forms for one vehicle. During the life of the car all actions with the car are documented.

Submitted technical parameters are not subject to change further:

  • vehicle type;
  • make and model of the car;
  • VIN-code indicated on the body;
  • Category according to traffic regulations (A, B, C, D, etc.);
  • allowable and nominal weight;
  • technical data of the power plant.

The body color is also entered, but when it changes, you need to get the current document.

Carry with you constantly in the car is not worth the TCP, what it is, you need to remember only when you resell the car. Require the completed form from the driver are not eligible and the traffic police. It is recommended to keep such paper at home so that, if necessary, for example, during the hijacking, confirm ownership.

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For credit machines, there is usually a different storage method. Usually, banks retain such importance until the full repayment of all payments as collateral.

Уточним, where to see who issued the TCP. Для этого достаточно перевести взгляд в правый нижний угол, где имеется поле «23 Наименование организации, выдавшей паспорт». Обычно, когда там стоит отметка о каком-то подразделении ГИБДД, то данный факт является признаком дубликата. Также и оттиск печати будет от Государственной автоинспекции.

In the case when the manufacturer's data are registered, plus there are his seals, this indicates the presence of the original. The Crimea car owners reworked documents from the Ukrainian cars will be marked MREO.

When making a purchase / sale transaction, special attention should be paid to the option when the owner provides a duplicate made recently for the loss of the original. With this option can be carried out criminal schemes. The most difficult to fake sales method is the method with the transfer of the original owner.

Warm the original

The importance of a vehicle passport is difficult to overestimate. It is often stored among many other documents. However, accidents happen when he disappears. Do not despair, because under favorable circumstances, everything can be restored after appropriate treatment in the traffic police.

The owner must personally visit the nearest office of the State Inspectorate. There it is necessary to fill out a standard application for the loss of movable property. The actual form can be downloaded in advance from the law enforcement website to speed up the process.

who gives PTS to a new car

We'll have to pay the established state duty. Details can be found in the department of traffic police. After completing the documentary formalities, the employee will set a time to receive a new document. It should be noted that the PTS does not have a statute of limitations, so there is no need to change it over time.

For those who do not know how to find out when a TCP is issued, you should pay attention to the bottom box. There is a corresponding date of issue of the passport. If there are problems with this method for various reasons, then you can use a personal visit to the State Inspectorate department. To find out such parameters by number or series of passport will not succeed.

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Original or duplicate

To distinguish the original from the duplicate, it is enough to pay attention to the organization that issued the document. The vast majority of the second type will be from the traffic police offices. In such a situation it is important to devote time to reading the columns with special marks. It may contain the following information:

  1. Issue in return for recycled TCP. This line indicates the overflow of free fields for the introduction of new users or due to the physical unsuitability of the original. In such a situation, a fresh form is required.
  2. Issuance of lost TCP. This signature indicates that the previous form was not delivered to the inspector for various reasons.

In order not to fall for fraudsters, it is necessary to know that sometimes unscrupulous users try to hide previous owners, among whom there may be an insurance company. This fact is evidence that the car was seriously damaged in an accident and because of the damage caused by some owner refused to recover.

In such a situation, the insurance company is obliged to financially compensate the loss to the car owner. In this case, the vehicle remains in the ownership of a legal entity. Resellers have the right to redeem the car quite officially and be engaged in its quick restoration. It is possible to “clear” unwanted data when a passport is “lost”.

where to see who issued the TCP

The driver may have a duplicate in his hands if the original is pledged to the bank. This happens when a private person untimely or incompletely extinguishes a loan, which is guaranteed as a guarantee for a car.

There are situations with property disputes between individuals. An example is a variant with a divorce of a married couple, when the completed original remains with the wife, and the actual user is the spouse. When receiving a duplicate, the latter can sell the car secretly from his wife on false documents.

We recommend making a copy of the original, so that during a possible deal, the second party can check the past of the car independently in the traffic police or on the corresponding virtual resources. Some sites offer such a service to pay a small fee. Duplicate is issued for the following reasons:

  • theft of the original;
  • household loss TCP;
  • unsuitability or critical damage, in which it is impossible to read all the data;
  • complete filling of all fields.

Important! Other options are not provided by law.