Kia ceed first generation 2007–2012 release

When the first-generation Kia Ceed was new, they attracted motorists with their fresh European design, nimble engines and a good price. And now, after some time, you can judge how reliable these cars are and what you should pay attention to when buying KIA Sid with a break.

KIA Ceed 2007 mileage appearance

Despite the fact that Cee’d looks like a European car, its paintwork immediately shows that it is an Asian car. It must be protected so that scratches and chips do not appear so often, because Kia Sid paintwork is very tender, and the varnish applied on plastic is even better.

But the quality of the metal is quite good, the body does not immediately rust in those places where there is no paint. The only thing that can spoil the appearance of a car over time is corrosion that appears on the railings, as a rule it appears after about 2 years, especially if the car is not in the garage. Further, the paint can swell under the boot lid, and when choosing a used car, especially among the earliest models, it is necessary to check the lower part of the doors and support cups of springs are the most vulnerable places for corrosion in Cee’d.

KIA SID Beta engine

Vehicle interior

As in any car, the electrician at Sid does not like dampness, if the contacts on the connectors are oxidized, then the immobilizer, wipers, electric lock for the tailgate can stop working, so you should make sure that there are no oxidations on the wiring connectors. Basically, this applies to cars whose age exceeds 5 years. Air conditioning can cause such things - it happens that cold air stops going, in which case it is necessary to check the condenser, its walls are quite thin, and for machines that are about 6 years old, the lower cells can rot to holes through which the refrigerant will exit to the street.

Climate control sometimes also delivers trouble, especially if the electric actuators of the air duct valves break down, each of which costs $ 20. For those owners who bought cars in dealerships, the control unit was immediately replaced by a guarantee. It also happens that over time the cabin temperature sensor fails and the display shows that it is over + 60 ° C, but this is not a cause for concern - it’s quite simple clean dirt from the outside thermal sensormounted behind the front bumper.

KIA Ceed 2008 Salon

Sufficiently gentle windshields were installed on dorestaylingovyh cars, there were cases that during the frost cracks appeared on them, the blessing that they could be changed under warranty. And due to the fact that the windshield washer splashes weakly, and with a delay - the brushes are already waving, and the liquid is just starting to flow - the glass is rubbed off faster. After restyling in 2009, the washer pump was finalized and as a result, the glass became less rubbed.

Powertrain for Kia Sid

Kia Cee’d installs Gamma gasoline engines, which are 1.6 liters and 1.4-liter engines. Most, about 73% of the cars on the market are equipped with 1.6-liter gasoline engines, about 13% of cars - with 1.4-liter engines. But these power units are not super-reliable, so they should be carefully checked when buying. Already after 50,000 km. mileage appear floating idle, it means throttle valve requires scaling off. Poor quality oil and dust entering the intake tract can cause scuffing on the coating of the aluminum cylinder block.

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KIA SID Beta engine

It is often the case that already to 150,000 km. the run will have to change the piston rings, the price of which is about $ 40, will also require replacement of the connecting rod and main bearings, such a kit will cost $ 90. Of course, you need to refuel with good gasoline so that you do not have to spend money on a new neutralizer, which is not cheap for Sid - $ 1,000.

If after 100,000 km. there will be failures during acceleration, it means that already stretched the timing chainwhich costs about 40 dollars. There is also an unreliable tensioner, it costs only $ 30, but because of it you can get money, if the chain jumps to several teeth, the pistons will meet with valves, which will eventually result in an overhaul of the engine.

This fact is noticed that these motors are prone to oil leakage. The front timing cover and valve cover are often in oil. The fact is that the sealant is used instead of the usual gaskets, and the sealant loses its properties after 5 years. The crankshaft rear oil seal also does not withstand the oil pressure over time, so it flows through it. And if you notice that the level of antifreeze began to fall and the car leaves white marks behind it - this means that it’s time to change the cylinder head gasket, the benefit is that it costs only $ 20. Antifreeze can begin to flow like this no earlier than 130,000 km. run

Engine KIA Ceed 2010

There is an interesting feature of the Sidov with gasoline engines - the fuel tank, which makes interesting sounds similar to claps. The fact is that in 3-4 years the valve of the filler cap sticks and the absorber has already worked, its replacement will cost $ 30. So these two parts in the steel tank create a strong vacuum, there will be claps, and if they are ignored, then after a while the gas tank may burst, and this is very unpleasant, especially if there is a considerable amount of gasoline left. The price of a new tank does not exceed $ 500, so you need to monitor unusual sounds and quickly make the right decision to fix the problem.

Diesel engines

The least thing was produced cars with turbo diesel under the hood: 3% of cars with a 1.6-liter engine and 1% of cars with a 2-liter engine. It cannot be said that diesel engines are more reliable than gasoline engines. In most cases, the nozzles calmly withstand 150,000 km., And their replacement will require about $ 290 from your wallet. With regards to the Bosch fuel pump, there are 250,000 km here. will not create any difficulties. But there have been cases that Garrett turbochargers had to be changed after 100,000 km. run, and their price is rather big - 670 dollars.

KIA SID Beta engine

But all this is minor compared to what happens with pistons after only 100,000 km. run, - cracks appear on them, and also the block of cylinders poured out of cast iron seriously wears out. The price of such a unit is about $ 1,100. But now there is no need to change it - there are specialists who can restore the cylinder block, inserting repair sleeves there, like on Zhiguli. It is also important to notice the dips and twitches at about 2000 rpm, which means that the end of the boost pressure sensor has comewhose price is equal to 25 dollars. But if the engine does not start, you can check the fuel pressure sensor, it could fail, its price does not exceed $ 250.

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And the best option for KIA Sid is a 2-liter gasoline engine from the Beta series. This is a good old engine, created in 1997 and modified in 2002. It uses a cast-iron cylinder block, timing belt. This motor quietly maintains 250,000 km. and more. The only thing that can cause problems is the ignition coils, which can burn through 40,000 km. There are still glitches in the coolant temperature sensor, so the engine can overheat when driving in traffic jams.

2010 Kia Ceed steering wheel


In the case of Kia Sid, it is better to choose an automaton than a mechanic. Together with the 1.6-liter engine, the automatic transmission quietly serves at least 250,000 km, if oil change occurs every 70,000. The box does not differ in special playfulness, because here there are 4 steps, but due to the fact that the construction is simple - it is distinguished by reliability. Sometimes it happens that after 150,000 km. mileage there are jolts when switching, this is due to the blocking of the torque converter solenoids or the hydraulic unit valves, but this rarely happens.

As for the mechanical box, there are continuous problems: gears, synchronizer couplings, and gear rims wear out quickly. Already through 140,000 km. the box starts to crackle and the transmission is tightly inserted. And it is necessary to change the clutch disc even earlier. The release bearing costs about $ 20, and the clutch disc costs 70 American rubles.

KIA SID Beta engine


You should also follow the anthers CV joints, after 50,000 km. mileage may leak. For $ 70, you can buy a set of rubber bands, which ultimately save about $ 450, which is exactly how much the half-axle will cost together in both hinges. In general, the KIA Sid suspension is not considered to be particularly reliable. After 60,000 km. mileage usually has to change the shock absorbers, for Sid - from the company Mando, the front costs $ 120, and the rear 160. Also, together with the shock absorbers it is customary to change the hub bearings, the front can be bought separately, but the rear ones go along with the hub, it turns out more expensive.

In the early models, the rear shock absorbers made a crash during operation, the shock absorbers changed the warranty, but after 20,000 km they started to crash again. Already in 2009, during the restyling, the shock absorbers were finalized and the crash passed. Consumables are counters front stabilizer, where the lower hinge is slightly sealed. These racks cost $ 12 each, but it happens that they do not even withstand 20,000 km. run

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KIA Ceed 2007

The brakes in the car are quite reliable, especially if you grease the caliper guides once every 2 years. The wheels themselves calmly withstand about 70,000 km. If during braking the car starts to be worn to the side, then it is imperative need to check silent blocks front suspension arms, if they are worn out, the car will wag when braking, these silent blocks cost $ 7. But the silent blocks on the rear suspension age without special signs, after about 80 thousand km. they need to be changed already.

Electric power steering wheel, usually, does not cause problems. There were cases that the machines over 2009 had bad gears, which became the cause of knocking after 60 thousand km. run The steering gear costs 970 dollars, so it's good if it is changed under warranty. Therefore, buying a car with mileage, it is necessary to check if there are knocks and other rattling during the torsion of the wheel. But in most cases, the cause of knocking can be tie rods, which cost $ 12 apiece.

As for your money, Sid is a normal car, it does not differ by special reliability, and where can you find the uncrashed car now? The advantages of Cee’da are that they are cheaper than competitors in the class (Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Auris) by about 100,000 rubles, while the Peugeot 308 and Opel Astra cost the same as Sid. And there is such a car as a Ford Focus, so it is cheaper, and even longer enough for it, it is more reliable in general.

Kia Sid is a test

But for those who want Buy Kia Sid - It is best to choose a model after restyling, younger than 2009, with a 2-liter engine and an automatic transmission. With such a complete set of problems will be the least.

Crash Test Results

In the famous Euro NCAP crash test, the Cee’d hatchback participated and scored a very high score: 34 out of 36 possible. Despite the fact that during the impact on the forehead, the clutch pedal shifted 100 mm, this did not prevent the car from getting a high score. Side crash tests the car also passed with the maximum score. Protection for child passengers is also quite good - 4 out of 5. But safety for pedestrians is extremely low - 2 out of 5. And all because the front bumper of the Kia Sid is extremely traumatic, so if you go to the crosswalk and see this car, then run away from her.

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