Suprotek or rvs-master: oil additives or a fairy tale is a


A huge amount of additives in the oil on the Russian market gives rise to myths, rumors, tales and tales. The market leaders are currently two representatives - SUPROTEC and the Finnish company RVS-Master. Both those and many other companies promise the same thing - this is an increase in compression, a decrease in oil consumption, a decrease in fuel consumption and, in general, an increase in the service life of the engine and other car units (we have composition ratings for power steering and boxes).

Suprotek against RVS Master

So, what is SUPROTEC and RVS-Master, what is the difference?

Читать дальше о Suprotec и RVS Master-->Проанализировав составы, сайт, отзывы и статьи о СУПРОТЕК, мы пришли к следующему выводу.

The company SUPROTEK uses the success and initial discoveries of Russian scientists, which were applied in the technology of repair and restoration compositions of RVS-Master. At the same time, he uses only in words, as if by a hint, using in the description of his products quasi-scientific and incomprehensible to a wide range of people terms and explanations.

Pearl number 1

Quote: "Thus, the formation of a new geomodified layer occurs due to molecular cluster paleoepitaxy, where the merging of two or more substances of different composition is naturally due to the very structure of the crystal lattice in the contact zones of metal-to-metal friction pairs"

Explanation: molecular cluster paleoepitaxy - a masterpiece! “Molecular cluster” is not new, it is a normal physical phenomenon, but it contradicts epitaxy, since it has no relation to the crystal structure. Epitaxy is the process of growing a crystal on a crystalline substrate. Clustering in a crystal is a possible defect due to the low quality of the substrate on which the growth takes place. The result of this clustering is a loose, fast-collapsing structure. As a result, molecular cluster epitaxy is a bullshit, because it is an attempt to unite fundamentally incompatible terms. What can a “paleo-structural” layer be made previously unknown to science? Only from paleominerals! For greater truthfulness, add to this lie fullerenes and fullerides, and also mix everything with carbon. That's the finished "metal optimizer". And, most importantly, all explanations are there.

Pearl number 2

Quotation from interviews and videos on YouTube: “—is our own well on the Kola Peninsula and not only — we drill the earth almost 1 km away.”

Explanation: despite the fact that SUPROTEC does not openly talk about what is included in the composition of their products, calling it a tribological composition, it is clear that they hint at the natural minerals-serpentine rocks that are part of the RVS repair compositions. A masterpiece is the depth of drilling, the occurrence of these minerals is located on the surface of the earth, and the fact that SUPROTEK has its own wells, and its own logically exploration service. In addition, its own laboratory, replacing the Institute of Mineralogy.

Pearl number 3

Tribological compositions help all engines. And from Nikosila, and from cast iron. Also restore hydraulic lifters. The company RVS-Master refutes and writes that for engines whose blocks are manufactured using Nikosil technology, i.e. aluminum and lightweight, their repair and restoration compositions will not help, more precisely, they do not form a cermet protective layer. In the case of hydrocompensators, they are also not restored due to the low friction force and the impossibility of passing the reaction of substitution of magnesium atoms for iron atoms.


Video from YouTube:

The words speak for themselves, we recommend listening and remembering the phrase of Ostap Bender: "... speak more incomprehensible and they will believe you—".

Photo from SUPROTEC confirming the formation of a new layer

suprotec layer

little is clear and visible.

Here is a photo from the site RVS-Master


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Agree, if you take photos from the RVS site, send them to Photoshop, write over the photo SUPROTEC and get the result. And this suggests.

Tests that SUPROTEC allegedly conducted in conjunction with the magazine "Behind the wheel"

Link to the resource

If you read carefully, we will not see:

  • what machines were tested, assessment of their condition;
  • what were the manipulations with the engine, the assessment of their condition, and, most importantly, the methodology for assessing their condition, used diagnostic devices;
  • there is not a single photo, not a single car, not a single engine, not a single parameter taken by the instrument.
  • The use of SUPROTEC formulations is blurry and vague. Three applications are required regardless of mileage and wear. Up to 5 liters of oil - 1 pack, after 5 - another.

As for the repair and restoration compositions of RVS-Master. Everything is clear here - both the technology and the product mix, when to use it, on which engines, when it doesn't help - all this is on their website, it makes no sense to reprint everything. Yes, and negative reviews on the Internet, we did not find. Judge for yourself, as they say: a fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it. We choose RVS Master.