Jeep grand cherokee srt 2014 and jeep grand cherokee srt8:

New Jeep Grand Chiroki SRT 2014This machine boasts the fact that today you can decide for yourself: whether to buy Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8or choose Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT new 2014 model year. And she can brag simply atrocious speed and power. Earlier we published a review of the Grand Cherokee SRT8, now consider the new model of the jeep. The slight differences between the two machines (besides the “disappearance” of the number 8 in the title) are that Jeep 2014: another grille, new bi-xenon headlights with LEDs and washers, located below. By the way, the five-speed gearbox (automatic) has become an 8-speed (6.1-liter engine becomes 6.4). Actually, this is where the differences stop.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT82014 SRT Jeep Grand Chiroki

What can you say about the car as a whole?

Of course, with such characteristics, the motor can hardly be called further - it’s just a vehicle. ... But this euphoria persists only until you look at the "power" column in the documents. Everything, on it everything and everything goes out: under the hood of the "beast" only 468 horsepower in the Russian version (470 horsepower in the standard).

Typically, motor-building takes place in the United States of America - they do not change their principles this time either: a 6.4 liter V8 engine with combustion chambers made in the shape of a hemisphere. In this case, it is quite normal to get along with two valves per cylinder and a push rod of valves from one camshaft with a shutdown function of 1.2 cylinders and a system for changing phases according to gas distribution. Of course, the valves cannot be called small, and the need to “bother” about replacing timing belts is no longer necessary, but the engine itself weighs far not like a feather: aluminum heads, a cast iron block make themselves felt.

Grand Cherokee SRT photo engine

But these are just paper specifications, aren't they ?!

It is better to check everything personally ...

And the first impression after looking at the car will return as soon as you start the movement: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT the truth is the beast! Official data reported that the acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour occurs in five seconds. However, such a message can rightly be considered a seed for a future buyer.

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Well, the appetite for such a beast is appropriate: in the city, a car "eats" more than 20 liters per 100 kilometers in one fell swoop; the track reduces appetite a little - 14.7 liters; and the mixed cycle shows the figure of 18.6 liters. Naturally, there are moments of economy, although they can be called conditional: the motor has a function called Multi-Displacement System, with which it is possible to disconnect part of the cylinders (about half) at low loads. You can activate it when you turn on Eco Mode - economy mode, on the dashboard button. The only point: the very time of switching the system must be caught. And it is better to do it either on a flat road, or on a descent, or even go on a cruise control. The latter is adaptive, and can independently both accelerate and slow down the car (up to a limit of 24 kilometers per hour. After this limit is exceeded, the Forward Collision Warning system - monitoring of dangerous approaches - will start ringing until you independently brake) .

There are small oddities in the 5-speed automatic transmission: it is necessary, when switching using the steering column flag, double-press the button with the image of the petal in order to enable overdrive (the first press only puts the automatic transmission in manual mode). 8-speed box such oddities are no longer known. But what is common for both of them is a slight delay and a subsequent jerk during a sharp start, for example, after standing or a very slow movement in a traffic jam.

What else can boast automatic transmission? The new selector, which can be turned on and controlled by the steering wheel buttons with the image of petals. The modes of the Selec-Track system (affecting the operation of both the box and the operation of the stabilization system, suspension, inter-axle coupling) remained at the same level: Track (thrust between the axles is distributed by a ratio of 30 to 70), Sport (35 to 65), Tow and Snow (50 to 50), Auto (40 to 60).

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The type of road covering sometimes makes it literally either float or jump onto a beast on its 295 / 45ZR20 tires with forged aluminum wheels (this refers to ruts on asphalt). Therefore, to keep the steering wheel in such a situation should be as tight as possible.

The power steering at the steering is 3.3 turns, which requires constant micro-steering even when driving on a flat and straight asphalt road.

A small puddle car Grand Cherokee SRT8 can drain one passage, but with large better not to play and not risk: due to the low landing and low planted both the front and rear bumpers, the very first track can be a source of trouble. Yes, and for the winter somehow such characteristics are not very suitable.

But, despite the above, with its function of off-road driving the car copes perfectly well. Although, to be honest, yet Grand Cherokee SRT8 more is made specifically for asphalt.

Для того, чтобы заправить машинку, уже нет необходимости откручивать пробку, как это было в модели Grand Cherokee SRT8. Новая модель Jeep 2014 позволяет это сделать самим заправочным пистолетом, нажав им на запорный клапан. А кнопкой стало проще открывать пятую дверь.

Ideally, the crossover can pass the bumps in the road: neither you jumps, nor you shocks. Of course, very large potholes make themselves felt, but not in the way it could be.

At high speed, the car quite realistically shakes and it repeats the profile of the roadway, however, if you turn on the Track or Sport mode, then both the buildup and roll are noticeably reduced.

Let's now look inside the 2336 kilogram machine.

Salon trimmed with leather and suede; The driver's seat is equipped with a cushion with a backrest profile and electrically adjustable lumbar support.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 interiorThe car lets you indulge yourself alone thanks to the measuring complex located on the dashboard. It is he who shows the time score during acceleration, the quarter-mile travel time, the angle of rotation of the wheels in front, the tire pressure, and even the value of the longitudinal and lateral overloads, and other important indicators - only ten parameters. Of course, this can not hook! And the NW (blind spots) control system helps a lot when cornering, as the massive head posts hinder the view.

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Manufacturers have supplied the machine and an 8-inch touchscreen, with which you can control multimedia, heated steering wheel, ventilation, climate control system, heated front seats. And everything was completely Russified and, in addition, provided with navigation. However, do not rely on it: it is still American Navteq. But a very powerful audio system - 19 speakers and 825 watts - will certainly please.

What else can be added about the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT? It can tow a trailer weighing up to 3.2 tons. And since acceleration is limited to 257 kilometers per hour, the regular brakes were replaced with so-called retarders, characterized by brake discs, enlarged, and 4-piston calipers in the rear, and six-piston calipers, respectively, in the front. Despite the informative and powerful brakes, the course is quite long.

So, as mentioned above, during the test drive instead of 5 seconds, the car, if you believe the dashboard, has time to accelerate in 4.7 seconds. An impressive result, although there will be more toli, if you install a launch control system - an accelerated start. Probably, in this case, it remains only to compete with car owners Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT - who will set a new record?

And finally, a video test drive of the New Grand Cherokee SRT 2014 from YouTube: