Known price list for logan and sandero with a 113-strong

Известен прайс-лист на Логаны и Сандеро со 113-сильным движком It can be said that the 113-horsepower gasoline engines, worked out at AvtoVAZ capacities, finally got to the Reno-Logan and Sandero budget cars. Soon these cars can already be bought in the dealer network of the brand, and the price tags on the model with the new power unit under the hood will become more expensive by exactly fifteen thousand wooden ones. It means that more expensive models, under the hood of which the herd of 102 horses “works”. Already on all official Internet resources of Renault, you can see the price of a complete set with the most powerful engine for Sandero and Sandero. The starting price for the assembly of Renault Sandero on a 113-strong unit begins with six hundred thousand wooden. For comparison, you can cite the price tag of the hatchback of the same model, but with a 102-horsepower engine on board. They ask for it 585 thousand rubles. That, as already mentioned, is fifteen thousand rubles cheaper. The same ratio we observe and looking at the price lists Sandero Stepvey. Here the 113-strong version costs 670 kilorubles, and the variant with a smaller number of horses is sold for 655 thousand wooden ones. The same fifteen thousand.

Известен прайс-лист на Логаны и Сандеро со 113-сильным движком

Price lists for Logan with a 113-horsepower engine has not yet been named, but you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that there will be exactly the same price difference. 102-strong Logan starts with 565 thousand rubles, respectively, Logan with a unit for 113 horses under the hood will cost 580 thousand. Since the configuration does not change anything else, then the price is nothing more to be. Although the logic of pricing for the Russian car industry has always amazed the imagination, at least take the model for 820,000.

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The fact that the budget models of Reno will be equipped with new 113-strong sixteen-valve became known just recently from the mouth of officials of the Russian office of the brand. This 1.6-liter sixteen-valve engine has a timing chain drive and automatically variable valve timing. It will work in pair only with a five-speed manual transmission. This motor is produced at Togliatti AVTOVAZ capacities. Известен прайс-лист на Логаны и Сандеро со 113-сильным движком On its own 113 hp gasoline engine It has already successfully worked on other models of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which are assembled or assembled localized at our Russian automobile plants. We are talking about Renault Duster, Renault Kaptur, Nissan Sentra and Nissan Juc. By the way, more recently he was placed on the Lada Xray.

Today, there are three engines in the engine range of the budget Renault Russian assembly: in addition to the 102 and 113 horsepower sixteen valve engines, there is also an 82 horsepower eight valve, paired with both mechanical and robotic transmissions.