Which oil filter is better: oil filter rating

For the well-coordinated and high-quality operation of an automobile engine, it is very important to have a good oil filter. It is the best oil filter will guarantee a long and high-quality operation of the car.

The oil filter is a device designed specifically for the purification of lubricating, transmission, engine oils, hydraulic fluids for reliable operation of the engine. The device itself consists of the following components:

  • the body is a cylindrical metal container having a rolled cap;
  • Filtering part - most often it is a corrugated paper with a certain pore size, through which oil is pumped through the pump. The important parameters of this element are the area and porosity;
  • throughput valve - a part necessary to protect the entire filter from destruction;
  • the anti-drain valve is a rubber cover that prevents the oil from flowing back into the crankcase after the engine is stopped.

In disputes regarding the correct selection of the best oil filters, you can face a lot of controversy. Some experienced motorists lean exclusively towards one particular brand, others believe in the healing power of high-quality oil, and not in favor of the filter. To secure the work of your car and improve performance, you will have to sort out this issue.

In the presented rating of manufacturers of oil filters, only imported parts are assembled that can fit on many brands of cars and will stand out for their quality characteristics.

Fram PH6811 Description: Comparative Characteristic

Completes the ranking of manufacturers of oil filters for cars SogefiFiltration, which produces filters under the brand Fram. From their huge range of products delivered to the conveyors of the largest automotive companies: Mercedes, Nissan, Honda, Peugeot, VW, LandRover, Audi, Ford, Mazda, Citroen and many others. The engineers of the company pay enough attention to the improvement of the existing models.

Special attention was given to the model Fram PH6811. This brand version is adapted to high temperatures - capable of withstanding up to 160 °, and also it is not afraid of large flows of oil. The high quality of its manufacture has not gone unnoticed, the rather large case is 80 mm. But still it is not necessary to rely on good filtration of oil with low resistance, despite the outwardly attractive features.

A significant part of the design is discharged under the relief valve. Therefore, the assumed large area under the filtration element is not so much allotted. But a large valve is not at all a disadvantage, but on the contrary, an advantage. The larger its size, the more precisely it can be adjusted. But everything is known in comparison. If we take into account the same characteristics of the device Mann at a similar cost, the choice becomes obvious.

An important detail when installing a filter is a sealing ring. In the model Fram PH6811 it is narrower than in Mann and Mahle. This has its plus - in the process of using the car, it will bind less to the hitch plane and thereby facilitate the process of filter replacement. But there is a drawback - it is much easier to damage it. Therefore, when installing, do not tighten the filter "with a margin", but you must act strictly according to the instructions.

The advantages still include good quality workmanship and assembly. Among the minuses were not ergonomic filter housing and its small filter element.

The main characteristics of popular and sought-after models, as well as reviews of drivers who have already experienced them, will help determine which brand of oil filter is best.