The germans put on a new bmw i3 electric battery

Немцы поставили на электрический BMW i3 новый аккумулятор The management of the German automaker BMW has officially announced that the compact electric car BMW i3, equipped with an improved engine, went into mass circulation. Modernization allows the German electric car to run one and a half times more on one battery charge. That under the hood of the BMW i3 improvements were made, it became known after the English office of BMW called InsideEVs carried out the appropriate distribution of brochures for all its customers. The pamphlet says that compact electric car BMW i3 Now equipped with a new lithium battery, which increased the mileage on one charge by half. As a result, from "refueling" to refueling modification BMW i3 for the English car market will travel from 170 to two hundred kilometers. So that the owners of the versions on old batteries do not feel pinched, they can buy a new battery for the symbolic 1350 pounds sterling for the British, which is about 126 thousand rubles for our money.

Officially submit restyled BMW i3 The company’s management is already meeting today, and the machine will reach buyers later in mid-summer. Немцы поставили на электрический BMW i3 новый аккумулятор Information about the desire of German developers to upgrade their electric compact appeared on the Internet in the middle of autumn last year. Then it was said that not only a new battery is needed, but also a new firmware for the engine and electronic assistants.

Under the hood BMW i3 compact electric car running an electric motor for 170 horsepower. In addition to the purely electric version, hybrid modification of the car is also available to customers. Here, in addition to the electric motor, a two-cylinder, 0.65-liter engine is installed. But its purpose is not to give additional thrust to the unit, but to generate additional electric power for it in the process of movement.

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In our country, the Germans their compact electric car BMW i3 do not deliver. But in our market there is another German 362-strong hybrid model. BMW i8. It costs nothing at all - from ten million wooden ones. Sell ​​it BMW dealers already a little over one and a half years For all the time managed to sell only thirty-two cars.