The germans introduced the concept of a new pickup

Немцы представили концепт нового пикапа Mercedes-Benz X-Class The presentation of the new concept car was, oddly enough, in Stockholm. Although the development of the light truck itself by this company does not seem quite normal. Well, what for Mercedes pickup? However, the Germans do not want to lag behind in this market segment. Mersedesovtsy themselves explain the presentation of the concept car in the Swedish capital “naturalness” of this country. The new car is in harmony with the landscapes of this country internally, and that is why Sweden, this is why Stockholm. The truck is based on the Japanese-French platform. Reno-Nissan, but even if you rub the corns on your eyes, you can not make out anything French or Japanese either from outside or from inside the new pickup. From the pick-up truck, it was a German that was rushing out, and that was exactly what the developers promised. Mercedes-Benz X-Class while available in two versions. The first - Powerful Adventurer - is a real pick-up truck, which is designed to transport goods and off-road, and the second - Stylish Explorer is a dream of a dandy and a respectable family man. The pickup will have a five-link rear suspension, borrowed from the Nissan Navarre. But it will be adjusted in German, because the masters from Stuttgart will make their own design changes. The load capacity of the novelty exceeds one thousand one hundred kilograms, in the four-cubic cargo compartment of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class you can easily transport sixty boxes of Bavarian beer. Немцы представили концепт нового пикапа Mercedes-Benz X-Class The maximum configuration pickup will have under the hood of Mercedes diesel "six", working with the German automatic transmission. The drive, of course, 4Matic with locking center and rear differentials.

Modifications are cheaper will be equipped with four-cylinder engines from Nissan Navara. In addition to all-wheel drive kits, rear-wheel drive will be available.

Returning to the question "what the Germans pick-up?", You just need to analyze the popularity of this segment in the world. It is simply phenomenal in Latin America, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Motorists of these countries just turned on pickups. And this is a huge market, not to come to that for Mercedes would be extremely offensive. And extremely impractical. The pickup is being developed, focusing on the markets of these countries, although the Germans are ready to supply it anywhere, if there is interest, at least in Turkey and the countries of the Middle East. Немцы представили концепт нового пикапа Mercedes-Benz X-Class He will also come to Russia. And here, in Russia, pick-up is demanded precisely as an element of lifestyle, and not as a truck. Riding on German cars is cool and stylish, and on a Mercedes pick-up truck it’s pretty cool. A UAZ pick-up truck will be enough to haul cargo; it is precisely for this that it is most suitable. And on Mercedes-Benz X-Class even come to the reception at the government, not zapadlo will.

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Cost new pickup will be plenty. The fact is that the Germans set themselves the goal in this model to eradicate the usual drawbacks of pickups - cheap trim, low speed characteristics, etc. And this means that they pick up the pickup to the eyeballs, which will affect its price accordingly. There will be all the driver's assistants, who are usually present in the brand's clever crossovers. For example, active cruise control. Well, leather interior, where do without him. Немцы представили концепт нового пикапа Mercedes-Benz X-Class A whole range of accessories will be available to the pickup - kungi, chandeliers, various other accessories for the body, etc. All this is also made by Mercedes.

The developers themselves see the closest competitors for their brainchild Volkswagen Amarok, the “200th” Mitsubishi, Toyota Hilux and, of course, the Ford Ranger.

Global pickup sales start at the end of next year. It was at this time that a Russian car dealer will also have a truck.