Volkswagen will pay five thousand dollars to the "victims"

The colossal scandal with the Volkswagen concern that broke out at the end of last year was resolved by an agreement reached by the leaders of the auto giant and the US government. Car owners, whose machines have been installed fraudulent software, will receive five thousand dollars compensation. Information obtained from the pages of German media, in particular, the newspaper Welt. In addition to monetary compensation, for which you can buy about a third of the new Volkswagen car, according to the same edition, the Germans will be required to fix the fraudulent software to normal for free. The settlement agreement is signed and soon all documents related to diesel gate and its resolution will be approved in court.

In the United States, fraudulent software was found on more than six hundred thousand cars of the German auto brand. If each of the owners of this number of cars will receive five thousand dollars, then Volkswagen will have to fork out about seven billion dollars. But this is with cars sold in the USA. And throughout the world, machines with a fraudulent program have sold several million pieces.

In our country, too, was sold a decent number of such cars. Most recently, the Russian representative office of the German car brand announced a revocable campaign, which covers forty-three thousand Volkswagen cars, Skoda and Audi with fraudulent software. These cars were sold in our country for seven years, in the period from 2008 to 2015. Owners of such cars must punch their vehicles on the official websites of Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi through the VIN-code. And in case of coincidence, they may, before the end of the year, contact the service center for a free software fix. And this, in fact, everything. How is that, many will say, but where are the five thousand green crispy pieces promised in the title of the article? The fact is that this compensation will be paid only to car owners from those countries whose environmental standards are due to dieselgate were broken. In our country, these environmental standards are not exactly violated, so no one is going to give Russians, who bought Volkswagen, no five thousand dollars, the ecological standard did not come out. By the way, the program itself, because of which a scandal broke out, was written by Audi programmers at the end of the last century. Programmulin allowed to circumvent the harsh environmental tests. The Audi company did not dare to go for a global deception and use the program-cheater. But Volkswagen managers renounced their moral principles and easily used the work of their indecisive colleagues. As a result, German heavy fuel cars, but pretending to be fully compliant with local environmental standards, went to the USA and other countries of the world.

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