The fastest car in the world: top 10 best

Mad speed, impeccable appearance, the roar of the engine, gloss and gloss - as if the sporting hypercar left the pictures, leave no one indifferent. Fast cars have always been characterized by incredible beauty, quality, engine performance, power, maneuverability, and extreme speed. Manufacturers no longer feel the limits of the development of their offspring. In the newest models, the maximum speed is capable of crossing the 450 km / h mark.

Explore the best models will help the rating of the fastest cars in the world, which are the dream of many, and only a few can afford to purchase them.


  • 1st place: overview of Hennessey Venom GT (435 km / h)
  • 2nd place: a review of Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (431 km / h)
  • 3rd place: Bugatti Chiron overview (420 km / h)
  • 4th place: SSC Ultimate Aero review (414 km / h)
  • 5th place: review of Koenigsegg CCR (395 km / h)
  • 6th place: review of the McLaren F1 (388 km / h)
  • 7th place: Aston Martin One-77 review (355 km / h)
  • 8 place: overview Jaguar XJ 220 (350 km / h)
  • 9th place: review of McLaren P1 (350 km / h)
  • 10th place: Ferrari LaFerrari review (350 km / h)

1st place: overview of Hennessey Venom GT (435 km / h)

10th place: Ferrari LaFerrari review (350 km / h)

The top 10 fastest cars are completed with a very attractive Ferrari LaFerrari model with a maximum speed of 350 km / h. Cars of the popular brand of the Italian manufacturer have always enjoyed increased interest.

LaFerrari became the first serial hypercar of the company. He was generously equipped with a 12-cylinder atmospheric gasoline engine of 6.2 liters, as well as 2 working electric motors. Built-in power 963 l. with. Time for the development of speed of 100 km / h from a place of 2.8 seconds. The motor is located in a 7-speed robotized transmission, has 2 clutches.

The cost of a sports car race LaFerrari 1.2 million euros.

Every year, not only improve the quality indicators and capabilities of sports cars, but also increases competition among well-known and reputable manufacturers in the automotive market. Each of them seeks to create the fastest car in the world using the latest technology, the best forces and minds. Therefore, clear are the reasons for setting fabulous prices that ordinary people cannot afford.