Tuning vaz 2103: from idea to implementation

Model VAZ 2103 - child of the 70s! The body of the "troika" - five-seater type "sedan". Developed this miracle with the Italian company Fiat. He released the "thunderstorm of the 70s" Volga Automobile Plant. There was a model called Lada 1500. And she was released under him in Sweden, in France, in Finland.

Tuning Vaz 2103 do it yourself

At that time, this model really was the ultimate dream: comfortable, with increased noise insulation, thanks to the carpet flooring. In addition, its unique novelty was in a completely new device, namely the tachometer. The engine reached a speed of 100 km per hour in 16 seconds. Of course, now it will seem to you that I am kidding, bragging about such indicators. However, earlier this indicator of dynamics was considered high.

“Lada” was replaced with another, more new, model only after 15 long years. Togliatti car VAZ 2103 in our school days was considered a luxury model. Clear this juicy fruit. We will return to the "three" the original elegant look, bursting with our childhood.

Often tuning VAZ 2103 includes mitigating the echo of the cooperative period. That is, the "removal" of excessive pomposity and "lotions." I came across incredible and extremely bold finishes of this model. About tuning VAZ 2103 photo tell where more clearly. You can make a favorite VAZ 2103 tuning their own hands. Not bad that an experienced VAZ 2103 "modernized."

Tuning Vaz 2103

Restoring the "shine" of the car, its original appearance, the driver must be sensitive and sensitive. It will be, in its own way, "antituning". There would be no savvy enthusiasts, the Lada would be long gone from the roads. By the way, pawnshops will gladly accept the “tuned” machine. Despite the low driving characteristics, the “troika” has a mysterious and bold appearance. If she had a more powerful engine ...

Crazy DIY

Amateur engineers have already played on the idea of ​​some semblance of a tank in the image of the "troika". The twelve wheels in the bezel look frightening. All-terrain vehicle from a small car. The multilink driveshaft gives the car a shiver of a starving rider. It's funny, but the gas tank for such a “thug” will have to be dragged along. And some parts along the way, too.

Tuning car Vaz 2103

Playing with the work of the engine suspension does not make the permeability better than before. Parking the car will now become easier on curved hillsides. Increased visibility due to the rise, and the lower rear of the VAZ 2103 will allow to drive faster.

Car exterior

You can simply paint off and lacquer the “troika”, and it will come to life as a phoenix. Paint in glossy black color "Lada" may be enough.

Since you decided, when tuning it is important to install a rigid suspension. Such a suspension allows you to feel the car, rushing at high speed. Rigid stabilizers for lateral stability will reduce car roll.

Proper tuning Vaz 2103

Do not forget that car tires should also be replaced. It is important to choose the right tires. Depending on the operation and season, the choice should fall on the appropriate type of tread pattern.

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Traction during acceleration will be increased if you change the clearance of the car suspension. Simply put, you need to lower a little in front of the car. This characteristic greatly affects the permeability. It is important not to overdo it.

It has become fashionable to modernize the "eyes" of the car. Changing the shape of the headlights, you will decorate the usual way. You can dismantle the old suspension by replacing it with a sports one. The image will be even more beautiful. The sporty look of the updated car will gather the glances of passersby.

External tuning VAZ 2103

However, large parts do not always look good. Much better suited narrow, oblong shapes. Also, the replacement of "janitors" can give a unique look. You can play on the replacement color or shape.

Using several colors in tuning usually looks good only if there are no more than three of them. Body kit perform in the style of futurism and "Hurray Hurray." Do not forget about the variety of interesting overlays on the headlights and the body of your "pet."

A good idea is to reshape the front of the car. You can play on the relief of large and small parts.

Doing jewelry work on body parts, you must first estimate the location of openings and devices. Sketch on a sheet of several options and choose the aesthetically appropriate for your idea. If you need to rearrange something - act. About how to remove the dashboard in the older model of the car VAZ, we have already disassembled earlier.

Window tinting is also not uncommon. This option is considered by many. It is convenient and comfortable. The sun is not blinding, almost no people are in the car.

The best tuning Vaz 2103

Jet steam coming from the car, look very fascinating. To do this, you will need a tube and balloon air purifier.

And finally, it suddenly happened that you are a brilliant unrecognized artist! Airbrushing is the cheapest and easiest way to reshape the car beyond recognition. You emphasize the individuality: your own and your car. It remains to determine the theme of the picture, to distribute a couple of sketches. All that is enough to stock your imagination, you can portray skillfully on the hood or the whole body, on the doors of the car. However, if your kindergarten teachers did not even praise for the pictures, like the rest. And friends say that you are “like a chicken with a paw at night” ... Then it is better to entrust this business to professionals.

Do not forget about the "physiognomy" of your "Lada". Now you are a plastic surgeon, and you have a scalpel in your hands! I mean "expression faces" full face. It creates a mood and talks about the thoughts of your car. Sad or funny - you choose.

Tuning Vaz 2103 фото


Engine tuning VAZ 2103 - the first thing that comes to mind. The engine is weak for modern requests. Features Zhiguli three: separate drive brakes, tachometer, rear brake pressure limiter in the hydraulic drive.

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The flow sections of the channels are not suitable for much grown volume. If you polish and squander the channels of the cylinder head and the collector will increase by 10 percent. That's not all. A cleverly selected camshaft, a modified head will show more than 100 liters. with.

Shaft is better to take the bottom. Its phase should be up to 270. Valve lift - more. The camshaft for the lower classes is better to take the Estonian 1. Or pick something with similar parameters.

Pistons are better to replace forged. Adjust the valve timing. You can apply a sports ignition system.

Engine tuning VAZ 2103

Increase power can:

  • having improved DAAZ-2107 OZON, having reached the max revolutions on the gears. Pneumatic throttle two cameras must be translated into mechanical.
  • GDS 1 camera - needs to be improved. The air deflector will expand, the enrichment of HDS will be regulated.

You can put a sports camshaft. And you will be happy!

It is possible to transfer the engine to the injector. It will cost a pretty penny. Usually whales are built like a Garrett GT17 turbine. To deliver this, you will not have to refine the piston. But they blow to ½ bar. In this situation, the compressor on the classic will be more rational.

Заменив поршневой, установив правильный турбовал с максимальным подъёмом, такой кит даст до 1,2 бар и мощность >140 л. с. Правда, стоить эти все «переделки» будут дороже самой машины…

Modern tuning Vaz 2103

You can also tune the luggage compartment! Why not arrange the lights in the trunk for your comfort? You can fasten all sorts of universal mesh for attaching luggage and suitcases, for other stuff, which is usually lying in the car. The mesh is attached with hooks and velcro. She is able to withstand even a ten-liter canister of antifreeze. You can "stuff" the luggage compartment of the car with special hooks on which you can hang a suitcase with tools by the handle. It will also be useful to put a limiter for the trunk. It will fit to secure the autoblock. So that it does not ride on the luggage compartment. For active driving - you can’t think of anything better! Of course, it is also necessary to replace the “floor” of the trunk. You can opt out of the spare wheel, making just a raised floor.

Interior tuning

Tuning salon VAZ 2103 fun and exciting. What you "stuff" your "car" - you decide. This must be consciously and thought out. Built-in audio system, speakers, on-board computer, navigator, and more. Now you are able to surround yourself with the kind of interior you deserve. A powerful stereo system will serve you on a picnic or “party”, in nature with friends. Music for the modern man is of great importance. Salon can now resemble the cockpit or just become a little more comfortable.

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First of all, you need to make a number of measures for noise insulation of the cabin. Ergonomic seats with multi-point belts will ensure a comfortable ride, safety: yours and your passengers. It will not be superfluous, since you decided to tune, drag the inside of the car. Replace the trim can be any other suitable to your taste.

Tuning Salon Vaz 2103 photo

The game with color: it is enough to change the coloring of the salon, for example, in red. The interior is transformed. You will always be in good shape and full of attention to the road. Now you can not be afraid to fall asleep in a long way behind the wheel.

It is also necessary to replace the regular old lighting in the car. You can put a neon or steroid backlight. This will be a great addition to tuning the car dealership.

Leather seats have always looked elegant and elegant, especially in the Soviet rear-wheel drive car. At any time! You can opt for flocking. For those who still do not know, I will explain. This is a modern type of interior decoration. You want a velvet, velor or suede coating, then flocking will suit you perfectly. It also includes, in addition to the aesthetic function, heat insulation and noise absorption, protects against ignition, and prevents the appearance of condensate.

The steering wheel can be covered with fur, leather or leather substitute. The most natural natural leather steering wheel cover, as it is less exposed to the appearance of scuffs on it. Fur covering is out of fashion, besides in the summer you will curse your choice. By the way, there is even specialized literature in which you will be told and shown in illustrations how to make tuning your VAZ 2103 car.

The legendary Zhigulevskaya troika more than once flashed on the wide screens of the cinema. Only celebrities and wealthy sections of society at that time could afford this beauty. But now everyone can afford the VAZ 2103. It is important to bring it in good condition both externally and in terms of technical characteristics. You will immediately fall in love with this legendary car. No matter how much you think of doing tuning your car, know that it needs it and will be grateful to you.

As a supplement, we are sharing with you a fascinating video featuring the pride of the Russian car industry - VAZ 2103 (the tuned version of the car is shown on the video):