Dvr with radar detector: which model is better to buy

Recently, an anti-radar with a DVR has become popular in the automotive electronics market. The hybrid device combines several useful functions. Manufacturers of these products offer their products in several price segments, allowing drivers to pick up the DVR with a radar with optimal performance.


  • 1 The need for special equipment
  • 2 Neoline X-COP 9100
  • 3 DATAKAM G5-CITY MAX-BF Limited Edition
  • 4 Playme P400 TETRA
  • 5 Artway MD-102
  • 6 Sho-Me Combo №1

The need for special equipment

Previously, it was necessary to attach several devices to the same power connector in the car, for example, a navigator, a radar detector and a video recorder. Now the need for a large number of cords and torpedo congestion is no longer necessary, since all functions are transferred to one compact device.

Choosing an autoregistrar with an anti-radar (which model is better to buy), the drivers used to consciously prefer a single, not always perfect device. It was assumed that manufacturers in such devices put components of lower quality, trying to optimize the final cost of the product. As a result, a large amount of the budget for the price and quality of the goods fell on the shelves. Now the trend has changed in favor of improving product performance and at the same time its value does not seek upwards.

To make the right choice, consider a few of the best devices in this category.. Each radar detector and video recorder in one device has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Neoline X-COP 9100

The modern level of quality of the device consists of a set of professional components. These include:

  • Ambarella A7 processor;
  • lens of 6 lenses;
  • shock sensors;
  • support for cards up to 256 GB, etc.

Such equipment corresponds to the premium product segment. Neoline products stand out among competitors with the ability to demonstrate maximum results. This even applies to a narrow-angle lens, the parameters of which are limited 135 visibility.

where to buy a DVR with a radar detector

For detail video display meets FullHD standard. Thanks to him, recorded in MP4 (H.264) format. Support for popular SDXC cards has been installed. There are many modes of automation of shooting, including movement in the frame and movement of the vehicle. The ability to store a quarter of a terabyte of information is also not available to all models on the market.

Important! Neoline products have the ability to accelerate the duplication of data on the spare media, the model X-COP 9100 in this case is no exception.

Consumers demand a device function that takes the DVR with a radar detector to the main operating position. In this case, the device supports most of the current systems, which include modern instrumentation with lasers. “Avtodoria”, which is determined by automotive electronics, also got into the list.

Pleasant bonuses are regular map updates and support for domestic GLONASS navigation. The user can set control points on the map. The system is able to recognize gestures. The driver will need to pre-activate the function and after enough just hold his hand in front of the monitor to turn off the sound or make another gesture. Charging socket significantly reduced and rendered on the bracket. The positive qualities that distinguish the device among analogs:

  • support flash memory up to 256 GB;
  • the most comfortable functionality.

The overall impression of the products of the South Korean manufacturer remains positive.

DATAKAM G5-CITY MAX-BF Limited Edition

A rather expensive 2-in-1 recorder with a radar detector forces you to check its characteristics carefully. Manufacturers gave the device six lenses and a viewing angle of 170. The premium model perfectly counteracts possible glare and flare. This is facilitated by established high-quality filters.

Perfectly detailed image is transmitted through the matrix. Additionally, auto-tuning of operating modes is used based on the overall illumination of the frame. No complaints from users of the function.

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which DVR with anti-radar is better

Designers have tried to think through the design of the bracket. Cables are connected with this element, and the device can be removed even with one hand. This functionality is not unique, but emphasizes the care of consumers. Autonomous operation of the device is maintained for 40 minutes, which is an excellent indicator.

Fastening of the bracket is carried out by the tape ZM. This is a more convenient option than traditional suckers, sticking out at the wrong time.

Important! Before installing the device on the installation tape, it is necessary to degrease the mating surfaces.

Выбирая, which DVR with anti-radar is better, многие водители обращают внимание на недостаток памяти в различных устройствах. DATAKAM G5-CITY MAX-BF Limited Edition лишен этого, так как имеет целых два слота памяти под флешки. При этом карты памяти прилагаются в комплекте. Пользователь имеет возможность скопировать данные на второй носитель, защищая свои права.

The disadvantage is the lack of support for SDXC cardscapable of handling data up to hundreds of gigabytes. The installed slots work with a maximum mode of 32 GB.

An unusual option for DATAKAM is the ability to encrypt video information. The keys are available only to the car owner and outsiders without his desire will not be able to view any compromising files.

Navigation is represented by a pair of GLONASS / GPS, integrated with the "Speed". The vehicle location update is coordinated with the current port database. Information on the presence of nearby cameras, traffic police posts or dangerous areas can be displayed in voice format.

Many users consider the lack of a device to receive radar signals in the device a defect of the manufacturer. The driver will be able to learn about the presence of such control devices of DPS officers on the way only from other road users through the characteristic signals of headlights. The advantages of the device are the characteristics:

  • availability of encryption according to the password set by the user;
  • sufficient quality video;
  • automatic start of recording after the start of the machine;
  • transfer information between memory cards.

Playme P400 TETRA

The visual perception of a large camera after testing is only a design trick. Inside the device fits only a lens with good performance and sensor radar detector.

The four-megapixel camera is capable of capturing the traffic situation with FullHD resolution and the ability to interpolate while reducing the resolution, ensuring an optimal level of noise. During the daytime shooting, there are practically no such facts. In the twilight time, red gaps can sometimes appear, however, this phenomenon applies to most CMOS-matrices.

choosing an autoregistrar with a radar detector, which model is better to buy


  • availability of processor Ambarella A7;
  • Work with SDXC cards up to 64 GB;
  • processing codec H.264.

In addition to traditional radio frequencies, the Playme P400 TETRA responds to the operation of laser devices, which is a significant advantage for this electronics. But the driver must take into account that the receiver has a low sensitivity, which can fail in cloudy weather or when the windshield is dirty. In such a situation, you will have to rely only on timely instructions of the GPS module, which are quite easy to read on a 2.4-inch monitor.

All contacts are mounted through the bracket. The solution allows hidden cabling and, if necessary, removing the device with one hand. Important advantages of the gadget are:

  • decent quality matrix and optics;
  • work with laser radars;
  • timely update of the navigation informer.

In the opinion of users come across some models with a factory marriage. It is recommended to purchase the device from official representatives who are able to provide a guarantee.

Artway MD-102

The back side is accessible to many drivers for the price of the device is decorated with a two-inch monitor. The design uses a two-megapixel camera, working at the expense of the MOS-matrix. The result is a picture format FullHD, which is not provided for step-up interpolation.

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There is a function of recording in auto mode when the signal from the G-sensor. The menu has an SOS program that blocks file overwriting. Integrated glass lenses provide average visibility in 140. The night mode of the device does not relate to its strengths. There is also no additional infrared illumination and an extended range of WDR.

Important! A positive bonus for a relatively inexpensive device is the presence of the H.264 codec, which is a rarity for analogs.

how much is a recorder with a radar detector 2 in 1

The Artway MD-102 has a built-in GPS navigation unit that notifies you in advance of reducing the distance with the special points marked on the maps. Also, the driver can add points to the device memory. The functionality is extended by the ability to automatically record the coordinates of the vehicle Data can be displayed on the monitor along with speed and compass indicators.

The radar detector test was at its height, as it is able to perceive not only radio signals, but also captures the rays from the lasers. There are several levels of sensitivity of the device:

  • track;
  • city-1;
  • city-2;
  • city-3.

One important advantage is the ability to receive a laser beam. from equipment type LISD-2. User feedback on the operation of the device is overwhelmingly positive.

The main advantage is the excellent value for money. The disadvantages are poor performance in low light conditions.

Sho-Me Combo №1

The Chinese trademark has become famous in our country since the beginning of this century. At that time, xenon headlights were offered to buyers at an affordable price. With its subsequent products, the brand successfully destroys the myth about itself as a low-grade trademark.

The device is a compact device with an information monitor 2.31 inches. In the front there is a built-in camera. The manufacturer claims to record video in FullHD format, but the consumer does not receive the proper quality. There are two possible explanations:

  • or the presence of low quality optics;
  • or applying interpolation to cameras with small matrices.

how to choose a radar detector with a DVR

Even with high-quality lighting, a moving vehicle can only be viewed at close range. In dim light, the camera’s drawbacks and the lack of built-in infrared illumination come out.

Not the smallest AVI format is used for digitizing. It does not fit well with the low capacity of used memory cards. The slot supports a maximum size of 32 GB.

Not in the best way the radar detector is in contact with the velocity meters. In the Chinese device there is no possibility of reading the laser beams. If traffic police have LISD devices on the highway, the driver with the Sho-Me Combo will be unarmed. Rescue can only prompt the GPS-unit. The informant's database is updated quite often, so the car owner receives relevant and timely voice and visual information.

The price tag is also not the smallest at the device. The same applies to the mass of the unit, which is 420 g. For fixing, a classic suction cup on the bracket is used, which can bring in an unexpected moment. A plus is an excellent GPS navigation reception.. She has a high sensitivity.

Some ratings give this palm to this device, although it does not have the highest level of autonomous work with a built-in battery of 520 mAh. Also, the viewing angle is quite small compared to similar devices at this price, and is only 120. The lenses are made of glass.