Deprivation of driving license for the use of alcohol and

Driving while intoxicated (by alcohol or other narcotic substances), according to the Russian legislation, entails liability in the form of a fine and driver's license for some term. Such a person, if a violation of this rule is established, is brought to either administrative or criminal liability.

Deprivation of rights while intoxicated

Fines and seizure of rights when establishing the fact of drunk driving

Article 12.8 The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation states that the driver who drove the car intoxicated, the fact of which was recorded by the police, is brought to administrative responsibility.

Deprivation of rights while intoxicated

It, firstly, is obliged to pay a fine of 30 tr. Secondly, a driver’s license for a period of 18 to 24 months is withdrawn from him.

Article 12.8 says that deprivation of rights it also happens in the event that the owner of the car gave the vehicle to another person who was driving the vehicle in a drunken state, the fact of which was officially registered.

What can be considered alcohol and drug intoxication?

By the law of the Russian Federation it is established that any amount of a narcotic substance in the blood can be considered a state of intoxication above the error. For alcohol, it is no more than 0.16 ppm.

Deprivation of rights while intoxicated

The process of establishing the fact of intoxication

The fact of alcohol consumption can be checked on the spot - the inspectors have a special device for this. Testing for the use of other drugs occurs in a medical institution.

Refusal to check is equivalent to the fact that a person was driving a car drunk, on the basis of which full responsibility is imposed on him.

Deprivation of rights while intoxicated

After establishing the fact of intoxication (or refusing to pass testing), a protocol is drawn up, which is subsequently sent to the court for consideration. At the designated time, the judge passes judgment on the case (as a rule, a guilty plea).

Criminal liability

Drunk management of the vehicle can lead to a criminal case. This occurs in cases where a drunk driver in the process of driving a car has injured the health of any person and / or their property.