Rating of used suvs up to 600,000 rubles


With a budget of 6000000 rubles, you can buy a really good SUV, used. Buying a used car, first of all, you need to pay attention to such things:

  • engine and chassis condition;
  • condition of the cabin;
  • mileage bu car.
Used SUVs up to 600,000 rubles

Used SUVs up to 600,000 rubles

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We buy only high-quality SUV

In our rating, we consider off-road vehicles with mileage up to 600,000 rubles: KIA Sportage, Subaru Forester, Nissan X-Trail, Land Rover Range Rover, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Terrano. This rating describes the technical and operational characteristics of used SUVs up to 600,000 rubles.

Comparing the cost of a bu SUV with a new one, the buyer finds a huge difference in the price of vehicles. A new car is expensive, you need to pay big money for insurance, and a year later the car loses 25% of its value. Buying a car produced in 2005-2010, the buyer gets a vehicle for good money with an adequate supply of operating time (service life).

What is the SUV?

An off-road vehicle is a four-wheel drive vehicle built on a frame structure or reinforced with additional booster carriers. Cars are usually referred to the class "D". A good SUV has high ground clearance, a powerful engine, a transmission with a reduced number of gears and additional onboard systems.

With the help of this vehicle you can easily overcome impassable swamps, loose sands, or just go for a weekend in the forest to pick up mushrooms.

Korean KIA Sportage 2007 production

The SUV has good cross-country performance, as well as an impressive space in the cabin and luggage compartment. The glove compartment, located in the passenger side of the dashboard, is capacious, a pack of A4 documents can easily fit in there.

Under the hood is a diesel engine with a volume of 1.7 liters. The motor is powerful, able to provide a burden on the “bottoms”, and also feels comfortable with high-speed traffic on the freeway. On a good stretch of pavement, the car can be accelerated to a speed of 180 km / h. The engine running on diesel fuel, economical and unpretentious to the low quality of domestic fuel. Observing economical mode of movement, the jeep shows excellent performance fuel consumption - 5 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

From the electronics of our car produced in 2007 is available climate control, multimedia system, as well as a full plug-in electronics drive. From security systems: Airbag, ESP, exchange rate stabilization.

KIA Sportage 2007

In the secondary market, a used SUV KIA Sportage 2007 will cost about 440,000 rubles

Japanese Subaru Forester 2008

Subaru Forester belongs to the class "K1". For its quality car can be equated to an SUV. In 2015, a new facelift model entered the market, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show. The main differences from the one we are considering are, of course, the year of production, the appearance and modern electronic systems. But essentially all the technical characteristics of the new 2015 Subaru converge with the characteristics of a used “Forester” produced in 2008. So the question is, why pay extra?

The car offered in the secondary market, shod in 17-inch alloy wheels with good tires. Japanese SUV model attracts with its individuality. The interior is dominated by silver accents. Quality finishes meet modern requirements.

The car is equipped with an immobilizer, multimedia system that supports mp3, with steering wheel control, xenon headlights, adaptive lighting, cruise control, safety systems and stabilization during movement.

The power plant is a 2.5 liter gasoline engine. able to develop power in 170 liters. with., turbo version gives 240 liters. with., but it is difficult to find in the secondary market. Our candidate is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox.

Subaru Forester 2008 year

In the secondary market for 2008 Subaru Forester asking for 595,000 rubles

2008 Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail 2008

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru Nissan X-Trail - compact crossover (SUV), production of which began in 2001

The car has all the necessary technical means to overcome the easy and medium off-road.

The new model in the market of the Russian Federation is sold very successfully We will consider the used Nissan X-Trail SUVs and choose the most suitable of them.

The car is attractive in appearance and comfortable inside. The large windshield provides the perfect view for the driver. All the details of the interior, even the smallest, are designed to make the passenger feel comfortable while in the car.

Mileage of the model is 147,000 km. Even despite the impressive mileage, the car has been preserved in excellent condition, both outside and inside.

Buyers repeatedly faced a situation where off-road vehicles of up to 600 thousand rubles were sold in a poor, very worn out state. But this car is a worthy candidate for purchase.

Under the hood is a 2.5 liter gasoline engine. and a capacity of 169 liters. with. Transmission - automatic (CVT). Due to the excellent performance of aerodynamics and gearbox gear ratio settings, engineers managed to significantly reduce fuel consumption and significantly increase environmental performance.

In the car there is a cruise control that will allow you to comfortably travel long distances. The model from Nissan has heated seats, rear-view mirrors, power steering, airbags, immobilizer, 17-inch alloy wheels, tinted windows. Also installed a sunroof, rain sensor, on-board computer.

The luggage compartment is very roomy. There is additional free space under the drawer in the floor. If you fold the rear row of seats, the trunk volume increases significantly.

The 2008 Nissan X-Trail SUV is the best SUV up to 600,000 rubles.

British Land Rover Range Rover, 2005

Land Rover Range Rover is a legendary all-wheel drive SUV that needs no introduction.

Land Rover Range Rover 2005

The car is made in UK, has outstanding off-road capabilities, as well as excellent comfort when traveling long distances.

The price of a car with a mileage of 186,000 km is 500,000 rubles. For such a great car you can pay a tidy sum. Land Rover is equipped with an atmospheric petrol engine of 4.4 liters., Whose power is 286 liters. with. The automatic transmission drives the four wheels of the car.

The top grade is impressive set of options. In this version are available stabilization systems for driving and braking (ABS and ESP). There is a glass sunroof, steering wheel is covered with genuine leather, the seats have memory and heating. On board there are immobilizer, fog lights, climate control. A computer on board monitors the technical condition of the machine. Installed cruise control systems, climate control, power steering, front and rear power windows.

This full-size off-road Land Rover Range Rover will deliver to where a regular car simply cannot drive.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 года

The model of the Japanese SUV with a mileage of up to 600,000 rubles was created using Mitsubishi Airtek technology.

Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 года

The machine provides comfort and plenty of space inside the car.

Transmission - all-wheel drive (Full Time 4WD) with a self-locking center differential, which distributes torque between the axles, thereby improving throughput and making the car safer. Stability system keeps the car at high speeds.

The machine is equipped with a 2 liter gasoline engine. power 136 liters. s., which is paired with a manual transmission. Futuristic headlights of the front and rear optics like a magnet attract the eye. The shape of the body - elongated, sporty, there is a feeling of aggressiveness.

The body of the 2009 Mitsubishi Outander SUV was created to be particularly durable and tough. The frame is made on a specially developed technology company Mitsubishi RISE.

The model is equipped with airbags, head restraints for the driver and all passengers, all-wheel drive system and stability control. ABS, EBD (brake force distribution system) are available. On the back of the couch installed special mounting ISO-FIX for the installation of a child seat.

The price of a car in the secondary market is 599,000 rubles.

Японский ответ бездорожью – внедорожник Nissan Terrano, 2015

Japanese engineers did a great job and created a good SUV back in the distant 90s. Over time, the car only improved, complementing it with modern security systems, etc. The rating includes the best cars, however, it is the Nissan Terrano that has reliability and high maneuverability. The transfer box will enable downshifts and use a small stroke to overcome difficult obstacles.

Nissan Terrano, 2015

Nissan Terrano, 2015

Nissan Terano mileage is small, only 30 000 km. They ask for him 500,000 rubles. The price for a complete set with cruise control, air conditioning, automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive - very good. A 1.6 liter gasoline engine is installed under the hood. Transmission manual. Also, the car is equipped with additional options: central locking, front electric windows, interior covered with a cloth.


If you are interested in SUVs with mileage up to 600,000 rubles, then you should study the information of our review of used cars. The secondary market today offers a huge selection of various types of SUVs for a different price and with a different configuration. Before you buy an SUV up to 600,000, you need to evaluate the main advantages of the model, find the negative sides and make an informed decision.