Maserati kvatroporte developed over the years

Мазерати – одна из нескольких итальянских компаний, продукция которой известна во всём мире. Mazerati Quatroporte – один из автомобилей, который сумел завоевать популярность автолюбителей ещё в далёких шестидесятых годах. Автомобиль, который оценил даже любитель роскоши, медийный магнат и экс - глава итальянского правительства Сильвио Берлускони, пережил уже шесть «реинкарнаций». Первая серия, появившаяся в 1963 году, выпускалась до начала семидесятых.

Maserati Quattroporte

The main idea when creating this car was to create a kind of harmony between the luxury sedan and the usual Maserati sports car. The idea was fully justified. Kvatroporte means four-door. This is really a four-door sedan, which has the “heart” of a real sportsman under the hood.

Six generations of the "four-door"

Maserati Quattroporte 1 (1963-1970)

фото Maserati quatroport

Model 1964. Has not yet reached the modern luxury, but has already set the fashion for the European car industry. The car accelerated to more than an impressive 230 From zero to a hundred in 8 seconds in 1963 is a very good result. And six years later, an even more powerful engine of 290 “horses” was installed on the car. By the way, at first glance, this model 1964 is very similar to the VAZ 2106.

Maserati Quattroporte 2 (1974-1978)

Maserati quatroport

The second generation Maserati gained more “modern” forms. Not everyone appreciated the new design, which was the reason for the rebranding.

Maserati Quattroporte 3 (1976-1990)

фото Maserati quatroport

"Troika" has become somewhat more serious in appearance. The first persons of the state liked the car, and even the country's president, Sandro Pertini, traveled to Quatroport-3.

Maserati Quattroporte 4 (1994-2000)

The appearance of the fourth generation was timed to the 30th anniversary of the series, which coincided with the entry of Maserati in the FIAT concert. For the car were created engines of different sizes. Models with a two-liter engine were produced, as well as modifications to which units of 2.8 and 3.2 liters were installed.

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Mazerati Quatroporte

The creator of the fourth generation Marcello Gandini equipped the new car with airbags, anti-lock braking system, reinforced doors and a modern system that cut off the fuel supply to the engine in the event of a collision. The car came out safe and secure.

Maserati Quattroporte 5 (2003-2013)

Пятое поколение стало отправной точкой для нового витка развития компании. Когда с конвейера сошел обновлённый Mazerati Quatroporte, цена на него несколько возросла. Пятиместный седан класса F, который публике продемонстрировали на выставке, проходившей во Франкфурте, выглядел так, что от него не хотелось даже отходить. Именно такой автомобиль и приобрёл итальянский лидер Берлускони.

maserati quattroporte5

If the design of the four were still claims, then the fifth generation, somewhat reminiscent of sports "Jaguars", "Aston Martins" and even some American cars, liked the majority.

The model has been improved by 2008. In addition, came out and modification of the GT.

Mazerati Quatroporte

In the photo Maserati Quatroporte in the Sport GT5 modification

Maserati Quattroporte 6

The idea to update the popular model appeared in 2009. By 2013, it not only took shape, but was embodied in metal.

Maserati quatroport 2013

Королевская стать шестёрки подкреплена и мощью, которая находится у него под капотом. Несколько потяжелевший, Mazerati Quatroporte 2013 стал и весьма быстрым. Установленный в базовой модели двигатель V6 мощностью 404 л.с., разгоняет машину до сотни за 5,3 секунды, при максимальной скорости 285 км.\ч.

Maserati quattroport price

In the top configuration there is a more powerful unit in 523 “horses”, which accelerates to a hundred in 4.9 seconds. The maximum speed in a straight line with this monster is 307 kilometers per hour. The machine will also come out with a diesel unit.

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