Suzuki vitara s crossover - a new car with a turbocharged

The Suzuki Vitara S crossover is a good compact car with a quiet and economical engine that can drive normally, thus delighting its owner. Under the hood, a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine runs, quite reliable. Motor power is not particularly large, but it is more than enough when driving around the city and on the highway. 140 l. with. power and 220 Nm of torque. But the car is light and nimble, so she doesn’t need a particularly strong motor.

Suzuki Vitara S 1,4

There is a complete set with a 1.6-liter engine, front-wheel drive and automatic gearboxes, which in their class in acceleration dynamics are ahead of all competitors such as the Renault Duster and others. All thanks to ease, because such front-wheel drive Vitara weighs only 1148 kg.

If you take the all-wheel drive version of the Suzuki Vitara S, then it is slightly heavier - 1235 kg. Approximately the same weighs and small Swift with all-wheel drive. Externally, the car has a sporty design, which is felt due to the S-design grille, black gloss is applied to the wheels, the headlights are edged with aluminum, there are pedals, in general, everything is sporty.

Suzuki Vitara S Salon

If there is a manual gearbox in Vitara C, the car accelerates easily and quickly from a place, and in about 10 seconds it reaches 100 km / h. The usual 1.6-liter Vitara accelerates in about 11.5 seconds to a hundred. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 8 liters per 100 km.

Suzuki Vitara S

The suspension is soft, even on country roads Suzuki Vitara flies quietly, and at the same time comfortable to drive. If you drive on a flat track, the pleasure is even greater, the pleasant sensations of driving, the motor quickly responds even after 150 km / h If you suddenly need to brake sharply, the brakes are good.

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Motor Boosterjet К14С-DITC was created on the basis of K-series engines, which were produced in the late 90s. The design is quite simple: an aluminum cylinder block, a Mitsubishi turbocharger, direct injection from Bosch, nozzles are located on the sides.

Suzuki Vitara S 2016 engine

In general, the engine Boosterjet turned out good, like Suzuki Grand Vitara cars with the prefix S, and without it. There is no factory in Russia where they will collect these cars, so the duties on them will be, which means that the price of such cars will be higher than that of competitors. In Russia, the new Vitara S can already be bought only with an automatic gearbox and in an expensive package. There is a choice of full or front-wheel drive.

Suzuki Vitara S

If the price for the usual all-wheel drive Vitara with a 6-speed automatic is 1,500,000 rubles, then with a turbocharged engine it will be a bit more expensive. In Europe, the Vitara C with all-wheel drive and manual transmission costs 27,360 euros, which is expensive - about 2,000,000 rubles. Therefore, in Russia it is impossible to make the price for Vitara S the same as in Europe, because they will not be sold very well. In Russia last year, Vitar sold only 20,000 units, and in 2016 only 5500 so far.

suzuki grand vitara S

The previous generation of Vitara had a frame structure, which means that they have a simple structure, and their reliability is high. These cars still drive around the world very well. And now, the new generation of Vitara is produced in Hungary, it is intended for the European market, they are not delivered to Japan in particularly large quantities, to America either. If before there was the American branch of Suzuki, now it does not exist, because it has closed.

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The main perspectives that the Suzuki leadership is counting on are the Indian market, where Suzuki diverges perfectly. In 2015, 1,300,000 cars of this brand were sold, so their main profit comes from India, and not from Europe or Russia.

And then test drive a new Suzuki Vitara: