Gili emgrand x7 - sino-belarusian crossover

The fact that the Chinese are now not only "brazenly copying", but also producing cars under license, has long been known to everyone. They have joint ventures with Korean, Japanese, American companies, developing cooperation with Russia and Ukraine. China does not stand still, continuing the evolution of its automotive industry and is actively promoting Chinese crossovers in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

geely rolls royce

Considering the opportunities and rates with which China is developing, there is no doubt that after a while, a fair share of the market will be occupied by new Chinese 2014 crossovers.

Of course, now they are competing in different categories with Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Renault and other companies. But, time passes, the quality of Chinese cars is growing. And prices for Chinese crossovers in particular remain moderate. Given the pace with which Chinese crossovers of 2013 are gaining popularity in Russia, many are confident that up to 15% of the market will soon be behind the machines from China. Well, for now, the battle against Renault Duster and Hyundai Santa Fe continues.

Joint production with China

For Chinese companies, it has long been the norm to create joint projects with foreign car companies. Yes, and for their technology, they often attract foreign experts. The best engineers and body designers of the world work on the new Chinese crossovers with a gun.

Belarusian Chinese crossover

Crossworder Jilly Emgrand (Geely Emgrand X7)

To begin, let's talk about the Belarusian-Chinese crossover Gili Emgrand (Geely Emgrand X7).

Gili Agrand Crossover

The crossover Emgrand has received the design created by the genius from Italdesign, - Giorgetto Giugiaro. Another distinguishing feature is security. Crossover Gili Emgrand successfully passed the crash test, receiving 5 points.

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In the basic configuration already have ABS, on-board computer, climate control, airbags and much more. Plus, a large trunk with a volume of 580 liters., A spacious and comfortable lounge, high-quality finish, good plastic.

Geely crossover

Three engines are offered:

  • 127 hp at 6000 rpm, 1.8 liters;
  • 2 l., 139 hp at 5900 ob .;
  • 2.4 l., 158 hp at 5700 about.

There are two transmission options: 5-st. DSI mechanics, or 6-st. automation.

Safety on the crossover Gili Emgrand X7

Many people wonder how Geely managed so quickly to fix the issue of safety in their cars? The answer is very simple: not so long ago, the company acquired the Swedish Volvo brand, whose products are recognized as one of the most reliable and safe in the world. In Volvo cars, usually everything was thought out to the smallest detail. Now, all these technologies have got Gili, so the Chinese automakers now know how to create high-quality and reliable cars.

new geely emgrand x7

Joint production with Belarus has been established and the company is called BelG, which Geely founded with BelAZ. The Geely Emgrand X7 crossover in Russia will cost between 620 thousand rubles for a complete set of “Comfort” and 650 thousand for a Luxury.

In Russia, there are many enterprises that collect Chinese cars. The best example is Derways from Cherkessk. Recently, there began the assembly of the Taiwanese Luxgen 7. There is also going to another crossover - JAC S5.

The history of the Chinese auto giant FAW began altogether like the one that was at the plant in Togliatti. Only, this time, it was not the Italians from FIAT, but just the Soviet auto builders laid the first stone and trained Chinese specialists. Masters of the ZIL plant created the Chinese giant, which is now among the top four manufacturers in the country.

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Now joint ventures with such well-known companies as General Motors, Toyota, Mazda, Ford and others are actively working. In 2006, production of Chinese SUVs and crossovers was opened in the Russian city of Biysk.

new chinese crossover

On the FAW Besturn X80 crossover, the Mazda 6 base is used and it was created in a joint venture organized by Japanese and Chinese companies.

Moreover, if the Chinese crossover Gili Emgrand is assembled in Belarus from imported parts, then in the X 80 there are a lot of components from the very Mazda.

Prospects for the development of the Chinese automotive industry

Watching the growth of sales of Chinese cars and crossovers in particular, many noticed that the main peaks occurred in 2013. The new season has just begun, and one can only guess what it will become for the Chinese off-road and crossover market in Russia.

The second point is the pricing policy of the Chinese. If the prices of the best models of Chinese crossovers fall, they will really capture the Russian market. The Taiwanese from Luxgen went first to make concessions, having made a “discount” of 10 thousand dollars on their new Luxen 7 crossover. We are waiting for a retaliatory move from other Chinese manufacturers.

chinese jac s5 crossover

We do not mention here the issue of quality of assembly and materials, as it goes without saying. Do not worry us and "borrowing" design. Inventing a bicycle is much more difficult than just collecting it.

Based on the available indicators, experts now claim that the Chinese auto industry will soon overtake colleagues from Japan and Korea. Why are only Chinese crossovers Chang. And competitors are more profitable to create joint production than to try to keep up with the pace that China imposes. In their opinion, the next five to ten years will be the key points for this.

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And finally, the crash test video of the Chinese Changan CS 35 crossover: