Euro-5 will force outdated “chinese” to leave our car market

Euro-5 will make outdated from our car market

From next year, when environmental standard Euro-5 will become mandatory when certifying cars for the Russian car market, some Chinese car models will leave the dealerships for good. Of course, the Chinese would be able to re-equip the engines to full compliance with the new standard without problems, but only the game is not worth the dressing, as due to the crisis in the country's economy, sales remain unprofitable for manufacturers. Rows "Lifanov" definitely leave Lifan Solano last generation sold here at a price of 380 thousand rubles. Smiley Lifan, sketched by the Chinese from the British Mini (Russian price starts from 320 kilo rubles) and sedan l i turn celli (you can buy from 440 thousand wooden ones) are also at a crossroads: there is enough demand for them to upgrade their engines to Euro-5, but the future of the Russian economy does not inspire optimism for the Chinese, and out of caution, these cars are also likely to be removed. Euro-5 will make outdated from our car market In the ranks of Chery models will not be Chery Tiggo FL crossover (it is sold from us from 656 kilo rubles), hatchbacks  Joining indies (the price starts from 420 thousand wooden) and Chery Very (starts from four hundred thousand). Sedan Chery Bonus also have to leave. (His price tag began with 390 thousand rubles.) These models are assembled in Russia, at the Circassian car factory Derways, but after the New Year the production process on these lines will be stopped. Euro-5 will make outdated from our car market We have already written about the fact that leaves the Russian market Geely MK Cross with a price tag of 410 kilorubley. In the model range of Haima, the Haima 7 crossover is not counted (it cost 600 thousand wooden). But Dongfeng and Brilliance are not going to shrink. Moreover, they are even going to expand.

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Next year, the crossover Haima S5, Haima S7 (which, by the way, was restyled) and the sedan Haima M5 come from Khaima next year. Dongfeng will start selling the AX7 crossover and A30 sedan in 2016. Euro-5 will make outdated from our car market Brilliance will restart the V5 and the H530 sedan, the V3 compact crossover the Chinese also promised to bring to Russia next year.

Toward the middle of 2016, we should also wait for the new generation four-door. Lifan Solano. Manufacturers Geely also threatened to participate in the update of its lineup, but did not specify what exactly they had in mind.

By the way, Lifan Smily, Lifan Solano and Chery Bonus, which do not correspond to Euro-5, and therefore leave the market, according to the November rating, are among the ten most sought-after Chinese cars, and our car enthusiast will definitely not be enough.