What will be the new lada 4 × 4?

New Lada 4x4 Nivovody throughout the country with interest to monitor the situation with the release of the new version of your favorite SUV, which clearly knows that it will definitely be made, but what will be the new car, while little is known. However, the Internet has already leaked information that questions about the size and structure of the Lada 4x4 as a whole have already been resolved by management. There was a refinement of parts and their engineering implementation. As promised, everything will finally become clear by the end of this year. New Lada 4x4 will be produced in three and five-door versions.

How will look new Lada 4x4, not yet approved. But given the downright sacred attitude of developers to the classic design of the Niva for decades, most likely the cardinally traditional image will not be changed. It is unlikely that the so-called X-style, realized in new cars West and X-Ray, will take root here.

New Lada 4x4

Developers want to keep Niva awesomely passable and fairly democratic in price, so they don’t rush to experiment extensively with restyling the classic Niva look. Before the car will remain vertical, the bumper will be made more brutal and predatory from a material that is difficult to scratch, and always black, at least in the base case. It is planned to resty and Urban versionfor which there is also a decent demand.

Most likely, many technical nodes in a modified form will move to new Lada 4x4 from shnivy. But this does not mean that the new Niva will be built on the Shniva platform. The developers say that the Lada will get a wider body and “sit” on the ground because of this will be much more confident. The increased wheelbase and gauge of the new car will have a positive effect on its handling and comfort for passengers while driving, less will be thrown to the ceiling :)

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The track will increase by 8 centimeters, and the base by ten. Clearance probably will not change, but the car will be higher. A five-door will be fifteen centimeters longer than a three-door. The luggage compartment will receive a volume of 420 liters.

New Lada 4x4

The car will definitely remain all-wheel drive. Of the engines, a 1.8-liter robotic engine is likely to be used, similar to that used in the Lada X-Ray. Another option for picking will be a diesel engine. Most likely will use Fiat MultiJet Company.

It is clear that a corresponding transmission is needed for a new engine, but one can only guess what it will be like. The leadership is confident that new Lada 4x4 off the assembly line towards the end of 2017.