External and internal tuning for mazda 6

For the first time, the Mazda 6 rolled off the assembly line of the Japanese auto giant in 2002. This mid-size car immediately became popular around the world. Since then, there were three generations of the Mazda 6, so the car has not lost its popularity at all. This model to this day remains in demand in the Asian and European markets.

Professional tuning for Mazda 6

Mazda 6 - quality car, it is called the workhorse due to reliability. Immediately after buying a new car, you hardly want to change something drastically. But over the years, the car will become obsolete, wear out, so tuning will become a necessity rather than a whim. The peculiarity of tuning cars is that even an inexperienced car owner can do it. A motorist can make a lot of manipulations with his car on his own. In our article, we tried to collect all possible types of tuning, real for doing it yourself or with the help of a couple of friends. Indeed, in this case it is important to have the desire and focus on the final result.

Tuning engine Mazda 6: improve the dynamics

Every car has hidden engine reserves. And the Mazda 6 is no exception. For, to increase the power of the motor car, you need to perform chip tuning. Proper tuning can help improve the dynamics of the car, without increasing fuel consumption. For example, you can use a module called RSchip - the brainchild of American developers. Previously, this technology was available only to foreign motorists, but recently it was adapted to the Russian conditions of operation.

RSchip can be used on atmospheric petrol engines. The type of transmission does not play a role. Тюнинг мотора Mazda 6 With the help of such a system, you can do it yourself, and just as quickly remove it. You do not need special knowledge or special tools.

Body tuning on the Mazda 6

If your Mazda has an aspirated engine, chip tuning with RSchip will provide very good results. Qualitative changes you will notice and during city driving, and dissecting the highway. On average, Mazda 6 torque and power cars will increase by 10 percent. This is enough for you to feel the increase in power and ease of movement. In addition, the figure is not so large that the engine began to wear out faster or increased fuel consumption.

Tuning salon: first thing - insulation

One of the problem areas of the Mazda 6 is poor insulation of the cabin. Good insulation is a valuable thing, not only if the child often sleeps in the car, but in other cases. The noise of the street, its own engine and other cars is unnerving during the trip. Solving the problem is not difficult, because sound insulation can be done independently.

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Please note that noise insulation materials vary in density. Thinner fit for roof, bonnet and doors. The most dense material (sometimes rubber-based) is used for arches, engine shields and the bottom. Soundproofing materials are divided into absorbers and reflectors. Ideally, they should be used in a duet. Only in this case, the procedure will actually have the expected effect.

A few strokes to the dashboard

Many motorists in pursuit of the individuality of their vehicle, inventing new ways to achieve this. If you are not ready for radical changes, but want to improve the car from the inside, a good solution will be change the color of the standard dashboard lights Mazda 6.

Tuning car Mazda 6

Remove the panel is not difficult. It is attached with two screws, located in the visor. After unscrewing the screws, proceed to pulling out the latches of the lower part of the edging. Then you should unscrew the three screws that hold the dashboard itself. After that, you need to carefully remove the two plugs and the clip that secures the wiring to the dashboard. Consistently need to remove the glass and "mask" of the panel (usually it is black). These parts are fastened with snaps.

Before removing the arrows from the devices, note the depth of their landing. Do not remove the arrows together with their axes. If you just can not remove the arrows, warm them with a building dryer. Then gently with a thin screwdriver, hook and remove. Everything should go well.

After that, you need to unscrew the remaining screw on the back of the panel. So you can easily remove the back cover, you only need to bend the latches. After that, safely pull the board out of the case. Look carefully at the panel. You will see diodes in blue and red circles. Blue arrows highlight, and red - the scale. In the basic configuration there are installed 3528 diodes. You should replace them with diodes 3020 or 4040. Soldering diodes is hard work, but the main thing is to take into account the polarity. Otherwise, nothing happens.

After that, the fee must be collected back, and the arrows just to profit. To get them in place, use the built-in diagnostics dashboard. It will help to fix everything in a matter of minutes, and you will not have to memorize the position of the arrows before disassembling. After adjusting the position, assemble the panel in the reverse order and put the tidy in place.

Sports tuning Mazda 6

Tuning center console Mazda 6

If you decide to upgrade the center console and closely develop it, you will find this information useful. Disassembling the console Mazda 6 not complicated, but involves phased actions and careful handling of every detail.

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The first step is to remove the panel with the cup holders. To do this, you just need to pull the top. Then you should lift the gearbox trim. The frame around the backstage is disconnected by lightly pressing the latch. The next step is to unscrew the two bolts on which the handle is attached. Then you need to gently pull up, holding the button, otherwise the spring may fly out, and you will not find it. An important process is disabling the HOLD button, because without this the handle will not be removed. The button is connected to the wires. The only connector is located next to the ashtray. It is connected to the lamp base light gearbox. The light bulb is easily removed by turning it counterclockwise.

Removing the wires, try to remember their location well so that it is not difficult to bring them back. After that you can reach the handle. So the panel will be in your hands. If the sequence seems difficult to you, it is better to write down step by step actions so that there are no problems with the assembly.

Unusual tuning Mazda 6

Sometimes you may need to remove the radio. It is attached with two screws. The connection is located near the ashtray. Another mount is a bolt. It needs to be unscrewed with a 10 key. It is not easy to get close to the bolt, it is better to climb on the right side, using the space behind the glove box to move your hand. You can pull out the bolt by pushing on the wall. During removal of the radio to remove the handle is not necessary. You can simply rotate the panel from the scenes, which will allow access to the two screws near the ashtray. To continue work, you need to disconnect the connectors of the radio, antenna and climate control system.

To revet the console, you can use a regular film. You will also need a hair dryer - building or household. Before facing, the surface should be thoroughly washed, wiped dry and treated with a degreasing agent. After that, you can glue the film. After a short work, you will receive an updated console with a modern design. But the main thing is that this beauty for your beloved Mazda 6, you will do it yourself.

Tuning Mazda 6: improve appearance

Tuning the body of any car can be done radically, by replacing many elements, or superficially - by adding "highlights". If the second option is closer to you, and there are not so many funds for changes, we advise you to pay attention to set of chrome elements.

Mazda 6 car body tuning

The standard chrome package includes lining the back side of the side mirrors, four handles, an oval lining on the gas tank cover, as well as frames for headlights and taillights. Chrome elements will add to your Mazda expressiveness and brilliance. If the accessories are made of quality material, they will last a long time. It is very easy to fix the parts - for this purpose, 3M professional tape is used. Each chrome element is sold separately, so if you don’t like some component of the set, you can make a set yourself. However, remember that the use of only one element will not be able to transform the car dramatically.

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To update the Mazda’s 6 first generation facial expression, you can replace the grille and headlights. The stylish grille made of black matte plastic will give the car a more elegant look. You can install the grid yourself, without contacting an expensive car-care center. As for headlights, it is better to replace them with xenon, especially if you often drive in the dark. To protect the headlights, use a special film that will strengthen the glass and the pebbles flying from the roadway will not damage the appearance of the car.

Interesting fixture for creative tuning Mazda 6 - Mortise lights on the door. It looks like the logo of the Japanese automaker. The laser device projects an image of the Mazda icon onto the road. The advantage of such tuning is not only originality, but also a long service life, as well as smooth operation in all weather conditions. It is worth noting that the backlight only works when the doors are open.

Mazda 6 tuning

Tuning any car involves spoiler installation. This wing can improve the aerodynamic capabilities of the machine and gives the Japanese creation the appearance of a racing car. Durable plastic spoiler can be painted in body color. If you want to stand out - install carbon fender. The larger the spoiler, the more it will increase the downforce of the car at high speed. Thanks to the spoiler, Mazda’s maximum speed will increase, controllability will improve, and fuel consumption will significantly decrease.

These are just a few types. Tuning Mazda 6. In order to further improve your car, follow the innovations of the market of spare parts and accessories. For tuning, too, there are certain fashion trends. Therefore, in order for your car to always remain beautiful and fashionable, you need to make changes to its design from time to time. Do not forget about the "stuffing". Good chip tuning does not hurt any cars.

Here's a great example of how sports tuning Mazda 6 performs professional tuning makers. Watch the video: