Junior and senior: comparative test toyota camry and toyota


With each change of generations, most automakers increase their cars, making them even larger and more solid, and also equip them with more and more electronic systems. Toyota is a good example of such a trend - all of its models, ranging from compact hatchbacks to huge SUVs, previously had much smaller dimensions. Moreover, this "growth" in various Toyota models is uneven - it turns out that cars are becoming close in parameters. That is why the idea to find out which car is better: Camry or Corolla, now does not seem contradictory, since the difference in length between them is only 20 centimeters. Check what kind of car Toyota is best suited for everyday use.

Toyota Camry is Toyota Corolla


Массивная Toyota Camry чаще всего привлекает внимание российских бизнесменов, а также людей старше 40 лет, которые стремятся к стабильности и уверенности. Однако после смены поколений внешний вид Camry можно назвать спорным, поскольку в нём присутствует множество разрозненных дизайнерских элементов. Динамичный передок Toyota Camry никак не сочетается с тяжеловесным профилем, а небольшой спойлер на крышке багажника и вовсе вызывает недоумение, поскольку выглядит он чужеродно. Самый лучший ракурс для среднеразмерного седана Toyota — сбоку, поскольку в этом плане машина выглядит исключительно солидно и респектабельно. В отличие от Toyota Camry прошлого поколения, новый автомобиль выглядит угловатым, что также нарушает гармонию внешнего вида машины — в ней нет той цельности, завершённости, которую мы привыкли видеть в продукции японского автопрома.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Toyota Camry is Toyota Corolla-->

The appearance of the car Toyota Camry

But the Toyota Corolla, on the contrary, received a more harmonious appearance in comparison with the previous generation. Long headlights of a complex shape are ideally combined with an arc-shaped grille and a large slot in the lower part of the bumper. Yes, and the angularity of the body to face the Toyota Corolla, because, unlike the Camry, to find smooth lines in it is very difficult. The rear lights look just perfect - their form is no less complex than that of the front lighting Corolla, and they are interconnected by a wide chrome strip. The big rear bumper of the Toyota Corolla looks controversial, which is not combined with its dynamic appearance.

The appearance of the car Toyota Corolla

Comfort and equipment

Of course, the younger model of the company cannot argue with the Toyota Camry on the equipment. The basic set of equipment for modification with a four-cylinder engine includes:

  • ABS, BAS, ESP;
  • Six airbags;
  • Cruise control and parking sensors;
  • Rearview camera;
  • Multimedia complex with an 8-inch screen;
  • Two-zone climate system;
  • Automatic seat adjustment.

If we are talking about a person who buys a Toyota Camry for driving with a hired driver, then the car will seem to him incredibly comfortable and capable of predicting any of his desires. The back sofa is wide and can accommodate even three adults, and the two in the Toyota Camry will be so comfortable that they may well sleep for many hours.

Inside the car Toyota Camry Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru

However, the driver of the Toyota Camry should not count on such convenience, because the height of the seat barely reaches the shoulder blades of the average person. As a result, the shoulders remain tense, which does not contribute to focusing on the road. There are no complaints about the ergonomics of the center console and the beautiful Toyota Camry dashboard, although the dashboard trim is far from the highest level. Wood panels and leather upholstery are in fact inexpensive plastic, and when ordering a Camry with a bright interior, they are excessively conspicuous, distracting the person from driving. But in dark colors, the Toyota Camry interior looks quite harmonious, although the very first touch of cheap plastic destroys the illusion of luxury.

Compared to the Camry, the interior of the Toyota Corolla looks very poor - chairs with a combined upholstery, a highly raised narrow front panel and a small center console immediately catch the eye. In addition, almost nothing from the list of equipment listed above cannot be found here - the owner of the Corolla will have to be content with only a simple multimedia system with a 6-inch screen, air conditioning, 4 airbags and ABS. The materials used are inexpensive, but the Toyota Corolla is “honest” - there is no imitation of leather and natural wood.

In the cabin of the car Toyota Corolla

In the back of the Corolla, it is expectedly crowded - tall people kneel the front seats, and also keep the ceiling on their heads. Five of the Toyota Corolla, you can sit down only if the rear sofa will be fully set aside for children. There is a better situation ahead, although tall people shouldn’t look for comfort in a compact Toyota, as they will be hampered by an excessively low seat cushion. But the profile of the backs can be called ideal - it provides good support for shoulders, shoulder blades and lower back. In general, Toyota Corolla is perceived as a more harmonious car, although its belonging to the budget class is visible to the naked eye.

Road check

To say who behaves better on the road - Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry, definitely not. The powerful Camry power unit delivers excellent dynamics to a heavy car, although, according to the driver’s sensations, the car accelerates no faster than the Corolla. This is due to the overly rigid damper of the gas pedal, as well as the Toyota Camry gearbox, designed to save fuel. As a result, Toyota’s mid-size sedan on the highway behaves just fine, not annoying the driver with jerks when accelerating or discharging gas, but with sharp accelerations and overtakings in the city it is worth being careful. Despite these “automatic” settings, the Toyota Camry cannot be called economical - in the city the average fuel consumption is 10–12 liters per 100 km.

If you compare the two cars on the suspension settings, the Camry will definitely win in terms of smoothness. A large Toyota sedan flies, without looking, the majority of pits and bumps on the road, not to mention cracks and other minor defects. To shake the confidence of the Toyota Camry can only "speed bumps", open hatches and deep ruts. However, for such comfort, you have to pay with controllability - on the steering wheel of the car you do not feel the proper return effort, and it performs the driver’s commands with a noticeable delay. In addition, when cornering, the Toyota Camry lurches strongly, forcing it to slow down, and on long waves of asphalt it swings, causing discomfort to passengers.

When evaluating the dynamics of the Toyota Corolla, the same effect works that works in the old Zhiguli - because of the greater noise and jerks, the acceleration seems to be more dynamic, although in reality the car lags behind the Camry from the first second. Although at the time of the start you can see that the Corolla is bursting forward, because its stepless variator does not create the same delays as the hydromechanical “automatic”. The transmission of the compact Toyota is very well tuned - the car quickly responds to the gas supply and allows the driver to go for dynamic overtaking, without worrying about the power reserve. And the CVT on the Corolla is devoid of the problem traditional for such units - it uses “virtual” transmissions, and does not support constant engine rpm, annoying the driver with annoying noise.

Car model:Toyota CamryToyota Corolla
Producing country:Japan (Build - Russia)Japan (Build - Russia)
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:24931598
Power, l. c./about min .:178/6000122/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:210195
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:9,010,5
Type of drive:FrontFront
CAT:6 automatic transmissionVariable speed drive
Fuel type:Gasoline A-95Gasoline A-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 11.0 / Outside the city of 7.8In the city of 8.2 / Outside the city of 5.3
Length, mm:48254620
Width, mm:18251775
Height, mm:14801465
Clearance, mm:160150
Tire size:215/60 R16195/65 R15
Curb weight, kg:15101290
Full weight, kg:21601760
Fuel tank capacity:7055

To say which is better - the softness of the Camry chassis or the moderate stiffness of the Corolla suspension is also very difficult. The younger Toyota model is much better controlled and does not allow any banks, but there is no talk of uncompromising comfort in this case. When driving large cracks in the road surface, the steering wheel of the Toyota Corolla begins to twitch, and on large bumps the car just bounces. It is fair to say that in most cases the car is not annoyed by suspension breakouts or sharp passenger throws, but large pits are not so rare on Russian roads. Regarding the ride quality, one thing is for sure: Toyota Corolla rides on its own money: better than many competitors, but it does not create the comfort that the Camry gives to its owner.

It's not just about size

The result of the comparison may be the conclusion that the car is not large enough to be solid and comfortable. Of course, on the side of the Toyota Corolla, an excellent appearance, a well-tuned transmission and an economical engine, but in terms of convenience and capacity, it loses to a larger sedan. But the Toyota Camry can not be called an ideal - its front seats will seem comfortable only to small people, and the design can be called tasteless. In addition, you should count on high fuel consumption, rarely decreasing to 10 l / 100 km. Toyota Camry is a car for those who want peace, confidence and security, but Toyota Corolla is well suited to those who appreciate driving quality and maneuverability in the city.