The japanese started selling grand vitara 4sport suvs

Японцы начали продавать внедорожники Grand Vitara 4Sport Grand Vitara 4Sport SUV He abandoned his conceptual version, presented a year ago at the São Paulo auto show, from Japan’s Suzuki auto company, gained his own “face” and was selling in Latin America at a price of 96,000 Brazilian reals, which translates into our money for about a million seven hundred thousand rubles. From its predecessor, which is the usual Grand Vitara crossover, the off-road modification is distinguished, first of all, by a ground clearance increased by six and a half centimeters, wider tires, which significantly improves its throughput and design elements. For example, blackened grille, matte black plastic body kit - bumpers, and lining.

The conceptual model of this car was equipped with a snorkel and had a rich choice of color design of the car body. Serial SUV Grand Vitara 4Sport does not have a snorkel, and its color range is limited to white and silver versions. Японцы начали продавать внедорожники Grand Vitara 4Sport It was not possible to get inside the car with a camera, and for some reason the Japanese themselves do not want to publicly distribute such photos. But still from the words of the developers it is known that Grand Vitara 4Sport has a leather-covered steering wheel with silver stitching with audio control buttons, and the ability to provide access to the cabin without a key.

Under the hood Suzuki Grand Vitara 4Sport prescribed 2-liter gasoline engine, which develops 140 horsepower. This engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission or with a 4-range automatic. All-wheel drive car.

The first news about the appearance of the production model Grand Vitara 4Sport leaked to the network in early summer. The Japanese are going to sell this SUV only in Brazil so far, so far there is no information about the possibility of sales in other countries of the world, including Russia. If this happens, then we Grand Vitara 4Sport cost Of course, it will be more expensive than the money for which the Brazilians buy this model. It seems that this will be a total of about two million rubles. Японцы начали продавать внедорожники Grand Vitara 4Sport Today we are trading the usual Grand Vitara. It is equipped with three engine versions that differ in displacement: 1.6-, 2.- and 2.4-liter petrol units. Price tags, depending on the configuration, range from 1,055 to 1,545 wooden kilorubles.

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Suzuki plans in August to start selling in Russia new Vitarawhich cost will be about nine hundred thousand rubles.