The price of the new volvo xc90 exceeds three million

Цена нового Volvo XC90 превышает три миллиона

New top SUV Volvo XC90 It was officially demonstrated to the Russian car enthusiast by the local representation of this Swedish brand. Orders for the Volvo XC90 could be done from the first of June. This crossover is presented in front-wheel diesel and all-wheel drive petrol version. Diesel D4 develops 190 horsepower, and the petrol T5 is 59 horsepower more powerful. Accordingly, the price for these modifications will vary. So, the diesel version can be ordered from dealers at prices from 3 million 40 thousand wooden, and equipped with petrol T5 will cost anyone who wants to buy 3 million 281 thousand rubles. To the warehouses of official Russian Volvo dealers, the X90 series crossovers, equipped with a D4 diesel and a T5 gasoline engine, will arrive only in September-October of this year. Цена нового Volvo XC90 превышает три миллиона The XC90 cars formally began to be sold in Russia in September 2014. Then the Russians ordered from the Swedes 44 cars of nearly two thousand SUVs produced the first series called ХС90 First Edition. The crossovers of this series had a seven-seat cabin and a T6 engine.

After a couple of months in Russia began to arrive SUVs XC90The package of which included a petrol turbo T6 with 320 horsepower. Such a complete set cost more than 3 million 773 thousand rubles. Also, the Swedes put the diesel version (D5), capable of developing a power of 225 hp. By the end of May of this year, the Russians ordered, together with First Edition, more than one and a half thousand Swedish SUVs, and ninety percent of the diesel engines ordered were a complete set of the most expensive crossovers of the "Inscription" version. Swedes are now going to deliver cheaper models, counting on an increase in demand. Цена нового Volvo XC90 превышает три миллиона BUT the most powerful version of the crossover Volvo XC90equipped with a hybrid motor T8 Twin Engine, will arrive in Russia not earlier than next year. This gasoline engine has a compressor and a turbocharger, but it becomes a hybrid because of the additional electric motor, their combined power reaches 402 horsepower at a torque of 640 N · m. By the way, the new generation of Volvo XC90 SUVs is based on the new SPA platform. In future, this platform will become the base for the development of other models of the Swedish brand.

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Цена нового Volvo XC90 превышает три миллиона