Lexus is 250 chip tuning: new sport sedan image

Lexus cars manufactured by Toyota Motor belong to the category of premium-class cars and are designed for an American audience. Thus, the car became the best products of its automaker, justifying all its wishes, because Luxury means luxury in translation, and Elegance - elegance.

Lexus IS 250 tuning photo

Luxurious and technological Lexus IS 250 with smooth lines of the body, it looks all the more aggressive. The new restyled cars installed xenon headlights. The Lexus base package comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, includes an improved brake system and suspension system.

External тюнинг автомобиля

Tuning Lexus includes the installation of additional parts and equipment that will improve the performance of the machine and change its functionality for the better. If in the basic version to hold tuning Lexus IS 2014 and install the sports package "F Sport", the car will look even more powerful. You can install a new grille, a huge intake manifold downgrade, build in the front bumper, air collector and larger diameter wheels. The brake system will be an upgraded type, adaptive suspension with Sport + mode, which adjusts the gear ratio.

Tuned Lexus IS 250 photos

External tuning Lexus IS250 is an installation of aerodynamic dodger model Wald. The system is made of fiberglass. This accessory will add to the exterior of the car aggressiveness and extraordinary. The body kit consists of front and rear lining, aerodynamic threshold and lining on the trunk lid. A protective film of transparent and high-quality material is installed on the rear bumper and door handles, which prevents scratches on the car and minor damage.

Xenon headlights change to LED. 17 inch discs change to 18 or 19 inch. By installing a roof rack on the car, the trip will be comfortable and will allow you to carry a huge load without any difficulties. It is easy to install and securely fixed. It is convenient to carry skiing, surfboard or bicycle. For lovers of winter sports, you can install a ski rack. Optionally, the rear mount is installed for the transport of 2 bicycles, with an additional set you can even transfer three bicycles.

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Besides Lexus IS 250 tuning includes: cilia on the headlights, improved hood, carbon products, body pads and alternative optics.

Lexus IS 250 external photo upgrade

Hood deflectors and windows, will repeat the body of the car, without making them an extra piece. They will divert oncoming airflows and make the ride with the windows open more comfortable. Modern wheels and tires from the best manufacturers will be light and durable, and with secret wheel nuts, the wheels will be even more protected. By installing a removable tow bar (trailer coupling), the machine will tow trailers for the carriage of goods.

The spoiler on the Lexus not only complements the car with aerodynamic functions, it also directs the air flow, increasing downforce. We will not go into details, because we have a whole article devoted to this topic, if you suddenly want to refresh your knowledge about spoilers. If the spoiler is the same color as the car, it will visually complement the body with a spectacular continuation. A plastic mat is mounted in the trunk to extend the life of the luggage compartment upholstery and protect the cabin from damage and dirt spread. The luggage net is necessary for transportation of fragile and small items.

New Lexus IS 250 with tuning

External вид Lexus IS 250

Tuning salon Lexus IS 250

Inside the Lexus IS 250 already installed climate control system, an eight-inch TFT display and navigation bar with a computer mouse. In addition, there is HD-radio, which broadcasts the weather and the situation on the road. The cabin is spacious, there is another 4 cm of free space for passengers in the rear seat, I can fold it if desired. There is heating on the seats, and cooling is installed as an additional function of auto tuning. Salon seats can be changed to sports with a metallic finish. Optionally installed aluminum pedal plates and sills cars. Wheel - custom with a complete set of F-Sport. Innovative finishing material replaces the finish with natural leather. The security system of the machine in the “blind zone”, the warning system of the intersection of the white strip and the anti-slip system are enabled. There is a speaker system for 8 speakers, and an entertainment system Mark Levinson for 15 speakers.

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Salon cars can be supplied with mats that will protect it at any time of the year from dirt and water. It is securely fastened and will not slip out from under the driver's feet. The ashtray will perfectly complement the interior of the cabin, will protect the car from tobacco ash and smell. Additionally, you can install a child seat for babies from 8 months to 4 years with a modern ISOFIX attachment system, which is attached to the body of the car with a three-point seat belt.

Lexus IS 250 saloon

Photo tuning salon Lexus IS 250

Engine revision

Lexus 2014 hood includes 2 possible engine options:

  • 2.5-liter V6 engine, 24 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque;
  • V6 engine of 3.5 liters, power of 306 horsepower and torque of 375 Nm.

All engines come with an Artificial Intelligence Shift Control automatic gearbox on 6 steps, which is set to the optimal mode and depends on the acceleration of the car. Optionally, the driver himself can customize his driving mode. Auto comes with rear or all-wheel drive. Fuel consumption is 11.2 liters per 100 km of driving outside the city, and 7.6 liters per 100 km in the city, regardless of the configuration. Acceleration to 100 km in 5.6 seconds with a 3.5-liter engine, without jerks and with a real sporty sound. With a 2.5-liter engine, the car accelerates to 100 km in 7.9 seconds.

Lexus Chip Tuning 250

Interior tuning Lexus IS 250 includes the installation of an exhaust system and the intake of nitrous oxide, a turbo system, an ignition system and a clutch kit. Lexus chip tuning changes engine power from 208 horsepower to 226 horsepower, and torque from 252 to 274 Nm. These results are obtained by using the RSchip system in Lexus tuning.

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The power of the car depends on many factors: fuel, air temperature, how much the engine is resistant to wear and from its transmission.

The RSchip device can increase the power of all gasoline engines from 12 to 30%, reduce fuel consumption by 10% (up to 1 liter per 100 km of track) and increase the speed of the automatic gearbox. Changing the factory setting of the amount of fuel supplied and the angle of ignition of the engine, increases the power and torque of the motor. Indicators will vary depending on engine load. RSchip itself is completely safe for the engine, it does not change the characteristics of the protection system of the unit, and therefore will not affect the overload of the system itself.

Lexus IS 250 tuning двигателя

Conducting Chip Tuning Lexus IS 250 With the RSchip Turbo device, the powerful characteristics of a diesel engine are improved. This component at high speed will change the sensor signals on the engine control unit, changing the performance of the engine. Like the RSchip device, it is safe for the propulsion system and does not overload its individual components. Such elements will work with any type of transmission, they have a durable aluminum housing that protects the system from damage.

This type of tuning is carried out only in the official dealerships of the Lexus auto show, as it includes a huge amount of work.

You can watch the full test drive of the Lexus is 250 in the video, which is located just below: