Why knocks transmission at the checkpoint?

Почему выбивает передачи на КПП?

Owners of used cars often face a problem in the gearbox. More specifically, due to the wear of gears and shafts, some gears can “jump out” during movement. It does not matter what gear “knocks out” and at what speed, this is the first sign of a malfunctioning manual transmission.

Even a completely inexperienced driver will understand that the transfer has jumped out. Let us examine such a moment: You are driving, confidently gaining speed, when suddenly the car suddenly loses its power, and the roar of the engine becomes stronger. This means that the gear on which you were moving just jumped out. It is necessary to squeeze the clutch and re-engage the right gear.

Why knocks transmission in manual transmission?

There are several such reasons:

- the first and probably the most common in used cars, is the breakage of the motor supports. As a result of such a cliff, the engine "goes with a shake," while losing hard contact with the gearbox. You can understand for yourself that you have a broken engine mount without even lifting the car on a lift. If during the movement he knocks out not just a certain speed (for example, the second gear), and the transmissions are different (from the first to the fifth), then most likely this is a break in the ICE supports.

Почему выбивает передачи на КПП?

- The second reason, which is more laborious to repair, is wear of the teeth on the synchronizer sleeves and on the gears of the gears. The cause of wear gears and teeth, can become improperly adjusted clutch, weakened cable, because of what the teeth on the gears quickly begin to wear off, leaving metal chips in the gearbox itself, which certainly also adversely affects the work of manual transmission. With such a malfunction, as a rule, the second or third gear pops up. But to beat out, as a rule, there will be only one of these speeds, and then only with a sharp acceleration or deceleration. The weakening of the synchronizer springs is also a cause of knocking out speeds. To understand what the problem will succeed only after opening the checkpoint.

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Почему выбивает передачи на КПП?

- The third reason is a big wear of the mechanism for selecting the desired gear. Identifying such a cause is also not a simple matter. It is also necessary to remove the gearbox and open it.

If the rear speed knocks out (very rarely), then the cause is most likely the same wear of synchronizers and gears.


Often, it is possible to determine the damage only after opening the gearbox. In case of such faults, it is better not to operate the car until the breakage is fixed. At one fine moment, this or that speed will stop and turn on at all, and repair will cost much more expensive.