Active car antennas for radio

In many vehicles, a radio is a source of good music and news. The high-quality signal helps him usually catch an active car antenna for the radio. Its use allows you to get rid of possible radio interference in difficult urban conditions, where there are high-rise concrete buildings. Before the car owner, the question arises, which of the types of devices should be preferred.


  • 1 Kinds of devices
  • 2 Embedded antennas
  • 3 With magnetic mount
  • 4 pin type
  • 5 Saloon type
  • 6 Triada
  • 7 Scat
  • 8 Bosch

Varieties of devices

Active or passive antenna for cars is designed to receive the energy of the electromagnetic field. Further, the signal is converted to electrical and amplified by the built-in receiver. As a result, all passengers and the driver enjoy music or other information.

To minimize possible interference, an outdoor car antenna is most often mounted for a car radio on the roof, on the hood or in the area of ​​the rear bumper. There are several types of fasteners for this device:

  • using permanent magnets;
  • special mechanical fastening is applied that does not damage the case;
  • Mortise copies are attached by holes in the body.

Important! The main difference between passive and active antennas is that in the second case, the device requires an additional power source, however, this contributes to a better reception of even a rather weak signal.

Mortise antennas

This type of design was popular a couple of decades ago. The telescopic version was mounted on the front right wing. However, such a product has certain disadvantages:

  • Some cumbersome design and relatively low reliability.
  • Often, a hole prepared for installation is a source of corrosive processes.
  • While driving on the road, it is not recommended to remotely open the antenna in length, as it can be mechanically damaged by air flow.
  • During operation, the sectional elements lose between them a rigid connection and break contact. To prevent this, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the parts between themselves with graphite grease.

how much are the active antennas for cars

There are two types of outdoor telescopic antennas:

  • Automatic. To manage them using a special contact. It allows you to push all the elements vertically when you turn on the radio.
  • Semi-automatic. The exit of sections to the working position is obtained due to the additional pressure on a separate button located in the cabin.
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With magnetic mount

A popular design is the active antenna for car with a magnetic stand. It is located, as a rule, on the roof of the vehicle. Less often it is installed on the trunk. The advantages of the design are in the following qualities:

  • affordable price;
  • ease of installation;
  • simple design.

The disadvantage is the relatively short length, which negatively affects the result. Also in open unguarded parking it is recommended to hide it in the auto salon.

Pin type

Also common is a whip car antenna. It is mounted on the bumper of the car or put on the roof. It is made of all-metal material. Its final price tag is lower than that of the telescopic structure, and it is also more practical and reliable. The disadvantage is its non-compact dimensions.

Traditionally, they are fixed in the groove of the rear bumper. This solution allows you to choose the maximum length of the structure. When laying used shielded cable that runs through the entire length of the cabin. It is important to ensure the absence of contact of the main rod with the car body. The “shield” of the cable must be securely connected to the battery ground.

Saloon type

The antenna for the car radio on the glass stands alone. Usually it is mounted on the back of the car. The design uses high-frequency amplifiers, which affects the increase in the cost of equipment. These antennas must be connected to the power supply.

What is the active antenna for car radio?

Minor structural inconvenience covers many advantages that increase the competitiveness of such equipment. Here it should be noted:

  • The installed item is not available for vandals and hooligans.
  • Installation of the device does not affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
  • Reception of a signal effective for city and country conditions.

Popular brands that have proven themselves in the domestic market are Skat, Triad, Bosch, Supra, etc. Consider some brands in more detail.


Popular active antennas for cars of domestic development from NPF "Triad" meet all international standards. They are also the most adapted to the Russian operating conditions.

The brand is represented by five types of its products. One of the most popular is the model 610 Standart. By its quality, it is practically not inferior to brands such as Prolodzhi or Pioneer. The main characteristics of the model are:

  • the presence of a built-in amplifier, with adjustment in the UHF and MV ranges;
  • the circuit has a double filter that protects against interference arising during the operation of the ignition system;
  • There are two modes of operation: “turbo” - to operate the machine outside the city to enhance the existing signal, “city” - to work within the city and to reduce interference from industrial facilities.
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In some models there is an addition in the form of an external element. It is used to amplify the signal.


Отечественное предприятие ААЦ «Инжиниринг» выпускает внутрисалонные устройства Scat. Они монтируются на стекло изнутри. Для аккуратного монтажа нет необходимости в услугах сторонних специалистов. Все можно поставить самостоятельно.

The antenna web is a metal vibrator. It is often used not only for radio signals, but also for receiving TV broadcasts to the appropriate equipment. Performance characteristics:

  • assembly of the product in the enterprise is carried out by industrial means;
  • waterproof housing has a service life of at least 10 years;
  • The design uses high-quality chips such as Telefunken;
  • There are two modes of operation: city and highway;
  • universal filter provides contact with any radio, eliminating interference from the ignition system;
  • for operation, it is necessary to use an additional power source of 7 V.


The world famous brand also deserves the attention of consumers. In our market, its model Bosch-014 is often encountered. Products most often come across the Malaysian assembly. The model released in Germany is unlikely to be found on the shelves.

Assembly is not difficult. The canvas is presented in the form of a thin thread, hidden plastic winding. It is important to follow the step-by-step algorithm described in the instructions. Specifications:

  • active elements are built-in transistors;
  • high quality floor protection is used;
  • separate channels are used to amplify different ranges;
  • the design uses flat low-frequency cables that work well for protection against interference;
  • there is a universal filter for power supply.

It is advisable to purchase certified products for which the warranty period is set.