How to paint the alloy or stamped wheels? tips and examples

Every car owner sooner or later faces the problem of aging of automobile disks - after endless kilometers on domestic roads, they scratch, and if the paint does not peel off, then it definitely loses its original appearance. And it also happens when, after buying a new car, you want something more original and, most importantly, unique, so that no one else has any more. Therefore, the question often arises about how and how to paint the cast or stamped wheels on the car itself, so as not to fail with the result.

Overview of tools for painting discs on cars

You can, of course, buy new wheels or take the car to the service so that the masters can provide first-class service, but all this costs a lot of money. And if you are in doubt whether the discs are painted on their own, look at the attached photos and see for yourself. In this article we will analyze the whole process in stages, in order to understand how to properly paint cast and stamped discs on cars. Moreover, the process does not take you much time or money.


  • What paint to paint auto wheels
  • Preparation for painting drives on the car
  • How to paint wheels on cars? Step-by-step instruction

What paint to paint auto wheels

First of all, it is necessary to decide on what paint to paint the car wheels, and, of course, what color. For this purpose there are two types of paints: powder and acrylic; Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered before choosing.

  • Powder paint is stable, wear-resistant, able to last for a long time. The coating does not deform or scratch. This is a production paint, because it is she who covers the new, newly manufactured, alloy wheels. The negative side is a complex application technology that requires special equipment; the inability to paint part of the disk, for example, a scratched area.
  • Acrylic paint gives more room for imagination thanks to the variety of color palettes. It is simpler to apply and distribute it over the disc, besides, it is possible to open a small piece of the surface. However, such a coating is less resistant to damage, and if driving carelessly over the potholes, pieces of paint can quickly break away.

Choosing which paint to paint wheel forged, cast or forged wheels, it is better to give preference to powder, because it will last much longer, but if you still want brightness and diversity, and you are ready for meticulous care of discs, then try acrylic - even then You can make your car the most original.

Step 3. After the process is finished, allow the disc to dry well, and this, in general, can be completed. But to give a gloss about a week, walk on the surface of the polish - after that the rims will shine like new. A rubber can be updated with silicone grease.

Varnishing of a disk on a car

If necessary, you can once again paint discs, if the first coloring did not bring the desired result or there was a certain defect. Now you already have the necessary experience, and things will go faster, and the result will be better.

To paint the chrome discs, you have to work hard - the old coating just does not clean off either sandpaper or a grinding machine. We advise you to try sandblasting, it cleans the surface more thoroughly. Top can be coated with chrome (if, for example, a separate section is damaged and needs to be restored) or paint the disk according to the above description.

Disc after varnishing

So, you can paint the car disks yourself. For this you need only a special paint, varnish, time and a little skill. Knowing certain subtleties, you can get a result no worse than when you turn to professionals in a car repair shop, but it is much cheaper. Look at the photos, videos that demonstrate the process, and get started.