Deflectors on the side windows of the car

Additional external accessories to the car give the original memorable look. It is also important that the inserts do not reduce the drag coefficient set by the automaker. One of the useful inventions in such a situation are side window deflectors or similar elements on the bonnet front. You can install them yourself even in garage conditions.


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  • 3 Analog for hood

Window visor

Разбираясь, What are side window deflectors for?, стоит учесть, что их используют не только в эстетических целях. Данные элементы автомобильного экстерьера монтируются для обеспечения дополнительного комфорта во время езды. Due to their shape, they do not affect the aerodynamics of transport, but at the same time emphasize the style of the car.

Unfortunately, not every car in its class is equipped with a good climate control or built-in air conditioning in the cabin. Some brands do not have comfort inside such an element for a number of objective reasons. In such a situation, it is preferable to mount the visor on the side window. The positive factors for this are the following factors:

  • Each certified part produced by a proven manufacturer, and not in Chinese villages, has a streamlined shape and with a small window opening during rain or snow does not allow rain to enter the cabin.
  • The smoker driver is fully able to appreciate the benefits of installing such accessories. Cigarette smoke is drawn almost completely into the open slot. At the same time in the cabin is carried out an active air naturally. Flicked ashes are quickly removed.
  • It happens because of the temperature difference inside the cabin and overboard unwanted fogging of windows. In this case, a small half-opening of the windows quickly comes to the rescue. Natural blowing equalizes the thermal balance, at which condensate deposits from the inside disappear.
  • The installed deflectors on the side windows of the car prevent the ingress of mechanical pollution from the outside into the vehicle's interior when the window is opened.
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where to buy side window deflectors

Competently selected visor elegantly emphasize the silhouette of the car, giving the appearance of elegance. It is important to choose the optimal shape and acceptable colors for the instructions.

How to install

Manufacturers suggest using several types of fasteners. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages for the car owner.

Owners of domestic transport prefer plug-in type of models. A plus is the speed of installation. For foreign auto method is unlikely to be appropriate, since the design of the accessory is designed to interface with our body. Another form of alignment can manifest flaws in the form of slits.

Apply deflectors on the basis of glue, many motorists fear. This is due to the wide distribution of low-quality adhesive models of Asian production. The double-sided tape used in them did not always withstand the load.

Branded high-quality modern models free from such a "disease". They are securely fixed in their position. Enough to hold a good degreasing on the surface of the mount.

Analog for hood

In the process of driving the hood takes the brunt of external undesirable factors on the road. These include small pebbles, insects, grains of sand and other mechanical debris. As a result, undesirable commemorative markings appear on the hood or even the windshield.

Often this effect occurs with frequent driving on country or dirt roads. It appears all in dents, chips or cracks. You can catch such a "surprise" from under the oncoming car, which rolls small stones from the wheels left on the road after repairing it or on potholes.

What are side window deflectors for?

A deflector mounted in the front ensures the formation of a laminar flow, which successfully lifts above the machine not only trifles in the form of sand and stones, but also in the form of insects. The accessory gains relevance during the summer season. No wonder the second name of the deflector is a car "fly swatter."

We are obliged by such invention to motorists from the American continent, where even washers can not always cope with tropical exotic. However, more active liquid should not be poured into the tank.

It is important to know that some of the crashed spider bugs form a chemically active aggressive texture that can destroy the paint layer of the machine.

When installed on the hood of such protection, you can minimize the risk factors for damage. Drivers prefer to put the whole kit, including window and soot deflector. It is only important to choose it for a specific brand of car to ensure excellent fit to the surface.

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