Restyling ford focus 2 sedan: an updated look and new

The Ford Focus is a new generation that replaced the Ecsort retiree. This is one of the best-selling cars in the world, and the peak of its popularity was reached in 2001.

Ford Focus 2 restyled photo

Ford Focus was created on the CW170 model platform, the new product appeared back in 1998, taking into account all global changes and improvements, a lot of time has passed since then, and now everyone's car has been restyled.

Global design changes

Made Ford Focus 2 restyling sedan has been completely redesigned. Now the car is more elegant, sporty, and got an appearance that embodies confidence and power. No wonder many motorists have noticed in him a certain aggressiveness. The car Ford Focus 2 with a hatchback body on 5 doors and 5 seats has the following dimensions: length 4342 mm, width 1840 mm, height 1497 mm. The wheelbase is 2640 mm, 1531-1537 mm track, 110 mm ground clearance. The amount of luggage 467 liters.

Ford Focus 2 car restyling 2014

The car interior designers left the same elegant with the use of high quality materials. In the best car should be all the best, so Ford Focus 2 is equipped with a large number of options so that the driver gets the pleasure and comfort from driving. Perfect technologies blow attention and care of the company "FORD" for their customers. The cabin is spacious, increased legroom for passengers in the back seat, so four adults can comfortably sleep here.

The designers did not forget to do hood Ford Focus 2 restyling. The updated version of Ford, has an additional option "Sport" with improved front optics and an unusual grille. Headlights shine with halogen light, depending on the configuration of xenon lamps "Bi-Xenon".

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Not left unattended door Ford Focus 2 restyling, which is a stamped frame with a hood: this allows you to get additional enhanced protection against side impacts. A well-designed door provides a wide range of views through the window frame. The inner side of the door was treated with a seam sealant to protect the passenger compartment from moisture.

Ford Focus 2 design change

Details about the brakes

Brake Ford Focus 2 wheels restyled позволил устанавливать как спортивные для быстрого стиля езды, так и обычные городские. В любом случае, нужно установить надежные и качественные диски с необходимыми требованиями. Есть специальные тормозные диски сделанные из профильного чугунного материала, который гарантирует стабильную работу независимо от температуры. Также он обеспечивает равномерный износ колодок, быстрое удаление газов с помощью охлаждения и снижает уровень изнашивания на поверхности. Когда происходит сильный нагрев тормозных дисков, тормозные свойства также ухудшаются, а это приводит к непредсказуемым последствиям. Brake диски необходимо выбирать с полной осторожностью, особенно если покупаете неоригинальные литые диски. Тщательно подберите диаметр, сверловку, разболтовку, вылет диска, ширину обода и диаметр ступицы. Завод рекомендует:

  • disc width 6 or 6.5 inches;
  • a disc with a diameter of R15-R16 inch;
  • the number of holes for fasteners and diameter centers - 5 pieces of 108 mm;
  • the distance from the longitudinal axis of the rim to the mounting platform (disc overhang) ET52.5 mm;
  • diameter of the central hole under the hub DIA63,3 mm;
  • tire width 195 (205) mm;
  • tire height 65 (55)%;
  • planting diameter is 15 (16) inches.

Ford Focus 2 restyling

Choosing a salon for the replacement of brake discs, you need to worry about this choice of representation, which have a positive recommendation in the sales market.

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Thresholds of the second Ford Focus

On Thresholds Ford Focus 2 restyling was also produced. The left and right threshold is attached to the power and frame parts of the body with a welded joint. After that, the threshold is treated with anti-corrosion solution and painted. Such thresholds serve as a longitudinal protection of the body, and counteracts the ingress of dirt or water into the cabin, and the details of the suspension protect against third-party items.

Thresholds Ford made in the classic style, the lines are straight, smoothly turning into the arch of the wheels. Setting the thresholds on the car adds aerodynamic parameters in it, if you add the threshold of the air collector, you can further improve the aerodynamics to distribute the flow of air to the meeting. With this element, the car stands out clearly among other cars, and the hatchback Focus 2 threshold is the most necessary part of the uniqueness and individuality of the car. The model of the threshold of the Focus is perfectly combined with other elements of the body and emphasizes the imperceptible elements. Optionally, you can set the thresholds Lord, which add impressive volumes to the car and extra power. Thus, the threshold will add to the car’s handling, ride comfort, and maneuverability on the road.

Restyling Ford Focus 2

Photo restyling Ford Focus 2

Expansion options

Additionally, for an improved control system, you can install an engine start system with a Ford Power button, it is located between the handbrake and the gearbox. There is an adaptive front lighting system, a car start system using a button, a parking and rain sensor, a tire pressure system. Interesting system Human Machine Interface, which has the option of fast refueling Easyfuel, help in adjusting various parameters in the car, air conditioning, system cruise control assistance on descent and ascent, and much more. The dashboard has a backlight in red, the audio and climate control systems have been optimized. For true fans of Ford, designers have saved the top-end version of the dashboard, which can be height-adjustable, has additional niches and many additional functions. With such a panel, the car looks modern and informative.

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New look Ford Focus 2

With the help of the Control Blade rear suspension, the EHPAS power steering, the ESP electronic stabilization system, the EBA emergency brake assist system, the ABS anti-lock system and the EBD brake force distribution system, the vehicle becomes more stable and maneuverable on the road.

Do not forget that the characteristics depend on the configuration of the Ford Focus 2. Ford Ford car grade: 2521 cc engine. cm 5 cylinder, power 225 horsepower, torque 4150 Nm. Fuel AI-95, tank size of 53 liters.

The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 241 km / h. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers

Ensure the quality of the car ride after a test drive of the Ford Focus 2. And to take into account all the nuances when buying such a car and know in advance what you might encounter, we recommend watching this video: