What emphasize superiority? full wheel drive tuning for

Immigrants from off-road, for which initially were created, crossovers quickly gained a leading position in the city, becoming the real "kings of the road." They have no equal on the off-road, but “somewhere down there” they are discussed respectfully, almost in a whisper ... The world belongs to them, and those who are smaller will move!

Jeep Wrangler tuning

The sport car's heart rushing forward, pushing the crossover's massive body - can one imagine a more successful symbiosis? It turns out you can, if your ambitions make you forget about compromises.

We present to you tuning crossovers, significantly changed them for the better - as well as the mood of their owners.

Jeep Wrangler. A remake of the classics is always interesting.

Imagine that an ordinary Jeep Wrangler can be turned into a Super Jeep! With the ICON suspension, the tread of the car has changed noticeably. To begin with, he was being lifted. ICON Stage raised the car above the level of the road by 150 mm. Long adjustable transverse thrusts, long levers, coilovers not only increased the suspension travels one and a half times, but also made it possible to more calmly perceive the inevitable twisting. To protect the suspension from punching, if the driver "brings", were added hydraulic dampers.

Further, the Jeep was “retooled” with the harsh Nitto Mud Grappler rubber (40 inches in dimension - almost a meter!), Worn on 22-inch XD Series wheels. And so that such “bots” (no less than 15.5 inches wide) fit, wheel arches were enlarged. In order not to cut it “alive”, strong steel (7 mm) Smittybilt wings were installed on the hull. They are much wider than the "native" and give more space for massive chassis.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon tuning photo

Something had obviously been forgotten ... In order to fully experience their own superiority, the Wrangler’s owners got rid of the “native” plastic awning, replacing it with an incomparable Wildboar. For the warm season, they left the original soft awning, which can be easily hidden in the trunk.

To make the car look spectacular in the dark, it was equipped with Trucklite LED headlights and Rigid optics. It turned out brilliantly!

It remains to add the appearance of the car even more severity. For this purpose, the Fab Fours power bumpers are perfect. The front is equipped with a kenguryatnik, integrated optics and a winch. Come Up 9.5 is able to pull the Jeep out of any rework. Well, except that in addition to the financial difficulties of his master! The rear bumper was equipped with a powerful wicket, easily carrying a huge “fortieth” spare tire.

Little remains: for a comfortable boarding, the car was “presented” by the AMP-Research electric thresholds. Ascend on board the starship. In order not to scratch their offspring in any way, the owners made a reasonable decision to treat it with a protective coating LINE-X. Well, and a small cosmetic procedure: the salon has sheathed natural leather, having stitched it with a white line.

In the end, it turned out a sort of "Jeep for the fun of his ego." Or did he buy his own?

Nissan Navara D40 chip tuning

Nissan Navara D40: beautiful rogue!

The pickup was refined for the purpose of daily promenades in the city, and sometimes for trips to moderately difficult off-road sections of moderate complexity, and for a speedy race through raiders, and for driving along asphalt.

Besides, SUV tuning must emphasize the nature of the owner, to express his emotions. And they do not always require heaviness and brutality, taking into account the fact that behind the outer simplicity often lies capacious stuffing, and behind the clean lines of the forms - a detailed study. After tuning, the car did not attract the onlookers' attention with excessive delights - but it stood out with sheer self-sufficiency!

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First of all, the suspension was replaced in Nissan Navara: the owner chose the Old Man Emu, which improves the handling of the car in combination with an elevator, sufficient for a serious off-road “shoe”.

Nissan Navara D40 tuning

Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers and Old Man Emu springs showed themselves on the track just wonderfully, “swallowing” irregularities inside and outside. Suspension even allowed the car to jump from low jumps. Indescribable feeling: a heavy car, hard coming off the ground, lands like a cat soft! On the asphalt, the car also showed itself at its best, reminding not a brutal pickup, but an assembled sports car.

The car was equipped with all-season ATZ 285/75 R16 chassis from Mickey Thompson. This is slightly more than the suspension lift allowed. She was otliftovana a couple of inches, the missing height was compensated by a two-inch body lift. So the owner did without cutting the chassis arches and avoided violation of the drive angles.

Looking forward to confident off-road racing, the owner installed an ARB AirLocker with pneumatic drive on the front axle. The rear lock of the car was already in the factory assembly. As a result, in addition to blocking, Nissan had a compressor with a capacity of 75 l / min. Given the above chassis - the very thing.

Finally, for the same off-road, the owner brought the snorkel (the device with which the engine can work under water) to the top - to overcome the fords, and to protect the engine from dust. Due to the fact that all decisions were weighed very carefully, and the installation of the devices was thought out, the “output” was a perfectly balanced crossover with no visible flaws.

Cadillac Escalade Star Force tuning photo

Cadillac Escalade: if you change, then from the inside!

Tuned Escalade, at first glance, is nothing different from the usual: the same powerful headlights, LED lights door handles, shiny aluminum hood and active curtains. But first glance is often deceiving!

After tuning, Cadillac Escalade 2014 has become much more powerful and comfortable. Instead of the usual engine capacity of 420 liters. with. 6-liter was installed with a capacity of 560 liters. with. At the same time, the torque was worked out, which amounted to 740 Nm “at the output”. A new generation of defect-proof universal joint shaft was installed on the car, transmitting torque without any loss.

Additional improvements in Cadillac Escalade touched the control unit, which has got new settings. A worthy place in the tuned crossover was also taken by a powerful intercooler and a special mechanical supercharger.

Cadillac Escalade Interior Tuning

The aerodynamic characteristics were also modified in the original: the car now cuts the air, like a sharpened ax. A tuned car exchanges a hundred in just 6.5 seconds. The top speed of the modified Escalade is 210 km / h.

Eventually, crossover tuning Cadillac Escalade presented to fans of powerful, large cars in the American style another toy.

Mazda BT-50: a tractor driver's dream

Tuning begins with a dream, and a dream with a desire. The desire of the owner to adjust the car "for themselves." Mazda BT-50 - the car on the fan. In addition, its 2.4-liter engine is frankly weak for dedicated races, and the suspension design leaves much to be desired. The owner of the car in question was not at all eager to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan - he simply improved the characteristics of his beloved car.

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The first thing pickup was otliftovan, and the suspension is not liftovali. It was enough to lift the body above the frame by 50 mm so that the chassis with a diameter of 31 inches entered the arches. In the dimension of the chassis and were special nuances of tuning.

Mazda BT-50 tuning

The chassis diameter in all-wheel drive cars is a constant, and the size of the front and rear chassis must be the same. And then the owner decided on a bold experiment: in front of them they installed the chassis 31x10 R15 (wheels 15x8, departure - 25 mm), behind - 31x12.5 R15 (wheels 15x10, departure - minus 40 mm). The rear chassis was wider than the front almost 2.5 inches, protruding to the sides on the sides of 100 mm.

Taking into account the fact that Mazda is not a long-haul car, the owner, through the aforementioned machinations, has improved the controllability of his car, increasing its stability. It turned out a special configuration, more reminiscent of the device ring racing cars, than crossovers.

As a result, the owner got what he wanted: a car for permanent long-distance highway “tacks” and trips on a good primer.

This determined further tuning decisions for the Mazda BT-50. A 140-liter fuel tank appeared in the pickup, which significantly increased the range of its autonomous mileage. Luggage platform on the roof of aluminum and power thresholds also came at an opportune moment - purely for practical purposes. But the front power bumper with a kenguryatnik (and additional light) appeared for exterior harmony.

The factory rear bumper was also replaced - since the “relatives” are not considered to be bumpers at all for pick-ups. The test of a tuned car on the roads showed that the special wheel configuration, at least did not worsen the performance of the terrain. On the asphalt and wet road crossover has become much more obedient.

Lexus LX L60S tuning Invader

Lexus LX L60S: A Wonderful Transformation

The transformation of the luxury Japanese Lexus LX 570 into a sports crossover, at first glance, seems insane. And to someone it seems that too representative Lexus looks ridiculous on a par with high-speed cars! It turned out that it is easily fixable.

For this, the LX 570 was armed with a compressor, a modified exhaust duct and the latest electronic controller. Engine power as a result jumped to 600 liters. with. (instead of “stock” 383 hp!), and 2.7 ton car takes acceleration to a hundred in 6 seconds.

But weighty arguments are sometimes not enough for persuasiveness - the relevant appearance is important. Its massive chin LX L60S is obliged to tune the bumper Invader Technologies with bright LED illumination. At the back, the owner decided to correct the chrome exhaust that stood out by cutting it off.

But what deserves separate applause is the R22 chassis wheels, through which multi-piston brake supports can be seen.

The changes affected the interior, at the mercy of carbon and genuine leather.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 WK2 TYRANNOS

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 WK2 TYRANNOS: a predator in the concrete jungle

Since its introduction, the Grand Cherokee SRT-8, a sort of symbiosis of Naomi Campbell and the high-speed locomotive, has acquired the nickname “scary”. No, not in the sense of ugly, on the contrary - handsome: heavy, black, growling! To describe the behavior of this car, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to respond rudely in German. That's exactly the “accent” of the SRT-8.

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As time went on, the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 slowly but surely "switched to the dark side of power." He started with a modest runoff of 420 horses - and rushed: 530, 650, 750, 988! And all in order to become what he is today and is - a full-fledged Turbo SRT8!

It turned out that it is possible to further aggravate the situation. At least outwardly. Tyrannos body kit is one of the most frequently ordered types of tuning among the owners of the Jeep SRT8. Directly some kind of trend ... Body kit provides a tuned bumper, body extension and other "bells and whistles".

Strict, interesting, aggressive body kit Tyrannos, especially in combination with forged wheels Renen R22 gives the car refinement, at the same time turning it into a real predator, confidently crushing the asphalt canvas of a big city. The new image markedly distinguishes the SRT8 from the general stream of cars.

BMW X6M: double handling

The tuned BMW X6M SUV is the result of the work of insane geniuses from Cam Shaft and PP-Performance workshop famous for their special approach to aftermarket tuning cars.

BMW X6M Stealth Tune

The main work on the modernization and personalization of filling cars were carried out in PP-Performance. In an alliance with Vorsteiner, PP-Performance designers turned the BMW X6M into a brand new body kit, which includes a front bumper splitter, a heavy rear bumper diffuser and the lightest spoiler on the edge of the fifth door.

In addition to the carbon elements of the body kit, the powerful crossover was equipped with an alternative hood with slots and decorated with wide side stripes with the symbols of the design studio.

Тут же, 4,4-литровый восьмицилиндровый двигатель внедорожника «возмужал» с помощью пакета Stage 3: была полностью заменена система выпуска. Кроссоверу «перепрошили электронный мозг», увеличив отдачу до 720 лошадей. Eventually, производительность выросла на 165 лошадей.

Further, the crossover got out of the door of Cam Shaft, where it acquired a distinctive external “sheen” thanks to a matte film, red brake supports and “carbon-like” discs.

Someone may consider jeep tuning playing “who has more” - especially when it comes to “urban” crossovers. But the world has changed, now it is not a tractor, created for mixing marsh mud. These are status, elegant cars, exchanging a hundred in a few seconds. So why not change the luxurious steel creation for yourself, and at least once in your life do not give yourself the opportunity to touch the Ideal?

And from us a small bonus - a video with the original tuning of the body of the BMW X6M (covered with a special film). Looks impressive!