The chinese will no longer sell geely mk and geely mk cross

Кandтайцы больше не будут продавать в Россandand Geely MK and Geely MK Cross

For April and May, the coffers of Russian dealers of the Chinese auto brand Geely, in which so far there are still models Geely MK and Geely MK Cross, will be freed from them completely. After that, the delivery to us of the modules of these cars and the assembly at our facilities are no longer foreseen. This is not a sign that the Chinese have finally come to their senses and are beginning to quietly withdraw from the segments of the Russian car market that they seized at the beginning of the crisis. Just the cars are outdated. The Chinese company Geely is going to start a new era in the automotive industry, which will be based on advanced industry standards and technologies. Including environmental. These will already be cars of a different quality, say the Chinese.

Geely has been on our car market for eight years. From 2008 to today, the company has been able to sell almost fifty thousand cars to Russians. Geely MK and Geely MK Cross.

Кandтайцы больше не будут продавать в Россandand Geely MK and Geely MK Cross

And Geely MK sedans more than hatchbacks were sold - about 28,000 cars. It was on this sedan that Russians were able to see the company's name plate for the first time. The first two years, from 2008 to 2010, the Chinese supplied us with their cars in the form already assembled, that is, they were completely "imported." And in 2010, the “Chinese” were stamped on the conveyors of the Cherkess Derveis. Last sedan Geely MK был собран здесь почтand год назад, еще в августе 2015 года.

But хэтч Geely MK Cross Came to us exactly five years ago. About twenty thousand Russians managed to buy it during this time. He was assembled on the platform of his predecessor Geely MKIn comparison with him, he had a more solid body kit and a “tasty” price tag. The car had a bright memorable design and ground clearance that was sufficient for our off-road conditions. The fact that the cross version Geely MK will leave our market, it was first said at the end of November 2015.

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Кandтайцы больше не будут продавать в Россandand Geely MK and Geely MK Cross

Today, the Chinese are not tired of investing money in the development of the localized production of their cars in the brotherly republic of Belarus. The plant is named after the first syllables of the words "Belarus" and "Geely" - "Belgi". Geely cars assembled here will be sold, including in our market. Soon there will begin to collect flagship sedan Geely GC9 (he will get to us by August of the current year), crossover Geely NL3 (we will see him closer to the end of the year), as well Geely Emgrand Cross (его стоandт ждать только к весне 2017 года).