Fm transmitter for cars: what it is, how it works

Information about what a transmitter for cars, will be most interesting to owners of cars produced 10 years ago and more. Most of these vehicles have outdated equipment by today's standards. In this connection it is necessary to improve some nodes or systems.


  • 1 Actual Facts
  • 2 The principle of operation and device design
  • 3 Selection Criteria
    • 3.1 First group
    • 3.2 Second group
    • 3.3 The third group
  • 4 Optimum parameters

Actual Facts

Decipher the value of "FM transmitter", what it is, is quite simple. The concept came from the English language - Frequency modulation, translated as frequency modulation. In fact, the device is a device that can play audio files on removable media. They are transmitted to the built-in FM radio in the car. Next, the sound is output to the speakers installed in the car audio system.

Automotive FM modulator (transmitter) was most in demand at a time when the car did not have a popular USB-connector. If you have a flash drive, you can play music through this device in a more comfortable mode. More modern car devices allow smartphones to connect to them. Yet the prerequisites for connecting such a device are:

  • the presence of the head unit in the cabin;
  • built-in speakers inside the car;
  • cigarette lighter socket working close to the car stereo.

The principle of operation and device design

We will understand how the modulator in the car and what it is. Visually, the FM transmitter in the car has a small size. A mandatory attribute of most models is a large plug for the cigarette lighter. After installing the gadget in the working slot, thanks to the rotating hinge, we choose a comfortable position. Management can be done in two ways:

  • buttons located on the body;
  • via remote control.

The sources of files can be the following elements:

  • classic USB flash drive;
  • SD drive;
  • flash microSD

Important! Choosing a FM transmitter for cars, you need to pay attention to information about the file system and the maximum allowable values ​​of the connected media.

Parameters are always indicated in the instructions for use. Cheaper items do not have it in Russian, they need to navigate intuitively.

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The most popular audio formats are WAV / WMA / MP3 / FLAC. These data are also indicated in the instructions, however, MP3s remain the most requested files.

Playable songs from a flash drive are sent to the modulator (transmitter) stream. It has a short range. Usually the signal is distributed within the cabin of the car. To catch the desired wave, you need to adjust the built-in FM receiver to it. Thus, the sound from the flash drive is sent to the speakers.

To ensure that signal transmission is of the highest quality, large barriers between the transmitter and receiver are not allowed. Otherwise noise will appear. The wave on which the signal is transmitted is usually removed from the main radio stations and is close to the extreme positions of the frequency settings. Often it is around 88 MHz. The value indicated in the instructions.

Criterias of choice

It will be possible to choose the optimal model due to the optimal set of functions in the device. In most cases, the basic set is enough for comfortable listening to music. Among the many devices, there are three groups that are suitable for the role of an additional audio system.

What is a transmitter for cars

First group

The budget option with modest features often has a two-color display. An affordable price tag and a small number of opportunities can be obtained in parallel with the average quality of playback. Such devices are capable of supporting flash drives with a small amount of memory.

Since scanning for such gadgets does not always work correctly, it is recommended to drop files into the root directory. Often folder breakdown is not a good practice.

It is important to know that low-end models are not equipped with their own memory, it is all removable.

A typical representative is Ritmix FMT-A705. It has a remote control for switching tracks and play / pause. The screen displays information about the file. Plays MP3 with a radius of up to 5 m.

Second group

More expensive devices are able to display graphic information in popular formats on a color monitor. They are also designed to read files in separate parks / directories from large volumes of media. Devices have an internal memory reserve, which has a positive effect on their work.

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An example is the Ritmix FMT-A765. The device is equipped with a color display and is capable of playing MP3 and WMA files. Allows work with large carriers up to 16 GB. Convenience is the presence of 3.5 mm jack, through which you can connect a smartphone. Included is a remote.

Third group

More advanced devices in the design have a block with wireless Bluetooth data transmission. This allows you to pair them with phones using simpler technology. Also, this option provides the ability to make phone calls in the car by speakerphone.

One of the advanced gadgets is Jet.A JA-16. It has up to 2 GB of internal memory. At the same time, the device has linear inputs / outputs, a remote control, the ability to play audio, photo and video, USB and Bluetooth connectors.

Optimal parameters

Selecting the transmitter in the car, you need to pay attention to the established modes. When the music in the cabin sounds light background, it is enough to choose a budget model with remote control. For the driver who spends a long time behind the wheel, we recommend to give preference to models with bluetooth. This way you can easily connect the phone and not violate the rules of the road.

Gourmets tempted in music should choose models with great potential. Heaped will brighten up your time in traffic and can even reproduce the video image. You can also see photos without discharging your smartphone.