From now on osago can be extended remotely.

Отныне ОСАГО можно продлять дистанционно As of today, twenty-two insurance companies with coverage of eighty-two percent of the Russian insurance market have launched an online service through which one can, without leaving home, buy a CTP insurance policy. The need to develop and introduce into practice the use of such a service is due to the huge queues in the design of policies in the usual way. The electronic policy will allow saving a large amount of time to car owners and relieve the staff of insurance companies. You can purchase this document from anywhere in the Russian Federation, especially in the outback, so long as there is Internet, and this will also save material resources to insurance companies that would be required to organize additional offices in hard-to-reach regions. Another question is that it is in the remote regions of our country that the Internet is the most strained, but this fact does not sober the initiators extending auto-citizens in remote mode. Отныне ОСАГО можно продлять дистанционно From July 1, on the official websites of insurance companies, in sections specially created for this, you can extend CTP in electronic form. This does not replace traditional forms of issuing and renewing policies, if there is no desire to solve the problem quickly and at a distance, motorists can come to the offices of companies or seek the services of insurance agents.

The service currently works only on the extension of CTP insurance policies that have already been issued, since the PCA (Russian Union of Insurers) database must receive real documents about the driver and his car. That is, for the initial purchase of the policy you need to contact the insurance company directly with the entire set of necessary documents. You can pay for the extension of the policy by means of a plastic card.

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Отныне ОСАГО можно продлять дистанционно

The law does not insist that the electronic policy has a paper duplicate. If a traffic cop stops you, you will only need to call the policy number, and according to him the inspector himself will punch him through the database if he has a laptop with a working Internet at hand. The policy number is usually sent to the car owner’s phone or by e-mail after the renewal procedure.