How much does it cost to paint a car completely

The car is one of the most amazing inventions of mankind. The ability to travel long distances in short periods of time is invaluable. Operation of the same vehicle requires a lot of attention from the driver. It is necessary to monitor not only the condition of the suspension, the degree of wear of individual components, but also not to forget about the paintwork of the vehicle. After all, it suffers most from external influences. No one is immune from minor chips, dents, or rust.

How much is painting the car completely

Damage to the paintwork

Many people think that the paintwork is not the most important detail. It is worth noting the next moment. It is a layer of paint that protects the body from corrosion, if time does not pay attention to the appearance of the car, then there is a high probability of carrying out expensive repairs in the future.

Let's not forget that they turn for painting simply when the native color of the car is tired. Having repainted it completely or its separate parts, it is possible to radically change the appearance of an iron horse. Therefore, the question - how much is the painting of a car in whole or in a separate part of it - will always be relevant for motorists.


  • 1 Car painting - work stages
  • 2 We choose the performer, we determine the cost of work
  • 3 Paint the vehicle completely
  • 4 Coloring individual parts of the car
  • 5 How to save on painting cars? Some tips
  • 6 Alternative solution

Car painting - work stages

Work on the color of the vehicle is a complex technological process, which includes several stages. All actions must be carried out in strict order. Otherwise, the work will be done poorly, and the money - thrown to the wind. This applies to both the full color and the individual elements of the machine.

Сколько стоит покрасить автомобиль полностью

The process of painting cars in a special painting booth

Stages of work:

  1.  Removing the old coating, removing paint.
  2. Repair and repair minor damage (dents, scratches, etc.).
  3. Sanding, removal of dirt from the surface.
  4. Primer.
  5. The choice of color, the selection of a suitable paint.
  6. The painting stage involves applying the paint in several layers.
  7. Drying, followed by coating with a protective layer of varnish.

In general, paint work should be performed by professionals in their field, people with experience and certain theoretical knowledge on this issue. As a rule, the painters working in a separate box are engaged in the workshop. Of these steps, preparatory actions are of great importance, because it depends on them how the paint will fall on the car, and what the result of the work will be. In other words, if you save money at work, the result will be deplorable - you will have to drive the car back to the service station.

Full painting car worth

Substandard painting machine

We choose the performer, we determine the cost of work

To begin with, the question - how much does it cost to paint a car completely - cannot be given a quick and unequivocal answer. Any master or specialist will call only an approximate cost for the work. The price will be affected by the workshop for repair, the type of paint, the master himself and much more. When the driver decides that it is time to start updating the paint on the car, three options appear in front of him:

  • good and expensive workshop;
  • painting somewhere with a friend in the garage;
  • independent performance of work.
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We do not consider the last two options for a number of reasons. Repair in a simple garage - an adventure event. No one will give a guarantee on the work, will not be responsible for its result. It is likely that after such a cheap painting will have to redo everything.

Independent performance of work is an extremely complex and responsible procedure that few people can afford. To do this, you need a special room, equipment, materials, as well as elementary means of protection. And without a good experience - there is a chance to completely spoil the final result. Therefore, the best choice is a service station with masters who know their business with a bang. However, having come to such a place, you should not relax and let your guard down. The catch is that even in an expensive workshop there is a chance to find a “craftsman” who will be able to spoil a car at the disassembly / assembly stage.

How much does it cost to paint a car door

Professional painting

An experienced car painter will offer a potential client a portfolio of his works. These will be photos or videos. Sometimes it is possible that the master will give the contact of the previous client so that it will be possible to see everything personally.

One way or another, it’s not worth rushing to choose a repair site, but you should approach this issue with maximum precision and impartiality.

Paint the vehicle completely

Full painting of the car costs from 50 thousand rubles. But do not panic, thinking that it is easier to buy a new car than to accumulate the necessary amount. We note the moment that the amount of 50 thousand rubles is approximate and strongly depends on the type of machine, choice of consumables, the place where the repair will be made. There is a tendency that painting cars in a large city or its suburbs is much more expensive (in Moscow you can easily spend 100 thousand rubles and more), compared with the same works in a small locality.

Pondering the cost of work, you should try to answer the following questions:

  1. Will the painting procedure take place with complete disassembly of the car or partial?
  2. When choosing a complete disassembly, who will do this work? This is important because the process itself is extremely complicated and time consuming.
  3. Paint for car. Here the price range is quite high. You can pick up a cheap option for 10 - 12 thousand rubles. For this amount you will be able to buy a primer, putty and paint itself. However, when choosing expensive types of paint, only one material can take several times more money.
  4. The choice of repair. There are also many options. From simple garages to professional service stations.
How much is painting the car completely

Color matching

Coloring individual parts of the car

So, we have moved to the moment when it is necessary to paint a certain part of the car. This can be a door, a body or a gas cap. Basically, such a local repair is directly related to the nature of the damage. Most often, to fix a scratch or dent, you need to repair one or more parts.

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In this case, you will not be able to do without the services of the painter. This specialist is responsible for the selection of the exact shade of paint. We think it is not necessary to explain how stupid the car will look, where the painted door will stand out against the general background. Responding to a request - how much it costs to paint a car door - it is also impossible to give a definite answer. Everything again depends on the choice of master, the place of repair and the cost of consumables. Someone fits into 5 thousand rubles, and some 15 may not be enough.

For a more complete understanding of the pricing of paint work we give specific numbers. Painting an element from an unofficial dealer in the regions of Russia amounts to 5–8 thousand rubles, in Moscow one can be guided by 8–10 thousand rubles. If you wish to repair the service of the official dealer, you can smedl multiply these figures by about 1.5 times.

How to save on painting cars? Some tips

We have already found out that painting a car is quite expensive. 50 thousand rubles is the minimum that you will have to pay for all the work with materials. For a start, a good option would be a thorough study of the market of services provided. Choosing a place and people for work, you can save a lot on the "separate" work. However, as practice shows, it is much more profitable to do everything in one place at once. The second option would be the independent performance of all work.

The main advantage is the fact that an unknown master does not have to pay for the work. Everything is done by hand and everything goes under personal control. Self-repair allows you to avoid situations where the hired master poorly perform their work, and then say that it was so. Working personally, you yourself are responsible for everything you do.

Сколько стоит покрасить автомобиль полностью

Preparing for self-painting car

Alternative solution

The variant with pasting a car with a special film is of particular popularity. This allows you to protect the native paintwork and change the image of the car. Disputes on the topic of efficiency and expediency of pasting compared with coloring go so far.

The main thing - to understand that pasting loses the durability of painting cars. Before choosing this method, it is worth finding out for how many seasons the film is enough and would it not be more profitable to immediately repaint the car? There is also a significant minus pasting. Many car owners do not recommend resorting to it if the temperature in winter falls below - 30 degrees Celsius.

As a conclusion, we repeat that the coloring of the car is a mandatory procedure in the vehicle maintenance complex. It protects against rust, corrosion and other adverse effects. Of course, the coloring is quite expensive. But let's not forget that with the right approach, you can choose an inexpensive and very economical option.