The best cars with the best handling characteristics


Having good handling is crucial in any car. Many car owners, and especially the younger generation of drivers, do not always realize the true meaning of the concept of good handling.Best cars for handlingGood management cars do not imply the ability to go into drifts, do drift and similar risky things. This is a simple understeer. A driven car is an integral characteristic. It demonstrates how safe, comfortable and responsive the car’s response to the driver’s steering wheel manipulation is.

Читать далее о лучших автомобилях по управляемости-->Причём это понятие захватывает различные условия езды. Включая движение по прямой, вхождение в повороты и скольжения, в которых иногда машина может оказываться. На управляемость влияет целый ряд факторов, включая:

  • engine location;
  • power unit power;
  • thrust;
  • balancing and weighing;
  • tilt angle of wheels, etc.

We are not talking about cars that are best suited for drifting and similar activities, since these cars are not good to drive. Yes, the car turns well and allows you to slide, to enter the so-called skid or drift.

For an ordinary car owner, it is important that the car can be easily controlled, clearly respond to the commands and respond to all the actions performed by the wheel.

Impact of drive type on handling

In many ways, when choosing cars that hit the rating, the reference was the type of drive. It has the most direct influence on the control parameters.

  1. Front wheel drive cars. They have a tendency to understeer. For a car, this is pretty good. Because the bulk of cars with good management is represented by front-wheel drive.
  2. All-wheel drive. The steering characteristics are close to neutral, since the thrust is distributed evenly along the axles, and the tire slip rates are about identical. The presence of all-wheel drive somewhat reduces the requirements for the suspension.
  3. Rear wheel drive. Only one rear-wheel drive car got into the rating, since it is characterized by oversteer. Engineers have to come up with a number of solutions to reduce their tendency to oversteer and find compromises.

Based on this, it can be said that the most well-controlled cars are those that have full or front-wheel drive.

Rating Representatives

Among the huge number of cars on the market, we tried to select the most optimal control parameters.

The rating included representatives of famous automakers, such as:

  • Chevrolet;
  • Hyundai;
  • That;
  • Toyota;
  • Subaru;
  • Volkswagen;
  • BMW;
  • Seat;

When choosing the best cars for controllability, the main emphasis was placed on feedback from owners, test drives conducted by experts, as well as the technical characteristics of the cars.


Although this car is big enough, Ford has worked great handling issues. Therefore, even with impressive dimensions of the management model, there are no problems.

In addition to the responsive steering wheel, here you are offered a solid design, spacious modern interior and a number of electronic assistants that simplify the process of driving.

Ford is one of the leading manufacturers of the safest cars. Since the quality of management plays an important role in ensuring security, several representatives of this auto concern have been in the rating at once.

Car Ford Mondeo

Car Ford Mondeo

3 Series

Although BMW has a controversial reputation, since it is on such machines that young people are driving around and that every now and then gets into accidents, this is the fault of the drivers themselves.

In fact, BMW has one of the best handling options. This is especially noticeable in models of the 3 series, presented in several body versions.

The steering wheel clearly responds to any commands, pedals are sensitive, but not excessively. Optimal balancing and weight distribution, allowing you to get pleasure from driving and fully control the course of events.

BMW 3 Series Car

BMW 3 Series Car


A popular model from the American company Ford, which is widely represented on the world stage and in Russia in particular.

Responsive steering perfectly combined with quite powerful and economical engines. There is no excess horsepower, but the driver will not feel their shortage.

Good dynamics, confident control of movement and a comfortable lounge allow you to be driving for a long time.

Ford Focus car

Ford Focus car


Not very common in our model from the company Volkswagen. But this car has excellent handling.

With small dimensions and responsive engines, many expected to get something dangerous, which is what the drivers are trying to get into drift or drift. But in fact, the car just listens perfectly to the steering wheel and does not make unnecessary movements that the driver does not ask for.

Stylish car with a sporty character Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% is suitable for those who are not looking for a lot of thrills, but always seeks to keep the car under full control. Scirocco gives the pleasure of driving, but does not make it life-threatening.

Volkswagen Scirocco car

Volkswagen Scirocco car


Seat, controlled by Volkswagen, receives pleasant bonuses from such cooperation. As a result, the engineers created an updated Leon model, which is positively praised in many components.

These include responsiveness and precise control. Yes, you can find flaws in the car, such as hard plastic in the interior. But with its price and technical parameters you get a decent car with excellent behavior on the roads.

Car Seat Leon

Car Seat Leon


Another representative of the company Ford. Although this is a fairly large family-type car, you can feel the drive and the pleasure of driving it.

Many owners have excellent responsiveness to steering. The car literally helps to take turns in a smooth and neat way, reduces any risks of drifts and gives pleasure from driving and driving.

In addition to the main component for our rating, Ford offers a wide range of engines, a comfortable lounge and a high-quality interior.

Ford C-Max car

Ford C-Max car


Many will disagree with the fact that this machine is suitable for rating. But in fact, Subaru offers optimum performance for convenient and confident control.

We are not talking about rally versions or any victims of tuning. If you look at the usual Impreza, evaluate its safety level, thoughtful steering and the presence of all-wheel drive, you will be able to appreciate the driving characteristics and agree with the fairness of the inclusion of the model in the top.

Subaru Impreza car

Subaru Impreza car


Considered one of the best crossovers for beginners. With its dimensions, the creation of Kia is easy to drive, it perfectly listens to the driver and does what is asked of him.

The model is characterized by perfect maneuverability, which simplifies the process of driving. In combination with a comfortable lounge and responsive motors, no one will have any problems with curbing Sportage.

Kia Sportage car

Kia Sportage car


Enough budget car, which hit the rating. Hyundai has worked well on many components of the machine, including handling.

If you are a novice driver, then the Elantra will suit you in all respects. More experienced people may not appreciate the power shortage, but in fact it is only a subjective characteristic. It is much more important not to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds, but to feel safe and guarantee the safety of passengers.

This is what the Elantra can provide.

Hyundai Elantra car

Hyundai Elantra car


Although this eco-mobile was not particularly appreciated in Russia, it is one of the most popular in the USA and Europe.

In addition to preserving the environment, the creation of Toyota is safe, comfortable and easy to manage. Prius responds to the movement of the wheel above all praise, provides the necessary maneuverability and maintains a high level of security.

In favor of the Prius says a number of facts. But while these cars have not settled on the Russian market, we have to look for alternative solutions. Although in terms of manageability Prius shows excellent results.

Toyota Prius car

Toyota Prius car

Each buyer is looking for certain characteristics in the car that will fully comply with its requirements. For many, the concept of good controllability is subjective, because some are looking for thrills and real drive, while others need clarity and an understanding that they drive a machine, not it.

Write your opinion about the best cars in terms of handling and do not forget to argue your choice. Subscribe, invite friends and wait for new interesting materials on our site!