Now we know how much lada xray is.

Теперь мы знаем, сколько стоит Lada Xray Bo Andersson finally voiced the price list for the new product in the online conference on issues technical characteristics of the Lada Xray, high hatchback in crossover style, - that's exactly what the Avtovazovts themselves call the model. Под капотом у Lada Xray three engines will be used. This is a sixteen bladed 106-strong VAZ engine, which is paired with a mechanical transmission from Renault, a Nissan-based 110-strong unit with the same manual transmission, and the third, most productive 1.8-liter 122-strong engine, which will have as a transmission AMT robot. Both the last engine and the transmission to it are all designed and made by AvtoVAZ. Теперь мы знаем, сколько стоит Lada Xray Базовая комплектация для Lada Xray called "Optima". It includes two front airbags; ESC (which includes ABS and traction control). There is a start-up assistance system, an adjustable driver's seat, ERA-GLONASS, remote central locking with key-fob, LED optics, front seat belts have an additional body kit: pretensioners and load limiters. Sixteen inch casting comes by default. There is a modest audio system. Теперь мы знаем, сколько стоит Lada Xray The Xray base is equipped with a 1.6-liter 106-horsepower gasoline engine with manual transmission. For the basic version, dealers ask for from 589 thousand wooden ones. Over 628 kilo rubles will be available Optimum kit with Dopami Comfort (This includes heated front seats, air conditioning with a glove compartment). The motor here will already be 110-strong with the same MCP. It is available as an option to install the most powerful engine for this equipment in a pair with AMT. In this case Lada Xray will cost the buyer from 653,000 rubles.

The top version of the new starts from 668 thousand wooden. And in the case of installing a 1.8-liter engine - from 693 thousand rubles. Теперь мы знаем, сколько стоит Lada Xray There is also the Prestige package of options (earlier it was called “Supercomfort”), a car with it can be obtained for a price of 698 kilorubles. In this configuration, the novelty will receive a heated windshield, a rear-view camera, climate control, moisture and light sensors, and the glass will be tinted.

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Launch of Lada Xray scheduled, as has been repeatedly reported, on February 14. There are 122 dealers for today. For each of their showrooms, so far, seven Lad Xrei will be sent. Everything else - later. The color scheme of the novelty is represented by seven colors. Further for Lada Xray one more motor will be available, and for the cross version of the car they will install an all wheel drive. It is still being decided which development to use: borrow from Renault-Nissan or introduce one’s own Avtovaz.